I don't know what's worse

Missing you

Or wishing I didn't

It's a sad day surely

When I want to remember not

I don't know where we failed

But I know I loved you

I admit

I said and did stupid things

No words I say

Or actions I do

Will change what happened

The thought of trying again

Fills me with mixed emotions

I'd like to if I believed it'd work

Alas such faith is not within me

I've given up hoping for that chance

We blew apart so terribly

Without a reason why

A path of destruction

Traceable to far back in what we had

Now we live the aftermath

A time of recovery

But there're no new hopes

Only memories of failure

I can no longer tell what I feel

Each passing day

I can go a little longer

Without feeling sad

At every thought of you

And yet it those thoughts

I find most precious

The bitter irony of the world