-Learn your ABCs: Highschool Edition!-

High School. The loud noise, the horny teenagers, the loads of schoolwork, the badasses, the 'populars', the nerds, the goths; every high school is the same whether you admit to it or not.

This is the story of me, Mia Bailey, one girl with boring dark brown hair and boring brown eyes. If we were to put letters to the social ladder, the top being 'A,' and the bottom being 'F,' I would actually be a 'B.' Not everyone in the school knows me but I do have a lot of friends.

You all know of the cliches, right? Like, 'The nobody attracts the attention of the popular guy,' or 'The girl falls for the brothers best friend.' We all love 'em. With me, however, you will find that my supposed cliche is pretty screwed up. Yay me!


Anyhoo, The 'guy makes a bet to make a girl fall in love with him' cliche, was supposed to happen to me . Then, he was supposda fall in love with me and we'll continue to date and eventually get married, have 2.5 kids and live in a house with flowers and a white fence. But, lucky me, my happily ever after was tampered with. The bet cliche totally revamped.All I know is there's gonna be a whole helluva lotta surprises. I might get a happily ever after, but it just might be a bit...different on how I achieve that fairytale ending.

I'm starting to think the big man upstairs doesn't like me too much.


Tell me what you think...good or bad?

r and r!