Hi all! I have been busy writing several novels. Each time, I end up going, "Is this even good?" I didn't want to take a chance on Amazon publishing if it turned out the book was just plain bad. I miss having you guys give me feedback after each chapter. Because my books have gotten plagiarized on this site in the past, I have moved over to tapas and wattpad (people that like your book can even tip the writer- which I find amazing!) So, please subscribe and head on over to read the prologue of my new book. It's a romantic comedy about a young woman who gets out of a coma only to find out the world is ending. She ends up finding herself (and even love!) along the way.

Link: TAPAS: /series/Finding-Love-in-an-Ending-World

WATT PAD: story/206905172-finding-love-in-an-ending-world