"Let's meet again in the next life." – Axel, Twilight Town

Clouds blew breezily past the sickle moon. Two dark figures stood on the looming bell tower of the old creaking church. The wind gently prodded and pushed them forward. The girl trembled, and looked at the young man next to her. Her eyes scanned the landscape, bright with light, but her eyes bright with fright. She clung to one of the support posts. The space was barely big enough for a person, unless you wanted to take your chances with the crumbling roof. Both of them was practically dangling their arms and legs out.

"This is it..." she said uncertainly to the man. He was resolute, facing the wind. The girl shrank back from the edge, looking at the man. "Zach, this is the end?" Her face looked at his with hope. Does this really going to end here? "...erm... I..." I don't want to do this. I love you. We can live far far away, and die old. She'll never be able to say those words.

"Eve, we have to pay for what we've done," he said with conviction back. They had done enough. It was time to start over, with a clean slate. They had lied, and strayed off of the right path. They were too deep into this maze of lies and thieving. If they started all over again, he was sure he would find the exit. He needed to make things right. And this is how he'll do it.

"Let's meet in the next life," Zach said. He looked toward the moon and prayed. May I be honest, and live an honest life. I have condemned myself this time, but I vow I will change. And I won't drag my friends with me either. He threw a leg over the ledge separating the tower and the surrounding gray shingles. Then he looked back at her. His good friend- no, best friend.

"Let's be friends again," Eve echoed back. She tried to smile bravely, as they stepped closer and closer. I want to be like him, next time. I want him to like me, next time, she wished upon the last stars she would ever see. I want to be perfect, to do what I couldn't do this time. They reached the edge, and she gulped. Her whole being wanted to pull away, and to run back to safety. But she willed herself to stay, the only thing she could do right now.

Zachary put his foot forward. Eve gripped his hand, and walked with him. They plunged over the edge.

A thump and a crack, and all was still.