Sorry, this isn't the update you were expecting, but maybe you'll agree that it's certainly a better thing.

I've had a terrible writer's block, and I'm also the type of person who looks at her year-old stuff and thinks, Wow, this sucks! So, I took a vacation, to Boston, no less, and visited the setting of IDM.

I based this story in my aunt and uncle's neighbours house. Well, nobody lived there at the time, it was out of the way, and very cool. And yes, the airforce base that Raine's work takes place actually exists. It's called Hanscom Field, if you want to look it up. But I did take some pictures of the area, and also discovered the abandoned weapon storage building while driving on the other side of the field, so I'll post them up in my profile for you if you want to take a look.

As for the house that Reis and Raine now live in, you can see it on Google maps. Type in 'virginia road, concord' and click 'street view'. You'll see a blue house (ironically, it's my aunt's house, and the place I stayed at for a month this summer). If you drag the screen to the right (you'll turn left on the camera), go down the street until you see the first house on the left. It's red, and there's a tree in front. That's our main setting, folks! I thought it was pretty cool, so...

Anyways, the good news is that I'm definitely not giving up on this story, not on my life! I adore my characters, every single one I make (yes, even Mizer, the little twit...), so I'm not going to let them die from neglect. Instead, I'm rewriting the whole story. First chapter should be up soonish. There'll be more content, more depth, and a more apparent plot (now that I've actually looked back, I think I was drunk or something when I wrote it...). And don't forget more yaoi-ness. Also, I'll be including Faolan's past lover a little earlier in the story than when I first planned him to appear, so you'll see see him sooner than you think. :3

Let me know if you're still with me, guys! I know I suck at updating, but if you're even reading this, then I know you don't mind... much... I think.

Add me to your Author Alerts if you want to know exactly when I put the new story up. It'll have a new title.