This is my attempt at a fan fiction while I was bored. The first few chapters will focus on the lives of the mythological creatures, such as their relations with humans. Hope you like it!

Mythological stories

Chapter 1: The Naga's love

Have you ever wondered about the existence of other creatures in the old ages? Have you ever wondered that there is a deep secret of other forms of life hiding back in that time period, elusive to our eyes? Well, I am here to tell you that there was. There were Centaurs, Naga's, Mermaids, Mermen, all sorts of the creatures that appeared to have only been conjured up in one's imagination. Today, we are going to focus on a particular story from the Naga's point of view.

Now, there were two kinds of Naga's back then. One of them was the venomous kind. The venomous Naga's were exactly how they sounded: when each of them reached a certain age, their two fangs would eventually develop glands to hold poison, in which they would be able to take down prey on their own. They would silently sneak through the grass, and they would bite into their prey's feet, injecting them with poison. They then only had to wait for the venom to take effect. These Naga's tails tended to be 50 feet long, and were as wide as their human halves waist.

The other species were the constrictors. The constrictors had much longer and bigger bodies, and they were just like the constricting snakes of our age: they all kill their prey by constriction. A constrictor would leap through the air and grab onto their prey with their human half, and then wrap their tail around their prey, and hold onto the prey in their coils until they were sure it was dead. These beings were known for their magnificent tails. Each of them had a tail nearly 30 feet long, and were as wide as a manhole, with beautiful patterns. Their tails were strong enough to crush reinforced steel.

These creatures weren't devoid of their humanity. Both Naga species lived in peace, and they had a very special kind of love. On one particular day, the day of love, is when both species would leave and travel to find their one true match. There were all kinds of different pairs. However, the most common pairs were this: a male constrictor would usually pair with a venomous female naga, and the male venomous naga's would usually pair off with a constricting female. However, there was a very special, and rare, kind of relationship…

Believe it or not, there was another species back then: humans. There were also two kinds of humans. Almost 95 of the humans hated the mythological beings. They would hunt centaurs, naga's, and mermaid/men to death, and sell their corpses as trophies. However, the other 5 of humans were different. These humans lived in peace with the beings. The evil humans hated these people, and their king would order them to be killed. To save the remaining "good" humans, the centaurs, naga's, and mermaids and mermen would take these humans in, and they would live together in a secret place.

Now, as I said before, there was a very special, and rare, kind of relationship. This relationship was between a good female human and a male constrictor. When a good female was hiding with the naga's, on the day of love, there was often a male constrictor who would fall in love with a female human. The constrictor would eventually come to the human, and would propose his love. To become part of the mythological family, a female human would join in with a male constrictor for what is called the "protection". What happens is that a female human and the constrictor would have to sleep outside on the coldest night of the year. Neither of them was allowed to have a blanket on themselves. However, the constrictor's body was much more durable than a human's, and could survive the cold, only feeling uncomfortable. However, the human could not survive the cold without warmth. Once they went out, they would find a good spot to rest, such as a field. They would lay down to get ready for sleep. The male constrictor would then wrap his body around her body, form the shoulders down. He would then slightly tighten his coils to make her comfortable. Due to the constrictor's tail being extremely thick, the humans head would hang above the ground, so once he was done wrapping her up, he would use the rest of the slack of his tail as a pillow for her head. This was to show that he was willing to use every inch of his body for her comfort. Knowing he would do this was important, as he would be putting himself and the human in danger from the evil humans if they ever found out of their relationship. If the naga used any of the slack from his body to keep himself warm, or leave the human to get a blanket, it was obvious that he wasn't ready to take full responsibility for protecting her. This has never happened, as a naga's passion for a human would always glow stronger than the sun. The naga and the human would then become a couple, and it would be passed down into legend.