Boxed in, closed up
Air-tight container
Fight the barrier baring down on you
Avoid all contact with the pressure

It builds up, up, UP
Your bottle cap explodes!
Drench the crowd in champagne
Crash back down to Earth

Fall, there's .no.where.else. but down
Watch the truth rise up and hit you
You can't defend yourself from yourself
You can't fall off the floor

There's no getting up, can't dust it off
Boulders don't simply roll away
You've got no hand hold, no stability
Where's your safety net now?

Constructed walls to launch yourself off of
Bite your nails;; you didn't see this coming?
Look humanity in the eyes like you don't -un-der-sta-nd-
Pray to God that Fate's in a good mood

You've gone down, down, down
!Smile! it's all you're left with
Make it worth their while, hope it counts
Deep breaths, you at least remember those

Choke on the bile; timing is everything
Beat back overwhelming panic
You're down, but damn it, you're stronger than this
Blow your fears out of the water

You can't freak now
You're not allowed to let yourself go
Someone has to keep up morale
Timing Is Everything!!!!



Hello, I haven't been here in a good while. I had a flash of inspiration and no control over my hand. Tell me what you think; I'm a bit rusty. : )

Thanks, Acts.of.Whimsy