It wasn't love.

The sun didn't yet come out

when I woke up

I didn't find you by my side

and I was hungry, yeah

There was an apple on the table

every bite was sweetly sharp

what took me so long to notice

you weren't with me anymore?

I don't want to stay here but I have no place to go.

The lights turned off

and I looked for you

in the middle of the darkness

I ran into a lot of inner monsters

and you were my strenght

to keep running without giving up

it sounds tacky but it was love what I believed in.

You wouldn't understand who I want to be

no one could see my soul but you

always were my best gift from this life

my dreams, my fears... you were listening.

The happiness was as close as the sadness

'cause of those little things I know you loved me

even if "I love you" was scarce.

It was too much love

to embrace it with the heart

slowly it slipped out my chest

the pain is the only thing I won't forget

perhaps it wasn't love

I'm not going to know a thing

you just slammed the door in my face

was it so hard to say goodbye?

thousands words are hanging in the air.

A thing or two you should know

I don't miss you but my heart does

my heart misses the way you used to care

everyday was an adventure

I was always wondering what we'd do next.

Feet on the earth

I lift up my eyes to the ferris wheel

my wishes look so far away

how is the world at night?

to fall is hard enough

tell me, how long will we live without sharing a heart?

I hold the pillow that smells of you

let me believe it's real

how long will it take me to detoxify of you?

I don't want to die for love overdose..

but the harm will last longer than us

everything lasts longer than us.

The happiness was as close as the sadness

'cause of that I thought you were crying for joy

but outside was more warm than inside.

It wasn't love it was something more.