Long Story short my best friend made out with the guy I've been hooking up with/crushing on for a long time last night. My head and heart are all out of whack and my trust issues are back in action. One good thing is I'm writing again…surprise. God I hate people right now

Their Vice of Choice

Solving silence with your vocals,

A word to the wise,

Be careful what you say,

The truth is in her eyes.

A smile to hide the pain,

Laughter and a kiss,

Such simple gestures,

How'd it comes to this.


I'll play the game and say good night,

Angry bindings wrapped too tight.

whisper in my ear the lies you wish were true,

Should've seen it coming...who knew?

Lying battered bruised broken,

Littered on the floor,

Is the story of a girl,

Who couldn't take anymore.

Words have empty meanings,

Hollow without cause,

Your actions scream much louder,

Hurting without pause.


Healing with a shattered clock,

All I do is wait,

For the emotions to reset,

And pray it's not too late.

Hear these words with open ears,

And try to see,

That no matter how hard you try,

You can't fool me.


The vice of choice is lust,

Indulge at your own risk.

Review if you wish

Much Love