author's note you probably don't care about this poem, but i felt it should be explained (like sparknotes). the first couplet is the basis for the entire poem, and the last is, well, the conclusion. the first full stanza is about me "falling into a trap" when it comes to loving someone, and that trap is always looking for some tiny, miniscule reason to leave/stop loving the other person. the second full stanza explains that i never told the person that i had feelings for him, so therefore, it was really all my fault. 'kay, that's it.

oh, how quickly my world can come crashing down,
leaving in my soul nothing but an eternal frown.

because for the very first time my life of distress,
i let myself love, silently and without worry or stress.
i allowed myself emotions that i'd normally refuse,
for fear that i'd be hurt, left broken and abused.
but this time, i promised, would be different for me.
i'd let myself love, not looking for reasons to leave.
but i suppose that i bit off more than i could chew,
'cause i fell back in my habit, though i do love you.
it is known by all that when looking for a way out,
subconsciously or not, the path will always come about,
and is commonly taken without second thought,
despite whether their significant other is loved or not.
and unfortunately for me, but not for you at all,
into that trap i found myself, and continually fall.

but my problem doesn't matter; it's not like you knew.
my love was a secret that i kept only from you.
i don't know how you feel about the person i am,
i don't know if you ever would've given me a chance.
i have no idea if you feel the same about me,
i don't know if the truth would have set me free.
i really don't know, and it is all the fault of mine.
i don't take chances, especially with love divine.

i have no one to blame, only myself for this trap i'm in,
but since i'm used to it, i give up and let heartbreak win.