Darkness is the place where I reside

Even though I lurk in the shadows I do not hide

All you need to do is call my name

And I will come in a blaze of flames

I will temp you with many things

Maybe gold or maybe a diamond ring

There is just one word you have to say

In order for me to leave your side and go away

But can you muster the strength it takes

To stand up to the original snake

Not many have ever beaten me

It takes more than brawn to set you free

It takes real strength of will

Do you think you hold that awesome skill?

Can you hold up in a fight?

To someone with my might

I will crush you where you stand

I can do it with the power of just one hand

If you think God can help you

Then you are a fool, it's true

The earth is always been my domain

And you should learn that all you do is in vain

You will no doubt end up in hell

It doesn't even matter how loud you yell