This is something I threw together for an english assignment in eighth grade. We had to pick a photograph from a pile and write a story based on it. Here's a link to my photo (just get rid of the spaces):

h t t p / h 1 . r i p w a y . c o m / H y p e r M a n a / l i b r a r y . p n g

Keep in mind this was written by a thirteen-year-old. Other than that, enjoy.

This has also been broken into mini chapters, due to request. I thought it was a good idea. They're short, but bear with me.

Notre Revanche

The vines crept back into the story, satisfied at a job well done. Sarah had been warned, warned quite distinctly, not to take that book. However, her foolishness, or as she called it, her 'fearlessness', had been her downfall. Now it was too late.

Only moments later, the vines disappeared into the book. There would be no evidence of the crime. They vanished as quickly and as quietly as they had come, leaving behind only their victim and their book. One could almost hear their sighs of triumph.

Hidden in the shadows, a boy took in the scene. His golden locks shaded his eyes, but his thin lips curled into a grin that was as clear as day. "Magnifique." He whispered, his voice smooth with rhythm. As quiet as the darkness, he walked over to where Sarah lay. He grasped the book with gentle hands and whispered to the girl, "Au'revior."

Ariel Selphie stared out the translucent window with obvious annoyance. She had been waiting for her friends for what seemed like an eternity. They had said they would come at exactly 7 o'clock. It was 7:30.

She flipped her chocolate color hair over her shoulder and glared at nothing, as if to say 'I knew it.' It was just like last time. They had probably abandoned her to go to the arcade.

When she was angry, Ariel had a habit of tipping over chairs when she stood. The red chair made a terrible sound as it crashed onto the oak floor behind her. Her face was distorted into a look of nothing less than fury, as she had realized that they had expected her to sit by herself all night. She was so infuriated she could have screamed.

It took her a few moments to realize she was still in a library. Almost every person within seeing distance was looking at her with wide eyes.

Of course, this made her even more irritated.

She turned to her right, her blue eyes resting on an unfortunate brunette. "What are you looking at?" Ariel snapped. The poor girl looked away quickly and grabbed the nearest reading material. Satisfied, Ariel tied her sweater around her slender waist and walked away with dignity, completely forgetting the fallen chair.

Anyone who judged a person by appearance would be completely dumbfounded by Ariel. Though she was quite a beauty, she had a temper worse than a wild boar with rabies. Often times she would snap at people without warning and explode at the smallest problem. And that was when she was in a good mood.

With a final stomp of her foot, Ariel walked out the doors of the Laurel library. Nothing was going her way today. First the teachers had given her detention for 'mouthing off', then her mother had grounded her, and then her friends had ditched her when she snuck away to the library. Why didn't anyone understand her? At that moment, she just wanted to scream until she was hoarse.

In all of her self-pity, she didn't see Pierre Abney coming towards her. Apparently, he had other things on his mind as well. They collided head on, knocking both of them onto the hard, cold cement. Pierre got up almost instantly and apologized, offering her his hand. "I'm so sorry, mademoiselle." He said, his green eyes sparkling in the near darkness.

Pierre was a new exchange student at Angela's Jr. High. He was fairly tall and had amazing blonde curls, which was a bit unusual for a French boy. The only thing that gave away his heritage was his rich French accent, which earned him plenty of romantic interests.

But not from Ariel.

Ariel slapped away his hand and pushed herself up, giving him a fresh new glare. "Watch where you're going." She snapped, shoving him to the side. He seemed taken back by her sharp response. His eyes grew to the size of golf balls and his mouth moved silently, no doubt trying to form words that would no come. On any other occasion, Ariel might have stopped there. Unfortunately, she was especially upset that day. To her, Pierre was just a way to vent her anger.

"Are you upset because I didn't greet you politely?" She said, her tone quite rude. "Well guess what, French bread, you're in America now. We have 'freedom of speech'. So get used to it!"

She could tell by his look of hurt that she had hit her mark. With a satisfied smirk, she strolled past him with arrogant purpose. When she was in stress, another person's pain always seemed to help her feel a bit stronger. Better them than her, and it wasn't her fault they couldn't take the insults.

What Ariel didn't see was the sad smile that soon came over Pierre's face. As soon as she had left the area, he looked up to the sky. Letting his vision take in the many stars, he said to heavens, "If only people never spoke like that." He took a look at the direction she disappeared into. "If they didn't, they would never have to face the consequences."