heroes aren't always strong.

denying the one person - the only person - who
ever died for him wasn't nessecarily strong but
let's face it: what human is perfect.

and i can't say that fishing is the most intellectual
or highly praised job in the middle east but hey, he
got by. one does what they have to do when they are
rejected in their temple.

more than that, no one praises doubt - or also known
as a lack of faith - which is nothing near strong either.

because if we never believed that the wind we felt was
real, then maybe we would never have found out any
thing about science in this generation either.

but no human is perfect and God uses the weak to lead
the strong. that's why we praise a person who fished
and denied and doubted. because heroes don't have to
be strong.

(they have to be something attainable.)
and everyone can manage change.