Handcuff Me To Happiness

Track No. Seven:
That's Cute

"Mom, I'm going out." Kelsey had one foot out the door and an anxious smile on her face.

"How?" Her mother called from the kitchen.

"Uhm… Well, I was going to put one foot in front of the other until I reached the car…" Kelsey paused nervously, "And… I was hoping I could… Maybe… Take the car to… The park?" Kelsey tried to make her voice sound cheery.

She heard her mother laugh but not in a funny way. It was more of a Haha, nice try. Seconds later, she appeared from the kitchen door with a menacing spatula in hand. "You," she scowled with narrowed black eyes, "are not taking the car. It's dark and you don't know the roads."

"So what?" Kelsey scowled and let out an exasperated sigh. "How am I supposed to get there, then? Should I walk?"

Her mother rolled her eyes and cocked her head to the side; her long black hair flipped over her shoulder. "No, you're supposed to let me give you a ride there. I'll just be a second."

Kelsey raised an eyebrow. "Okay… What're you making in there, anyway?"

"Pancakes. I had a slow day at work and needed a pick-me-up."

Kelsey snorted and shrugged. Whatever she says. "Pancakes… At four in the afternoon?" She laughed a little. "You're weird."

"Runs in the family!" Her mother began untying her stained apron. "Now, where exactly am I bringing you, and how late are you staying out? It's a school night, you know." She raised a questioning eyebrow.

Kira felt the hard ground slide from under her feet as she swung back and forth. She was on the swings, watching the sky slowly turn from light blue to magenta. She saw a dark sedan pull away from the curb fifty meters away, and felt her heartstrings give a little tug. The metal chains sung quietly as her fingertips tightened around them.


Kelsey broke out into a slow jog but quickly stopped herself. Way to look eager, she snorted, and then continued slowly across the grass.

She felt a smile grow on her face but… Damn… Gabriel? She mussed her hair a bit.

"Hi, Gabriel… Kira." She settled herself on the grass in front of the swings and gave a soft laugh as Kira swung herself so high that her feet were centimeters from Kelsey's face. She noted how the faded, checkered Vans were scribbled all over with what looked like lyrics. "Nice shoes," she quipped.

Kelsey quickly ended the eye contact to stop herself from staring.

Gabriel immediately laughed, eager to do anything with Kelsey. He slipped off of his own swing and went to sit next to Kelsey. "Are you getting settled okay? I hope you didn't find it hard to find this place; K is really bad about giving directions."

Kelsey raised an eyebrow. "'K'?" She laughed, feeling giddy all of a sudden. "Nice nickname. Can I have one?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

Gabriel nodded and Kelsey thought she saw him flush a little. "Uhm… what nickname do you want?"

Kira smirked as she swung higher into the darkening sky. "How about 'Sexy Beast'?" She winked and Kelsey was the one who flushed this time.

She's joking… right?

"Hah," Kelsey laughed and shook her head. "I've never been called that before. Sure." Kelsey and Kira both laughed.

"I find that really hard to believe." Gabriel smiled and his steel blue eyes softened as Kelsey gazed at him.

The scary thing was he was being sincere.

And just like Chris Hansen with those sexual predators, things got awkward.

"So… Again… I'm really sorry about today. I'm just not used to… touching."

Kira cocked her head, still on the old swings, and eyed Kelsey. She noticed how Gabriel was sitting thigh-to-thigh with the new student and felt a little green monster rear its head.

But she shook it off.

"Sincerity…" She plastered a smile on her smooth features. "I like it." She shrugged. "It's okay…." She looked around, noting how no one was in the park but them.

Perfect. That means we can be as crazy as we want. Vaguely, Kira noted how that could have been interpreted as a sexual innuendo.

"So! Let's get down to business." She hopped off the swings and sat next to Kelsey. "Tell me who you are Kelsey, 'Sexy Beast'." She gave a smirk.

Kelsey's really cute when he blushes. In the back of her mind, she noted how Gabriel was staring at the boy too.

"Uhm… Well there's nothing… nothing to tell, really..." Kelsey scratched her neck nervously and her black eyes flickered to the side for a moment.

Gabriel laughed a little too enthusiastically for Kira's liking. She eyed him irritably as he spoke. "Stuttering. That's cute." He smiled again and stared deep into Kelsey's dark eyes.

Gabe is flirting. Kira knew she should've wished all the best, but she just couldn't. Something in Gabriel's voice made the tips of her fingers tingle in an uncomfortable way. Damn him. Kelsey's mine. Wait… What?