Mienaku + Dragons Willow

broken doll of hate's embrace

thrown aside like so much waste

tainted by this bitter sin

chars the soul from deep within

anguished flight of painted doves

flies the path that no one loves

these broken wings, hope cannot mend
but by the love of cherished friend

yet these memories rape my soul
and leave behind a ghastly hole

as i bleed in blackened shame
and bathe amid the gore and blame

taste my tears of lone regret

but think of this before you fret

in all your tears of wasted hope
when at the end of fraying rope

that these dreams of twisted lies
that burn and sizzle before your eyes
were naught but fantasies built from shame
a fleeting thought, a child's game.


Mienaku + Onyxdragonflyy

broken doll of hate's embrace
twisted child was forth her fate

bloody tears of anguish fall
crying for any hope she saw

but this fear still mars her heart
shaping scars in blackened tars

despair most retched, hope grows thin
fighting for the love within

anguish hate for faith's demise
hiding till her lies subside

though still these scars fade not this night
for gauze, a cause, to silence all

and yet you're blinded with this sight
my shame, the reign, your blemished pain

so wrap these chains about your soul
and pray that there's no other hole

for lost within your depths of rage

scribbled out the truth's contained

broken toy, embittered sin

but it's your choice, all to the end.