--Crotch Full of Rob--

Sadly, I'm just kidding. But, I admit that's what I wanted Vince to say. Instead, he just stayed silent, thousands of emotions flashing through his green eyes.

I tapped my foot impatiently until he said, "You're my friend. Why wouldn't I care?"

My heart sank and I hoped I didn't show it, saying, "Oh. Okay." I turned to depart to my own car, not once glancing back. Little did I know Vince was watching me the whole time, eyes showing one, clear feeling: regret.

Later that day, I went to a pizza parlor with Rob, as agreed. Even though he can be a pain in the ass sometimes, I had fun laughing at all his ridiculous stories from the last school he went to.

"So, then," Rob began with a new tale involving his guy friend and a thong. By this time we were already done eating and decided to stay a little longer to hang out. "We went to Victoria's Secret to pick out which one he should wear and-oh…Showtime!"

I scrunched up my eyebrows. "Huh?"

Rob was looking at a place above my right shoulder. "He came! Just like I knew he would!"

I started to turn my head to find out who he was talking about when Rob freaked out. "No! Don't turn around, you'll ruin everything!" He even put a firm hand on my forearm to stop me from moving.

"Why don't you explain who the hell's behind me then." I eyed him suspiciously.

Rob let out a dramatic sigh. "Who do you think came here?"

I blanched. "Vince? Vince is here!" My palms are becoming clammy as we speak.


"What do I do, what do I do!?" I gripped the table edges with my hands, as if that alone could save me from the panic that I'm enduring. I honestly don't know why I'm so apprehensive… it's just Vince. I guess I don't want him to get the wrong impression of Rob and me, no matter if he thinks of me as a friend or not.

"Follow my lead." Rob ordered. Oh boy…I rolled my eyes but nonetheless planned to do as he said.

"Is he coming closer?" I whispered.

"Yes!" Rob hissed back. "Now shut up!"

I clamped my mouth shut and stretched my legs out, trying to regain some sort of calm. It would have worked had I not kicked my legs out too far and surprised Rob when he felt a swift pain in his shins.

"Oomph!" He grunted in surprise, jumping a little in his seat and causing his silverware to fall to the floor. Rob's eyes widened in embarrassment and he quickly bent his upper body so he can grab his fork and knife. Too bad a waiter with a serving tray full of desserts was walking by, not able to see anything below the plates. I absentmindedly thought about ordering the chocolate cake with mousse frosting next time I come here.

I opened my mouth to warn Rob but it was too late, for the waiter had already gotten a crotch-full of his head. I slapped a hand over my eyes. I couldn't watch this anymore; it reminded me of the whole Will fiasco. All that was heard was a loud clash as everything (including the delicious cake) tumbled to the ground and a thundering whoosh as the waiter followed his poor food downward.

All was silent and I hesitantly took a peek through my fingers, like a little girl watching a horror movie, looking to see if the monster is gone.

The first thing my brown eyes caught sight of was the massive mess of chocolate. Yum. Then I found Rob amidst all of it, glaring daggers at me. Do…not…laugh. I chanted to myself. I had to turn my head before he caught the miniscule smiling playing at me lips.

…And then I wished I hadn't. Vince's eyes caught my own, and he smiled widely at me, which made my breath catch. Vince must be enjoying this much more then I am, if his…'amiable' attitude toward Rob is any indication. I forced my eyes to switch back to the accident at hand. Noticing how more waiters have gathered to help clean up the mess, plus Rob, I thought that I should go help too, considering how it is basically my fault.

Like a good girl,I kneeled on the ground and started to find silverware amongst all the smeared ice cream, cheesecake, and chocolate. Although messy, it wasn't too bad considering I took a few sneaky licks off of one plate that stayed upright. It was the chocolate cake, and it was amazing.

I was a bit sidetracked until Rob catapulted some food at me. "Sorry!" I mouthed.

He glared a bit but said, "It's okay."

I have a feeling he's going to get back at me somehow.


We finished our pizza in silence until he told me, "Vince is getting up!"

I bit my lip and said nothing.

He leaned in close. "Okay, follow my lead."

I nodded and watched in confusion as he kept moving his head closer to mine.

"Tilt your head, you freak!" He said in a harsh whisper.

"Wurrhh-"Was my garbled 'Whaaaat?' It came out that way because Rob kissed me smack on the lips. I'm thinking he wants to really make Vince jealous.

I heard knocking on our table and broke apart. Vince was rapping his knuckles against the wood, staring at Rob. Or, glaring, might be more accurate.

"Vince, if you just want to be my friend, stop acting like a jealous boyfriend!" I burst out, angry at how he keeps confusing me, playing with my emotions…I want-need a straight answer.

He shifted his stare to me, his features softening. "I am just being a concerned friend."

"Yeah, right, and I'm straight." Rob said sarcastically.

Vince did a double-take. "You're gay?"

My homosexual friend smiled sheepishly. "Um, maybe."

Vince crossed his arms. "Then why the hell were you just kissing her?!"

"To prove to Mia that you are half in love with her but are just too stubborn to admit it!"Rob said, flailing his arms.

"Er-guys? Why don't we step outside."I broke in, eyeing the growing audience.

"Fine." Rob huffed, paying the bill and marching out of the parlor, Vince not close behind.

I chuckled embarrassedly, "Men." And then sprinted outta there, sure that any minute my cheeks would catch on fire.

I was soon greeted by the sight of Rob and Vince having a heated argument containing heavy hand motions (Rob), arms crossed over a yummy chest (Vince) and glares that could rival my mom when she found out I tried to 'Feng Shui' our living room.

I caught the end of Rob's sentence. "…admit it!"

"Admit what?" Both of their heads swiveled over to look down at me. Kind of disconcerting, if you ask me.

"You know what?" Rob said. "I'm going home; you guys can talk this out alone." He stared at Vince. "I'm done trying to make Mia see that you are half in love with her. And you," I crumbled at bit when Rob turned his gaze on me, "I'm tired of trying to help you make Vince jealous! Urgh!" Without further ado, he turned around and ambled to his car, leaving me with Vince.

I couldn't even look him in the eye, I was so embarrassed. Nice going, Rob!

In my peripheral view I could see Vince furiously messing up his hair by running a hand through it. "Mia…" He mumbled the rest.

I twisted around, so we were finally face to face. "What?"

Vince was looking down at the pavement, kicking a rock with his shoe. "Rob was right."

"Rob was right?" I echoed.

He looked up, and I was blown away at the emerald color of his eyes. Why can't I have eyes like that? "Yeah, he was." He took a step closer toward me, so that we were now only half a foot apart. Oh, gosh.

"About what?" Vince in close proximity equals me asking obvious questions.

We were so close that I could see the slight stubble on his face. I was startled by the tingly feeling his fingers emitted as they tenderly swept some of my hair behind my ear. Vince leaned down so our faces were level and whispered, "Mia I love you," right before his lips met mine.

I gasped in surprise and delight, tilting me head up so he didn't have to strain as much. He urged my mouth open, giving way into a much more passionate kiss. When we broke apart for air he said, "I wish I had the courage to tell you sooner."

"Yeah?" I smiled. Vince, shy? How freaking adorable.

He gave me a quick, soft kiss. "Yeah."


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