to whom it may concern:

new twelve step class!

everyone needs to know how to get rid of addictions
(i think that you have found the right thing.)

yes, that's right, we can give you something to fill the
spot that Hannah Montana and Britney Spears are taking up
right now in your life.

that's right:
they aren't God.

but we've found someone who will rock your world.

someone who's not a fourteen year old country pop singer
singing about being a rock star (it's weird how even those that
sing it don't know the genre that they're singing for) and who is
not a mother that's life is just falling apart slowly.

this twelve step group will give you a new hope.
something better to hold on to…

it's something more tangible than a picture in the latest magazine
this twelve step group can show you something real.

to whom it may concern:
we're waiting for you.