A Philosophical Argument

A discourse by Jamie Thomas Durbin, based on real events.

Being the aspiring net scribe that I am, I currently do not have to
worry about trivial matters like *handwriting*, or *presentation*, but this
was not always so... However, I found an excellent way of making my way round
this, with a choice piece of MetaPhysics. See what you think?

Myself: I can actually prove, Val, that my handwriting is legible.
Val: *scoffs* Ha, that'll be the day, but I'm listening!
Myself: Right, just nod if I'm correct at each point, yes?
Val: *nods*
Myself: Reality is based on perception, yes?
Val: *thinks, then nods*
Myself: And the only perception I'm aware of is my own... I, for example,
cannot see through your eyes, or taste through Jen's mouth, yes?
Val: *slow nod, seeing where this is going*
Myself: Well, *I* can read my handwriting, and, if mine is the only perception
I'm aware of, and Reality is based on perception, then, logically, my
handwriting is legible, yes?
Val: *nods, with clenched teeth*

For some bizarre reason I have yet to fathom, I got a C for my next
piece of work, far cry from the accustomed A.

Any suggestions, readers?