Megan McMahon



Grandma, what happen to you?

You were so strong

You were stubborn

I wonder what it felt like for you.

To lose your freedom,

Your body to shut down on you,

I know how I felt seeing you sit there wasting away,

You wouldn't eat, didn't drink

Yet polite as always

Introducing us to the nurses of the day,

Then the ICU became your home,

We had to wear gowns and gloves,

Not for your safety but ours,

Then you started spiraling downwards so fast

You were in pain, I could see it,

You started to get bloated,

You barely breathed enough,

Then they put you in hospice.

I wonder how you felt,

Knowing that this was the end,

Were you angry?

Were you sad?

Were you okay with it?

Were you ready?

I would hold your hand when I came to visit,

I felt horrible that I still had to wear gloves,

You fought for a week before you left.

I know you would have been proud,

Of how things went,

We had a party in your name the way you would have wanted it.

We told stories of rats, dogs, and broken windows.

And that there is always time for,

One more drink

One more story


One more Goodbye.

A/N: This is a poem about my grandma. But I guess the smart cookies out there already guessed that. It felt time to write about what happen to her. I hope you like this poem. R&R

R.I.P. Grandma, 12/19/07