Three Weeks

By: U&C


After scribbling the answer to the problem, I sat back, letting my mind cloud over. The writing was done so horribly, you'd have thought I was walking when I was writing it. I did not like math class and it hated me… fine, truth to be told, I disliked this class for all the people in it. They talked incessantly, gossiping, dramatizing and annoying the teacher. On the positive side however, the noise of their voices helped my mind wonder.

What I should do first after school, go to the library or do my homework? Maybe do my homework at the library.

I wasn't too far gone when I noticed him staring at me, John Elliot. I realized I was smiling and stopped, so he wouldn't think I was smiling at him. Then, I casually looked away. He was still staring at me, it didn't help that he was sitting right in front of me either, so I glanced back at him questioningly.

John was my eye candy, when I forgot that he was an idiot, he actually looked quite attractive. Certainly popular and attractive, of course I, like many others, used to have a crush on him. But after discovering he was an idiot, a complete jock and an ass, my attraction quickly disappeared.

"You've got the problem wrong," he said after our little staring contest. I glanced down on my notebook and after seeing nothing wrong I looked back at him.

"What exactly?" I asked in irritation. Hello, I was the one with the highest grade in the class! Not that I was the smartest, math really wasn't my thing, I guess I was just the least lazy of the rest.

"Well, right there, you added a four, when you're supposed to be canceling out a negative two," John said bluntly, I stared at my notebook, and after seeing the mistake, I felt my cheeks heat up. Well, now I felt like a complete moron.

"Aren't you supposed to be like smart or something?" he continued on, as I madly tried to destroy the evidence.

"My grades speak for themselves," I said, redoing the damn problem over, more carefully now.

"No talking please!" Said the teacher, stopping by us.

"Oh, I was just helping her with a problem," John muttered. He sounded like he was high, or too lazy to talk. The teacher gave him an odd look, ha! In your face. She'd believe me over him any day!

"Okay, just keep it relevant," she said moving on. I finished my problem, and looked over it to make sure there were no more stupid mistakes.

"Looks right," I heard him utter. "So why the hell were you smiling at the ceiling?"

Many thoughts crossed my mind, not all of them were appropriate. Some of them were completely unlike me, totally outrageous. I shrugged and once again felt my face grow warmer.

"And then you looked at me like I was an idiot," well aren't you? I wanted to snap back.

"Ah… I guess I was surprised that you found a mistake, a stupid one too, on my paper," I said finally.

"What, you think I'm a dumbass or something?"

"No, I couldn't believe I had a mistake.," I quickly defended. I didn't want him telling people I was a bitch. I mean, I was in my own little world, but on the outside I was really nice.

"Whatever, and I thought you were nice," he turned around, while I felt my face melting off.

"She thinks I'm a dumb ass," I heard him tell his friend next to him. The guy gave me a look, before muttering something back. They both laughed.

See, I told you he was an ass.


John was staring again. Every time I looked back at him, he turned around, then after some time passed he turned around to stare again. It was amusing the first two times, on the fourth however, it started to creep me out.

"Do you have a problem or something?" I asked, when he once again turned to stare at me. His friend laughed.

"You lose!"

"Shut the hell up, we said on four, and this is like the tenth time!"

I stared back and forth between the two. What the hell?

"Excuse me?" I felt my face heat up from anger. Where they betting on me?

The bastard gave me a sly look, "We wondered how long it was going to take you to say something."

I huffed, "Very mature."

"It's funny," the cretin defended.

"For you maybe," I muttered, watching the clock.

"Oh, so you don't know what fun is?"

"Our definitions of fun, I'm sure, differ greatly. And how is it supposed to be fun for me, when I'm the one betted on?" I spat out, I noticed the teacher looking our way, waiting for the perfect moment to strike out detention.

"Bitch," he hissed. Somewhat shocked, I felt my face warm up again. So many words crossed my mind, but I was sure I'd be suspended for some of them.

The bell rang, saving me, but I couldn't resist saying "yourself," when I passed him on my way out the door.


I ruffled my hair in agitation. Math blows. I so didn't need this. Do I transfer this power, do I keep the variable, do I solve for y, and when the hell did we learn this?

Haphazardly I finished the damn test, knowing I didn't do well on it, but it shouldn't ruin my average by too much.

Returning to my seat, I suddenly tripped, barely catching myself in time.

"Oh, my bad," John said laughing.

"Asshole," I hissed under my breath. He gave me a surprised look, as if he didn't expect me to say anything. I plopped into my seat and allowed my tired mind to wonder.


I glared at the little red numbers, a 73. Well, at least I didn't fail it, I quickly flipped the page so no prying eye would see it. However, John's annoying face was once again in my view.

"What did you get?" He said in a sneaky little voice. 'None of your damn business!' I wanted to say. Instead, I felt the heat rise to my face as I simply smiled at him. He flashed his paper in front of me, an 85 glowed on his. I felt the heat increase. How dare he…?! I glared at him, but continued smiling so as to not to give him a sense of victory.

"Come on what did you get?" He asked in a slightly nicer tone. I shall not be deceived!

"Its lower then yours," I muttered, his smile widened.

"He got a 78, higher or lower?" John nodded toward his friend, who was watching us with a smirk.

As the teacher passed by I gave the test to her, making sure the grade was hidden. I was so angry I was ready to cry. How could life be so cruel to me? Why must this idiot get a grade higher than me? More importantly why must his friend? Who was a renowned partier and half-wit.

Hate and envy both freely flowed though me. I shall not kill, I muttered in my head, trying to erase images of me killing someone.

"She's pissed," I heard someone say.

"Dude, she looks like she's going to cry!" They laughed, I wondered who they were talking about. Then again, I could not have cared less, because I just wanted to kill someone.


"You're pretty dumb aren't you?" Why was I even surprised? This was a beginning of another week. I thought, hoped, that they'd find a new victim by now.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, sparing a look at him.

"A 73?" I looked at him nonchalantly. Maybe if I act like I don't care, he'd go away.

"Even he did better than you, and he's a dumb ass."

"What the hell dude?" His friend put in, for a minute they snapped at each other, while I pretended to shoot mental arrows at his head.

"Didn't you like study, like all geeks?" I glared at him.

"I missed the study session," I hissed.

"Why, were you too busy reading a book or something?" In fact, I was. I couldn't put the damn thing down. Not that I was going to a geek study session or anything.

"Yeah," I said bluntly, failing to come up with something smarter to say.

"What's the name? How I'll die a Spinster," more people around us laughed.

"No, it was something about killing assholes and such," I snapped. I heard some "ohhs" go around the room.

John gave me an odd look, "You're weird."

I smiled at him, and he turned to talk to his friend.


I was dreading going to Math. I really didn't need any more blows to my esteem. Not that I was your all time low-self-esteem person. I had plenty of friends, we had plenty of fun, and we were all plenty smart, and we usually didn't take it from anyone either. However, everyone was always braver in a group, there was something about the fact that there were people behind you ready to come to your aid. That was me.

If at least one of my friends was with me in that class, I was pretty sure we'd be suspended by now. We wouldn't have held back, it would have been a bitching of a lifetime. But I was alone, all alone, shaking in my seat. Damn that asshole.

I walked into class, and I knew something was off. When I came to my row, my desk was occupied. The asshole was in my seat, and his was left open.

He was smiling evilly as I stood in indecision. Hell no, I was not sitting in front of him.

"Take a seat please," ordered the teacher. I looked around the room, but most seats seemed to be taken. Damn it to hell!

"You're in my seat!" I growled coming up to my desk.

"I don't see your name on it," John said snickering. He had a point, our seats weren't assigned.

I stiffly dropped into his seat, after checking it carefully for traps, and sat on the edge stiff as a board. As a class progressed however, I relaxed and didn't even notice when my mind began to wonder. Then I felt something touching my hair, un-alarmed, I reached out with my hand to touch it. I looked at it, it was a piece of paper, ah crap. I brushed my hair thought the entire length and whole bunch of paper fell off. I didn't bother turning around and saying anything. It was embarrassing enough that I didn't notice him putting paper in my hair until it was too late.

"What's this?" the teacher asked walking by. "Pick this up."

She was looking at me. I stared at her opened mouthed. "He's the one who put it in my hair!"

"I don't care whose it is, just pick it up. Or both of you get a detention." I glared at her, and then turned to him.

"Are you happy?" I snapped glaring at him, he was covering his mouth, but I knew he was laughing.

"Yes," he muttered into his hand.

"I don't see that paper being picked up!" Said the teacher looking pissed off. I picked several pieces up, not getting off the chair, which were relatively close to the desk I was sitting at.

"Pick up all of it!" Ordered the teacher, coming to inspect my progress.

"It's not my paper! Look he still has some on his desk!" I felt my face flame up in anger. She looked at him, and said, "Help her pick it up."

"Only if she asks nicely," he answered.

What the hell? "Why would I? It's your paper!"

"I don't care if I get a detention, you on the other hand…" damn him.

"She'll make you clean it during detention," I said, work! I prayed.

"Alright, both of you have detention!" said the angry teacher.

I refused to believe it. My perfect record will not be marred by this detention deal.

"But I picked up some paper! He's blackmailing me!"

"I don't care, I warned you!" She said shaking her head.

"But miss!" I cried in disbelieve. This couldn't be happening, I do not get detentions!

"Don't make me send you to the office!" I shut my mouth sitting back into the chair. Angrily, I swept the pieces of paper off the desk unto the floor.

"Alright, you can leave to the office now," the teacher snapped angrily. I was ready to cry. I angrily grabbed my books and made sure to slam the door on my way out.

Good thing the dean knew my parents. Well, it was not a good thing, since he could tell them, but he was so surprised to see me in his office. And after seeing how upset I was, he told me to go do my homework in the library.

After getting over my anger, by being over excited that I avoided detention, I even smirked. I'm so bad…

My mood, however, plummeted when I saw John walking down the hallway. I think he noticed my happy face. We both froze in mid-step, he looked surprised and I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights.

I turned and sprinted in an opposite direction.


How much trouble does one get into for skipping class? I was thinking this while dreading a bell from period six. I quickly opened my agenda, where our handbook was contained, and looked for rules and penalties.

A four hour detention, it was not worth it, I decided.

At least not yet.

I almost ran to class to get there before he would. But since my luck was damned, and my previous class was across the school, my attempt was in vain.

Puffing, I slowed down before the door, receiving some odd looks. I casually entered the room, and tried not to react when I saw John in my chair while talking to his friend. I saw him look up briefly, before returning to his conversation, he did a double take as I advanced. He said something to his friend, who turned around to stare at me.

I stopped before my stolen desk, staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You look like you've just had sex," my mouth dropped open. I was horrified. Did he just say that I looked like a whore? I glanced down at myself. My clothes were in perfect order, not even twisted in anyway, and my shirt wasn't unbuttoned.

"Ex… excuse me?" I said, hoping I heard him wrong. He smiled.

"You look hot," in what way? Was my first question.

"I ran," I muttered sitting down. I heard him snicker behind me and his friend laughed. Did I say something wrong? Why must I always come out to be the clueless one?

Thankfully, he didn't harass me anymore that day.


I actually understood the words coming out of the teacher's mouth. It was so easy, why couldn't all math subjects be so understandable? I quickly jotted down notes, and did the example problems, a breeze. Then I felt a presence looming over me; carefully I glanced to the side, seeing his face, I momentarily stopped breathing.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying not to snap my pencil.

"You actually get this?" he asked, sounding annoyed.

"Yeah," I said carefully, my whole body froze, I was afraid to move, "For now."

"So the other day, why did you run?" He half whispered. Ah! So he was trying to intimidate me! Fat chance buster!

"I remembered something I had to do," I lied easily. What was I going to tell him? I didn't want you to harass me, because I knew you would. I'm a chicken. I'm afraid of you.

"What?" His breath felt hot on my check. Ew! Don't breathe your germs on me!

"None of your business," I said, trying not to twitch when he suddenly moved forward and his skin brushed mine. I leaned away as much as I could.

"Dude, what the fuck are you doing?" I heard his friend exclaim, while I was trying to come up with something to say about this myself.

"I wanted to see her paper, but couldn't because her head is too big," that explanation seemed to satisfy his friend, while I was once again at loss for words.

"You did it wrong by the way."

I glared down at the paper, without seeing it, I was seeing red. Oh, how I hated him!

"So, what should we do this weekend?" asked Amy, one of my friends, leaning against the wall. We were in the school library, coming up with plans for the weekend. It was too tedious to do over the phone. There were five of us, counting me.

"I don't know I saw that trailer for that new movie, with that actor!" said Tina.

"Oh yeah, that makes so much sense!" I put in, we snorted a little.

"That guy, from that movie, with the…oh, oh, with the pirates!" we stared at her.

"Pirates of the Caribbean?" asked Amy, giving Tina an odd look.

"Yeah, that one! That guy, with the beard?"

"Jonny Depp?" asked Ally, he was her favorite actor.

"I think!" We looked at her as though she grew a second head.

"You mean the Sweeny Todd movie?" I asked, she looked sheepish.

"Yeah," she said, we laughed at her blondness, even though she was a brunette.

"None of us are seventeen though," said Amy.

"I can get my brother to buy our tickets," said Demy smiling evilly. We grinned at each other across the table conspiratorially, and then randomly burst out laughing.

My laughter died however, when I saw John enter thought the doors. My friends didn't seem to notice, but he did, and he was smiling evilly at me. I looked away. My friends started a new conversation, but I couldn't hear them, my heart was pounding too hard for that.

Why the hell was I nervous? I was not scared, I wasn't embarrassed, but I was nervous, why?

"That guy is staring at you," Demy said, I looked up at her, and tried to seem confused.

"Huh?" I pretended to look but I barely turned my head.

"No he's not," I said.

"He was!" she defended.

"Oh, hey, I just remembered, I heard you got sent down to the office the other day!" exclaimed Amy. "Why?"

They all looked at me expectantly, I shrugged my shoulders, "The teacher doesn't like me."

They nodded as if understanding. I heard the door open and then close. I looked and saw him leave.

"Do you know him?" asked Demy, I shook my head no.

"Ah come on, you're blushing!"

"I don't okay!" I snapped. They all gave me a look.

"Okay shish, he was just staring at you, so I thought…"

"I've got to go!" I said, picking my stuff up. "Call me latter."

They exchanged looks and shrugged their shoulders. I should have just told them, I thought, leaving the school.


I felt something tickling my neck, and somewhat lazily reached out to swap at it. It ceased only for about a moment before returning.

"What the hell?" I muttered, coming out of my daze. I turned and glared at the suspect. John gave me an innocent look and then smiled; I narrowed my eyes at him and turned around.

It resumed and I tried to ignore it, it stared traveling down my neck making me shudder.

"Cut it out!" I snapped, turning to him. He covered his mouth with his hand, I knew he was laughing.

"What are you two doing?" asked the teacher coming over. I turned back in my seat and decided not to answer. She left when neither of us gave her an answer, shaking her head.

"Aren't going to blame it on me?" He said startling me; I sensed that he leaned in quite close.

I smiled, "No."

"You should smile more often, it makes you look sexy." I glanced back at him to see if he was joking. My eyes met his and for a moment I let myself get lost in them.

"Thanks," I said, not knowing if I meant it myself.

"I'm serious," he said smiling a bit himself. "You know, maybe then I'd ask you out."

I scoffed, but felt my face get warmer; I turned away from him and covered my mouth, so no one would see me smiling.


I noticed that people were staring at me. Self-conscious, I ran to the bathroom to see if there was something wrong with my face or clothes. I came back out, glad that there was nothing off with me, still wondering what caused everyone to stare at me.

I looked at the clock and saw that lunch was almost over. Then I saw a group of girls I didn't particularly know, approaching me.

My brain was telling me to run, perhaps it was because of the vicious expressions they wore, especially the one who seemed to be leading them. But since I didn't know them, and haven't really done anything to piss a couple of preps off, I just stood there, hoping they were heading past me.

Alas, they stopped right in front of me, and I tried not to appear nervous. All of them stared me down with sneers on their faces. What the heck?

"Who the hell do you think you are?" said their lead prep. She had dyed blond hair, which looked like straw because it was so dry; lots of eyeliner, tight shirt, that revealed lots of cleavage, and a tight miniskirt with a pair of heals.

"Ahm, I'm Jazmine," I said, at least I sounded confident.

"So you're the bitch that's been trying to get on with my boyfriend," I stared at her, my mouth hung open. Me, steal someone's boyfriend? Preposterous!

"No, I think you've got the wrong person," I said, she narrowed her eyes at me, and suddenly stuck out her claw at me. It was a red nail, somehow to me it looked like a bloody claw.

"Don't fucking lie to me!" she screeched, I took a step back my eyes widening. "Are you saying you don't have Algebra II last period with Ms. Cantina?"

"Well I do, but…" her eyes widened, she looked like a vicious dog ready to bite me.

"So it is you, you fucking bitch!"

"Wait, what the hell are you talking about! I didn't steal anyone!" I cried as she took a step forward.

"Steal? Don't kid yourself bitch! You can't steal him from me!" she screamed, smiling evilly at me. I backed in the wall, won't anyone help me?

"I'm not even trying too! I don't even know who you're talking about!" I said, trying to keep as far away from her claws as I could.

"Don't lie to me bitch! I know it was you," she slapped me across the face, and my eyes watered from the pain. "I'm warning you! John is mine! If I even hear you've been talking to him, you're dead!"

I covered my self from her blows, feeling helpless and very alone. No one bothered to talk to me after she left. I fought tears, but they've escaped. I wiped them angrily, feeling hate rise to my chest.

I knew nothing good was going to come out from talking to him.


It was the first time I've skipped classes, and the first time I skipped an entire day. Mom got the message that I haven't gone to school, but she believed me when I said they must have made a mistake. The bruise on my face I said, when asked, was from hitting a door.

I was too scared to skip again, but I've disguised my self. In the halls I kept my head bent and in classes hid in the back of the room. Two teachers asked whether something was wrong. I said no. What was worse is that I had to lie and avoid my friends too.

I've hid in the library at lunch, and headed there during seventh period. Finding the most hidden desk in the back, I stayed there, doing my homework.

"We need to talk," I heard someone say, I refused to turn around.

"No we don't, please leave me alone." I said, putting the book down. I had to get away from him.

"I've heard about what happened, I'm… I'm sorry," he muttered quickly. I bit my lip bitterly, is that it? You're sorry? I don't need your pity.

"I forgive you, now leave," I snapped getting up from the chair and heading for the exit. He grabbed my arm.

"No you don't! Look at me!" he said, trying to turn me around.

"Let me go you creep! Or I'll scream!" I snapped, he instantly let me go, breathing unevenly.

"Fine, be that way, maybe you deserved it," he said, I finally turned to him in anger.

"Excuse-me!" I almost screamed, noticing his shocked expression. "It all your fault! You harass me, bother me, make me feel stupid, and now your girlfriend is after me! How did I deserve it?"

"She hit you?" his hand reached for my face.

"Don't touch me!" I said, hitting his arm. "Just don't talk to me! Leave me alone!"

"Wait!" he said, as I started running. "I didn't know she hit you!"

I kept running, but he was faster, he grabbed my shoulders and pinned me to himself. I tried to fight my way out, but he was too damn strong.

"Leave! Me! Alone!" I screeched. He spun me around.

"Listen, I'm sorry! I'm sorry you thought I was harassing you, I wasn't, in fact I was trying to flirt with you! You remember that hot comment don't you?"

"Oh yeah, well I almost got detention because of you!" I said, still struggling in his hold.

"I left class just to go and explain to the dean that it was my fault!" he explained.

"Oh yeah, well what about rubbing that grade in my face!" I said, stopping for a bit to rest.

"Well, you have to admit, you thought I was stupid or something, I wanted to prove to you that I wasn't," he whispered, looking sincere.

"And what about your girlfriend?" I said, he let me go.

"She's not my girlfriend, we broke up like a month ago, she's a creepy stalker!" my mouth twitched into a smile.

"I saw that!" I pouted.

"Come one, you really look beautiful when you smile!" I couldn't keep it off my face then, and felt myself blush immensely. He pulled me into a hug.

"So do you forgive me?" he whispered into my hair, I looked up at him.

"Yeah," I whispered. "Your ex might still come after me though."

"Don't worry I scared her off," I gasped.

"You didn't hit her did you?" he gave me a look.

"No! I don't hit girls, even though she's more of a witch…" I smiled unable to help myself. He stared down at me, and we stood quiet for a second.

And then the bell rang.


I couldn't wait to go to math! Oh, how I loved that subject!

Yesterdays parting was somewhat awkward. The sudden influx of people had ruined the perfect moment. Perhaps he was going to kiss me! But then he just smiled and said he'll see me later. I huffed under my breath.

I almost flew to math when the bell rang. I got there earlier then usual, but then noticed that he wasn't there. I walked to my seat, hoping he'll come thought the door any second. Then, I noticed a note on the desk.

Meet me in the hall outside the library at 1:30 -John.

But that was in almost half an hour! I sat down, and the worst half hour of my life started and lasted forever.

I asked to go to the bathroom, and quickly went to my destination. He wasn't there yet, I signed impatiently and waited.

Someone tapped my shoulder, and when I turned I was pulled into an embrace and his lips landed on mine. He pulled away for a second:

"Sorry it's a bit late, since we were so rudely interrupted yesterday!" I rolled my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck pulled him back into our kiss.

I'd kill anyone who tried to interrupt it.

The End.

AN: Finally got around to editing this piece, since it seemed to be quite well read. Some people thought that the girlfriend part was out of place or cliche, but I needed to some conflict and I put the first one I thought of that wouldn't take up another ten pages. It's supposed to be a light, easy one-shot, filled with a little fluff. I don't care if cliche, people like them no matter how much they say they don't.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed!