Hello Everyone! Long time no talk- do you even remember me?! I just wanted to gage some interest about the upcoming book I am writing and plan to publish this summer. I will most likely self-publish on amazon. A year ago I had randomly decided to log on to my account on here. I got extremely nostalgic about my writing and realized how much I truly missed it. Reading through all the past comments/critiques you all have left me over the years really got me going!

If this book goes well, my ultimate plan is to officially publish some of the stories on here; polishing up a few bits and pieces in the storylines. I like to think I've grown as a writer since then.

Drop me a PM and/or review; I'd love to hear from you all! If there is a lot of interest on here, I will probably give you a sneak peek chapter. I think it's a really unique idea; I'm slightly in love with my characters thus far. It's a romance novel (naturally) with adventure/intrigue and loads of other lovely things.

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I will post more updates through twitter until my website is up! I haven't tweeted in what seems like centuries but I am going to start again- I feel like it's a good way to communicate.

Much love,