Chatper III

The book was called Notre Revanche.

Ariel waited until her parents had left the house to examine it. For some unknown reason, she felt that the book was hers. It seemed like a special secret that only she could know. Now away from the peril of the police, she felt she could truly experience its wonder.

All she had to do was open it…

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Irritated at being disrupted, Ariel grabbed the phone angrily. "Yes?" she growled.

She was answered by a soft voice. "Apologize." It whispered. "Repent, and you can be forgiven for all you've done."

Ariel could have laughed at the remark. What was he talking about? "Wrong number." She stated. With unnecessary force she smashed the phone back onto the receiver. Only moments later the phone rang again.

"If you are at all sorry, you won't open that book. Don't open Notre Revanche You still have time."

This was ludicrous; she didn't have time for this. "Look, you own a phone book. Use it!" She slammed down the phone yet again.

Finally, she returned her gaze to the book. It was calling to her. She could almost hear her name. 'Ariel…Ariel…'

She opened the book with a smile on her face.

Without warning, vines shot out of the book. With unspeakable speed, they wrapped themselves around Ariel's thin neck. In moments, her eyes dimmed, and she drew her last breath.

The vines crept back into the book, letting another sigh escape them. Pierre collected the book quietly, and, for a moment, let himself stare into Ariel's now blank eyes. "You should have listened, Ariel. This book only preys on those who do not listen."

He stepped to the far corner of the room; once again letting the shadows consume his body. "Perhaps, if you had stopped to find help for the young girl, you would have never found this in the brush…"

Before he vanished completely, he turned around to gaze upon the body that had once been Ariel Selphie. Pierre's thin lips curled into a smile, and his voice echoed like a whisper possessing the white walls. "Au'revior."

Tell me what you think. Did Ariel deserve it, or is Pierre just cruel? And now that you're done with this, check out my work in progress 'Prince Asyrias.' It's much better written, I assure you.