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Handcuff Me To Happiness

Track No. One:
Blush Like You Mean It

Kelsey was never really good with relationships. She never really came out of the proverbial closet, either. Denial and fear never clawed at her insides, but being "out" just wasn't really her biggest priority.

At least, that was what she liked to tell herself.

Her dark bangs fell into her eyes, but not enough to block her view. She tried not to look at her reflection, but simply couldn't resist. Vanity reared its glorious head; she admired herself silently. Kelsey wondered how many people saw the car; the car with the tinted windows, and the clean, pressed mother behind the wheel, and she wondered how many people thought that the woman's son was sitting next to her. Kelsey- her son.

Kelsey tilted her head to the side and stroked her bare earlobes, wondering just how much it would hurt to get them pierced. She didn't want ear piercings horribly, but snakebites were something she'd been dying to get since she was twelve.

"Are you ready for school, dear?" May's eyes never once left the road as she took a left onto Franklin High's parking lot. Like all mothers, her voice was worried and anxious.

"Yeah, Mom," Kelsey eyed her new school apprehensively. "I'm ready."


Kelsey backed out of her mother's hug-range as soon as she got out of the car, relieved to be released from May's grasp. When the sound of the car ebbed away, Kelsey took a second look at Franklin High.

It was huge.

Suddenly, a giant wave of emotions assaulted her heart. She shook her head, and smashed those feelings to the floor of her subconscious.

Kelsey looked at her shoes as she entered school; she couldn't see the boy standing right in front of her until she bumped into him.
"Oh, sorry…" She looked up and spotted a boy with disheveled black hair, and steel-blue eyes. He looked surprised- and dangerously cute.

Kelsey wondered, in another galaxy, if a straight version of herself had not already jumped the guy. She fell a few inches back, but his steady hand held the small of her back and pulled her into him. Her knuckles bunched up against his firm chest. Softly, the mystery boy muttered an apology.

Kelsey fought the urge to kick this pretty boy (she didn't take kindly to being knocked down), and instead she took a step back and put on a fake smile. "Yeah. Thanks."

Strangely, the boy flushed a deep red, and looked down at his shoes. (Scuffed Converse, Kelsey noticed). "What's um… what's your… name?" He asked.

Kelsey looked at the cheap tile and scratched the back of her neck. "Kelsey." She didn't really want to make idle chit-chat with this guy; even if he was the cutest thing since cheese.

"I'm um… Gabriel…" He choked out his words, like a kindergartner. "So are you a, um, new student?"

"Is it that obvious?" Kelsey murmured, sarcastic and uncaring.

"You do kind of… stand out." Gabriel's shoulders hunched forward as he stuffed his hands in his denim pockets and tried not to turn an even darker shade.

She eyed him, and suddenly realized that he was blushing. Blushing. She was about to say something, when an old man approached them.

"Gabriel," The old man spoke through his nose, sounding nasal and pompous, "what are you doing?"

"I'm showing Kelsey around." Gabriel spit out an explanation hastily, brushing his hair neatly to the side, "he's a new student."


Kelsey was about to correct him, but, when the old man walked away stuffily, a flash of a girl and boy holding hands went across her dark brown eyes. She grinned to herself. Wait a minute… She thought as she looked upon the blushing face of the steel-eyed boy in front of her, if he thinks I'm a guy, then…. Doesn't that mean..?

"This may sound rude, but what's your orientation?" Kelsey winced; Okay, that really sounded a lot better in my mind.

"Uh-- what?" Gabriel stiffened visibly, and his stutter worsened. "I prefer… Um… m-me-men." He quickly looked away as his face grew hot with shame.

"Okay." Kelsey shrugged and started to walk towards her first class. I can't believe he actually told me. What kind of jerkoff tells his orientation to any kid he meets?

"H-hey!" He called after her. "Wait! Just 'okay'? No 'ew' or calling me a fag?"

She smirked, and gave Gabriel a wave over her shoulder, "Nah. That would make me a hypocrite."

"What…?" He breathed out. As Gabriel watched the new student turn down an empty hallway, he could feel his heart beating madly in his chest. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and took one last look after Kelsey.


As Kelsey walked in silence down the halls, her mind began to wander. She began to think of a girl with flowing raven hair, and eyes more beautiful as jades.

How can someone tell you they love you, but then do so many things that break your heart right afterwards? She thought. How can someone so beautiful make you feel so disposable? How can--

She could feel the tears starting to sting behind her brown eyes, and bit the inside of her cheek to make them go away. She needed a distraction.

Absent-mindedly, she looked up at the number of every door on her right.



'206' – there. Her new homeroom. She entered and looked inside, expecting something glamorous, or horrible – possibly both.

It was pretty small for a public school class actually, with only six rows of seven desks.

Kelsey handed her bearded, twinkling-eyed teacher the light blue 'new student slip'.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Johnson, and it's very nice to meet you."

"I'm, um… Kelsey. Yeah – that's me." She blushed slightly, and tried to ignore the stares of her new classmates. But she couldn't; she just couldn't. She spared the room a quick once-over, and almost gasped. A girl, with raven hair, and playful green eyes, mock-gasped back at her with a wink accompanying it. Kelsey tripped over her own shoes. The class burst out in titters.

Mr. Johnson smiled, ignoring the class' giggles, and nodded towards an empty seat in the center of the room. As Kelsey strode down the rows of desks, blushing furiously, her eyes once again became ensnared into those piercing green eyes. This time, they were dancing with curiosity. She found it hard to move while under that gaze.

The girl was beautiful.