freshly fallen droplets of remorse

i haven't been spending enough time in front of my television screen.
there were rumors that the weather alerts were getting worse
but i didn't really believe it because of course we all know
high school blows everything out of proportion.

but next time i think that maybe rumors will provide some basis
to begin personal investigations.

i mean, there was never a time before today that i have seen on first hand
account the true danger(s) of a flood.

(i guess i always learn things the hard way.)

because freshly fallen droplets of remorse are raining all over my world.
i am floating on remnants of what was (or what could have been)
and i am not quite sure how long broken pieces of my heart will
support my one hundred twenty pounds of body weight.

i never really understood (until now) how much weather reports change lives.
it's just a shame that sometimes what we don't know kills us.

…and to be completely honest, drowning
wasn't (at all) the way that i expected
to die.