A/N: Since I seem to be incredibly bored today, I started writing 100-ish word drabbles about my characters. I'll start with the Michael, Taylor, Jesse, Mary, and Lindsey from The Pack. I also have one about Jen, a drum line captain and black belt from Michael's taekwondo studio (her full story "Captain Jen" will also be up soon). So, enjoy the results of boredom and (controlled...kind of) rambling.
Michael sat at his computer listening to music at 2 AM. He wasn't really sure why he was up so late. Feeling a yawn approach, he turned up Checkmarks by The Academy Is… and fought against his body's need for sleep. His mind was far too hyper to even vaguely consider shutting down. After all, just a few hours earlier he had walked out of the movie theater holding Jesse's hand. Not only that, but he had finally worked up the courage to kiss her, a gesture which she happily returned. Such bliss, strong enough to erase all need for sleep.