Hemophobia: This is how it ends

I slide into the small pocket of air between the sofa and the table with the phone and lamp on it and stay still, my heart is jackhammering in my chest and I know the sound of it, if not my trembling will give me away.

When milky light pours onto the rug in front of the window, I jerk away from it and slam myself into the wall as quietly as I can manage. Everything is dark and I can see the lacy white curtains aren't closed enough to hide anything from view of an outsider. I can't calm myself, the only thing I can think is to get the hell out of here.

A shadow slides across the floor, and with out thinking I jump up and out of my spot. I'm out the door and running in a random direction just in time to see the sun setting, damn it.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

She walks down the unpaved street, her thick black boots kicking up a cloud of dust around her feet. Despite the familiarity of her surroundings the anxiety is overwhelming, the need to find a familiar face, any face in this place she cannot keep from easing into the front of her mind.

She steps onto the wooden porch that acts as a sidewalk of sorts, and stops suddenly. At the other end of the walkway a figure shrouded in the shadow and dressed in all black walks toward her with silent quick steps.

Her first thought is to run but then she thinks better of it, her pride won't allow. So instead she lifts her head and saunters toward him, the thudding off her boots seems to echo so loud…

The stranger catches her by the arm when it becomes clear to him that she had intended to ignore him. He pulls her in front of him and pulls back his hood, blonde hair shines in the moonlight. A smile of recognition surfaces on her face and her lips part she takes a breath and the tense muscles in her shoulders relax.

"God! Sean am I so relieved to see you! Where is Jared? Is Gavin with him?" Her questions seem to be endless but she picks the ones that have been swimming around in her head for the longest time. "God, I just want to go home."

He hasn't let go of her hand. It's tightens until she notices that he hasn't said anything, she looks into his eyes, the blue, it's all she can see. Like water it reminds her of ice, cold until it burns, it's not the same, it glows.

Anxiety bubbles up to the surface.


She takes a step back, her wrist doesn't move and she looks down, fear creeping over her shoulder wrapping chains around her heart and squeezing. His fingers crush around her, pain flares like a flame through her hand, and he pulls her close wrapping a hand around her neck.

His lips brush across her collarbone, up her neck and stops-to her horror- just below her jaw and whispers against her thundering pulse, "It's alright."

With out thinking she brings her knee up blindly and connects just between his legs, he lets out a breath and a string of curses while she rips her hand out of his grasp and runs like hell to the end of the walk, her black boots beating heavily against the groaning wood.

Arms pumping at her sides, hair flying every in and out of her face, feet pushing forward, her eyes search wildly in every direction for someone, something that will help her. She runs blindly any way if only to get away from the weird thing masquerading as Sean, her mind is trying to decide whether to run in the moonlight, or in the darkness, either way she knows she's screwed.

To run in the moon would be stupid, they, whoever they are will find her more easily, but then she would be able to see, see them coming. On the other hand running in the dark would make her more vulnerable and more protected at the same time, she could hide in it, or she could get killed in it when she didn't hear them coming.

Darting around a corner, she stops and flattens herself against it, breathing as heavy as her feet feel, like lead. She slumps forward and walks more into the alley she has run into. The sound of shoes scraping against the dirt stops her cold and she can't move, her muscles lock into place, and though her mind screams at her to run her body won't respond.

Two figures are birthed from the shadow. She recognizes them and trips over her own feet to be near them. She throws her bare arms over the one closet's neck and almost cries, tears of relief welling at the corners of her tightly shut eyes. His hands come up around her waist, his face is impassive and for the longest time no one says anything.

She pulls back, hands on his shoulders and says, "Where were you guys? I got lost and some creep-" His eye's glow past her, looking at something else-

"It's alright." Not the voice she had wanted to hear, not the voice she had expected to hear. His foots steps are coming closer she's feels the emotion building and it's not something she can name.

She turns and moves to stand between the blonde impersonator and her two friends and narrows her eyes, "I know there is no way in hell you're Sean."

He smirks and looks directly into her eyes, penetrating blue versus soft yet sharp brown, he's winning. "It's alright."

She turns back to her friends who are starting to give her odd looks, "You don't believe me?" The panic slithers over her shoulder around her neck and tightens it's hold until she can't breathe. She feels warm breath on her neck, her fist balls at her side and flies into the air as she turns.

Pain shoots through her arm as he squeezes her bad wrist and holds it high in the air; desperation becomes evident as he rests his head on her shoulder, his breath tickling her neck. He lets go of her wrist moving his hands to her waist but she pushes him away and moves to the side…and into something-someone.

She looks up and meets a pair of familiar brown eyes through a curtain of brunette bangs, his hands latch onto her arms as she sways slightly. She can here the two other walking forward and she can see the shadow of one she thought she knew. There were four. Four boys she thought she knew, she wants to cry.

She pushes away from him and realizes, they had formed a circle around her, there is no escaping it, but she fights anyway when the single blonde steps forward to grab her. He has both her wrists above her head before she can move and in the back of her mind, she wonders what they are going to do. Tears spill over and sprint down her cheeks.

Still she fights, "No! Why are you doing this? S-stop!" (Why aren't you saying anything?!)


But no, she isn't going to beg them, they could go to hell and she thought it. There are hands on her waist stilling her so she can't kick, someone smoothes her hair over her shoulder, still she refuses to give in.


On her shoulder. She stiffens.

And pain rocks through her body. She throws her head back and screams, she sees white and feels warmth on her neck, it drips down her neck and pools in the indent of her collar bone.

She sees white.

And then realizes that one had bitten her, she trembles as she sees the tallest one come closer to her, he doesn't look her in the eyes, only stars at something she can't look down to see herself. She feels him lean in and then the pain, the white and she screams even louder this time because it is coming from both sides.

Her legs gave out but she didn't fall she was being held in place by the blonde one, there are knives pricking into her arm. Her breath speeds up, her heart is pumping hard and burns, it was as if she can't breathe, only she is panting and the ache in her muscles is agonizing.

Her vision is turning black around the edges, and she can feel herself falling in, losing herself to unconsciousness. She lifts her eyes and sees the one she had hugged, her boyfriend (and she thought she was in love) staring at her with a torn look. His eyebrows knit together and he steps forward, reaching out for her. She realizes she isn't breathing anymore, that she doesn't feel her heart working anymore, and that she is barely even thinking as the moon turns to black, bathing everything in nothingness.

And she thinks, Is this how it ends…? Damn.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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