A poem about one of the most wonderful places I have been to.

Watching the sunlight, never ending,
Admittedly sunburned, but still enjoying
The way the hot sand feels 'neath my feet,
And how my daily cares retreat.

I must confess to minor vertigo,
The water was that clear.
"Sea Green, Sea Green" I tell myself,
To calm my minor fear.

But once it's conquered, looking down,
I see the deep revealed.

God, it's beautiful.

Later that day, a glass-bottomed boat,
I happened to travel upon
Revealed to me the wondrous sea,
And the sights it could show me thereon.

The ribs of the wrecked ship,
Still unexplored,
Still unexploited,
Filled my heart with history,
And love I'd never felt before.

And I decided there and then:

Heaven is Hayeres.