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The Beast

His royal Majesty Azmyth Nicodemus Du'zlon sat slouched in the large chair in his library. A cup of ale in his right hand, which he sloshed and swirled around in his glass lazily as he stared into the fire. He was in one of his rare moods. Azmyth was the most ruthless, cold-hearted man ever known to this world. He was a cruel, unjust, tyrant who had started many of pointless wars and slaughtered his way to the top. King of all Alveist. He had destroyed the peaceful kingdom that was, and enforced the worshipping of the goddess Zahatte. Goddess of War and Destruction. "Azmyth the Beast", as he had come to be known. Or even just, "The Beast". Here he sat, silent as could be, yet everyone in the palace knew that this silent mood was more deadly than any of his others. A loud crash from above him made him snap out of his trance. With a slight growl he slammed his glass down on the tabled next to him, quickly rising to his feet. The shrieking he heard next made him wince, and then eased back down in to a sitting position. Oh yes. He was married. He rather sometimes forgot that. He rarely saw his wife. They had separate sleeping chambers and separate lives. The only reason he had married at all was in order to produce an heir. That and her remarkable beauty. She was the most beautiful woman anyone had ever laid eyes on. She had long, raven black hair the curled in soft ringlets at the end and lovely porcelain toned skin. Her face had been described as fae-like. Her slender, delicate nose neither turned up nor down, but just rested perfectly in the center of her face. Her lips were thin and graceful, just like the rest of her. She didn't smile often, but when she did, her whole face seemed to glow with radiance. She was slender, curvy, and talented. She was beauty itself. Everything about her was gorgeous. Everything... but her eyes. Her eyes were a startling gold, and much resembled a cats. They were always narrowed, and had a fierce wild look to them at all times. Stunningly cold, her eyes never seemed to show any emotion. Any one who looked her in the eyes would feel an immense amount of unexplainable terror. Which is why no one ever did. Even Azmyth found his gaze rested on her other, more... agreeable assets. He had over heard the gossip about her, rumors said she was the most vile, wretched witch of a women. That is, personality-wise. Azmyth didn't ever plan to find out for himself. He did not bother himself with trying to please or get to know his wife, he simply left her alone, and thankfully, she did the same for him. Azmyth closed his eyes, leaning back into the chair and he ignored the screeches coming from above him. He was convinced that he wasn't afraid of his wife, he simply didn't want to be bothered, and so he sat. Sipping his ale long into the night.

Queen Jacqueline


Queen Jacqueline sat rigidly in her bed, her feral eyes fixed on the servant that stood before her with her steak dinner.

She watched the blood ooze out of the meat and slosh around on the tray as the serving girl trembled, clutching the tray tightly.

The servant kept her eyes firmly on the ground, her head bowed low as she stammered out, "I'm s-sorry your Majesty...b-but the cook roasted it for the shortest amount of time p-p-..." The young maid was shaking so badly now that she had to swallow three or four times before she could even begin to finish. "p-p..possible-e..."

The queen lurched forward, swatting the tray out of the servants hands. The dinner scattered all over the floor, and the maid barely had time to give a startled yelp before the queen dug her fingernails into the girls chin and jerked her head up, staring into her eyes. "Then give it to me raw!" Shrieked the queen.

The servant flinched, whimpering as she stared back into the golden, beastly eyes of the queen. "B-but y-yoou c-c-ould catch your d-d-eath, your high--highness!"

The queen smiled, which contrasted oddly with her eyes which were currently radiating hatred. "Don't play the innocent thing with me, you'd like nothing better!" The queen twisted her hand, digging her fingernails into the girls neck and chin until thin trails of blood started to drip down the girls neck.

The servant whimpered, gasping and begging, "P-please majesty!"

The queen yanked the girl so close to her she was practically leaning over her shoulder. After a very long moment, the queen shoved the maid away and scowled, "Do as I say, filth! Or it will be your own flesh cooking."

The maid stumbled and floundered awkwardly for a moment before turning and dashing out of the door as quickly as possible. "Yy-ees M-miss!"

Queen Jacqueline hunched forward in her bed, scowling still as she gazed at the blood on the end of her fingertips.

She stooped down a bit more, inhaling the scent of blood. She gave a shudder of pleasure and a low growl.

'delicious... human flesh...' The queen thought. She then sat up with a frown. Humans weren't supposed to eat each other. Humans weren't supposed to eat raw meat either. Then again, they weren't supposed to hunt down rats in the dead of night and slurp the flesh off their bones with their teeth. While they were still alive. Yet Queen Jacqueline did just that.

'just a little taste...' Jacqueline growled again, lifting her fingers to her lips, she sucked the girls blood of the ends of her fingers. She gave another shudder and smiled to herself. 'more...'

Jacqueline frowned again, staring at her hands as if they were about to suddenly come alive. She couldn't have any more. How depressing.

Or...could she?

The timid knock at the door drew the queen out of her thoughts with a snarl. "Enter!" She snapped.

The servant girl slunk back in, hold a new serving tray with a raw piece of meat upon it. "h-h-here you are m-miss. Your d-dinner."

The Queen started at the girl for a long time before screeching again. "Why are you still here? Leave me!"

The servant girl didn't need to be told twice. She rushed out, closing the door behind her.

Queen Jacqueline snatched the bloody meat off the plate with her hands and savagely ripped into it, blood from the raw steak gushing out of the corners of her mouth. She growled quietly as she ate, distracted by her thoughts.

Thoughts of how much better human blood tasted than rats blood.

Thoughts of how wondrous it would be to use her teeth to strip the servant girl of her flesh.

And she found herself wondering, with a wicked grin, if anyone would really notice if the young maid was no longer...around.

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