I was walking home late one night. Tired from a long day at work, I couldn't wait to get home and take a long, hot shower. It was very peaceful. The street was bare and a dim streetlight was lighting up the block. "Wham!" I looked around anxiously. I heard some people talking in the distance.

"Hey! Don't let that punk get away. After him!" A bunch of guys came running out from a dark alley. From the dim light, I was able to see that they were holding bats and were chasing after a guy in black. The guy in black was running so fast, he tripped and fell on his face. The other guys caught up to him and started beating the crap out of him with their bats.

"Hey, what are you doing over there?" I yelled. The group of guys dropped their bats and ran away. I ran up to the guy in black. He was lying on the floor, lifeless. I looked at his face. Blood dripped down his left cheek from his forehead. I took out my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. An ambulance came within the next five minutes. I rode along with the dude. When we arrived at the hospital, the guy was rushed into the emergency room. The doctor came out after two hours.

"Apparently, some major damages were done to his skull. He lost most of his memories. Because of his damaged skull, he thinks he's a little boy right now. So you might wanna be careful of what you say to him, okay?" I nodded my head and doctor walked away. I went into the patient's room. He had fallen asleep. In the lighted room, he seemed very cute. He had short, black hair. His bangs were combed to one side. His cheeks seemed so soft and his lips were a pale pink. I accidentally bumped into a chair, causing him to wake up. He blinked a couple of times and then looked at me.

"Mommy?" he asked. My eyes grew wide. 'Did he just call me what I think he just called me?' I wondered. I looked at his face. He had such a sad facial expression. Sad, but cute too.

"I'm not your mom," I replied. Tears started forming in his eyes. His lower lip began to quiver.

"Liar!" he yelled. "You don't love me anymore, do you mommy?" He started burying his face in his pillow. I sat down next to the bed and I tried to calm him down.

"Seriously, I'm not your mom," I said. "I don't know who your mom is. Listen. You've just been hit in the head and lost most of your memory. I'm the one who rescued you. You need to calm down, okay?" He took his face out of the pillow and looked at me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he gave a hug. A long hug. Apparently, this guy has muscles.

"Mommy, please don't leave me. Me promise me will be a good boy." Well, there goes that idea. So much for trying to explain everything to him. I guess that he really did lose some of his memory. He continued to hug me for another minute or so. When he finally let go, he gave me a kiss on my right cheek. He seemed so happy. I didn't want him to be sad again so I decided to go along with this 'mom' thing.

"Ok, mommy promise you that mommy won't leave you. Now, go back to sleep, ok?" He willingly nodded and went back to sleep. I stepped outside the room for a while. I saw the doctor walk by.

"Doctor. Do you know anything about this guy? Like, his name and where his family members are?" I asked.

"Well, I did find out some information. His name is Jason. He's 25. His family abandoned him ever since he was 7. Since then, he was sent to an orphanage and that's where he grew up. He's had a pretty rough childhood. This probably explains why he's acting like a little boy."

"Thank you doctor." I went back into the room. I sat back down next to the bed. I couldn't believe what this guy had been through. I felt so bad for him. I left the hospital for the night. For the next few days, I came back to the hospital to visit him. He seemed to be doing a lot better. During my fifth visit, the doctor told me that he had to talk to me. He led me outside, into the hallway.

"Jason is doing better," he said. "He can leave the hospital in a couple of days. But, we have a problem. Since we have no idea where his parents are, we have no one to release him to." I thought for a minute.

"How about I take him home with me?" I asked. "He can stay with me in my apartment. I know my house isn't big but it will fit the both of us. I can totally take care of him." The doctor decided that it was a good idea, for now. I went back inside the room. Jason was playing a video game. When he saw me come in, he immediately stopped and pretended to be asleep.

"Jason," I said in a sweet voice. "I know you're not asleep. Come on, get up." He didn't move. I crept up to his bed and started tickling him. He started laughing hysterically.

"Mommy, stop it. You know that I'm ticklish," he said. I finally stopped tickling him and told him to sit up. You can tell that he didn't want to by the facial expression he made but he did it anyway.

"Guess what, Jason? In a couple of days, you will be able to go home with your mommy." He was so happy when he heard this. He literally bounced off the walls. It was so nice to see him happy like this. The thought of having a guy like him live with me didn't seem so bad after all. I couldn't help but smile. After about 2 days, I went back to the hospital. Today, I was able to check Jason out of the hospital. I went into his room. I almost didn't recognize him. He had on a black hoodie with a white t-shirt inside. To top it off, he wore black jeans. The way he dressed right now, you couldn't tell that he lost his memory. He looked fine to me. It was then that I realized that he was wearing the same clothes he was wearing that night when I brought him here to the hospital. Awwww. He looked so cute.

"Mommy," he said when I walked in. He ran up to me to give me a hug. Man, that guy doesn't know his own strength. I almost lost my breath. When he let go, I almost fell to the ground. Thank god I didn't. I almost scared the crap out of Jason. After I was able to regain my balance, we left the hospital for my house. We rode by train. I didn't have enough money to buy my own car. During the whole train ride, Jason kept holding onto my hand. I knew that he was doing this so that he wouldn't lose track of his 'mom' but it was kind of embarrassing. The train suddenly screeched to a halt. I fell backwards and someone caught me.

"Sorry," I said. I looked up. It was Jason who caught me. I never realized that he had such beautiful eyes. His eyes were a nice shade of light brown. I was so embarrassed I started to blush.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I returned to reality.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I replied. He helped me back onto my feet. The train continued to move again. For the rest of the train ride, I stayed silent. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was totally falling for Jason. But that is wrong. I an not going to fall in love with someone I barely know. Besides, Jason needs me right now. There's no time to worry about my feelings. And with that, I decided to set my feelings aside and focus more on taking care of Jason instead.

We finally arrived at my apartment around five. My apartment had small living room, a medium sized kitchen, one bathroom, and one bedroom. Now I had a problem. A HUGE problem. I only had one bed so that meant that one of us had to sleep on the couch. 'Oh well,' I thought to myself as I began to move my stuff towards the living room couch. I was so tired I decided to go to sleep. That night, there was a thunderstorm. I'm not afraid of thunderstorms so I had no problem. But someone else did. I felt someone tug on my sleeve. I opened my eyes. It was Jason.

"Whoa, Jason. You startled me," I said. I looked at him. He looked kinda scared.

"Mommy, I'm scared. Can you sleep with me?" he asked. I was kinda surprised. I had expected him to be a little braver than that. But, you can't blame the poor kid. I followed him to the bedroom. He slept on the right side and I slept on the left. Soon, he fell asleep. You can tell 'cuz he was kinda snoring. The storm passed. I wanted to leave but I couldn't. Jason had fallen asleep while holding onto my right hand. Slowly, I pulled my hand out. I had started to get out of the bed when Jason pulled me back. I fell back onto the bed and found myself in Jason's arms. He had wrapped his arms around me, yet he was still asleep. Amazing. He then whispered "I love you." That made my heart skip faster. Then I realized that he was talking in his sleep. I felt him breathing on my neck. It was ticklish. I didn't realize it but I soon fell asleep.