time creeps by
backward spinning clock hands
hypnosis reversed

'5, 4, wake up now...'

my mind rots in slow sweet decay
and the weary night trudges on
clicking gears turning over in monotony
thought process hits overdrive, shuts down in slow motion
the swollen moon sank into bottomless oceans,

and eternity fell through itself.

dreams engage
reality drips away like melting clouds
one raindrop's evolution, tsunamis curling over screams

crash and fade.

elsewhere we dream.
the space between hallucination and clarity
it erodes into hourglasses silverspun in wasted minutes

the tables turn and now it's you falling into oblivion

planets exploding and i'm the only one left standing
eyes wide shut, mind whirring in machinery
eons of nightmares and
alternate dimensions flicker past in sequence
the irises turn to stare behind closed eyelids
flutter, dart away

and the glass shattered with mute catastrophe

existence diffused
thoughts reincarnated to reminiscent lightning strikes made of plasma
and haste

you lost yourself again, didn't you?