I reach forward to the table and grab my knife

Tonight we will follow His orders and take a life

The knife my tool, my friend and my partner in the sublime

It's a pity that the world has to think this is a crime

I get home and clean all the blood off my shirt and my jeans

I wash the blood of my body but there is still one place unclean

I can't boil my mind in hot water or wash it in bleach

And no matter how hard I try I can forget her screech

Over and over I hear the screams, she is begging to be set free

I stabbed her over and over and over again, it is all needs to be

Everyone thinks I am normal, they don't know who I am

That I've be put on Earth by Him to kill all the dammed

I am righteous with his will, He is my Shepard and I am his sheep

I am merciless in my duties; I keep going for Him, I never sleep

I will keep doing what I do until my life is undone

If you think this is the end, He has just begun

There is nothing left but to punish those who sin

I suggest you pray because soon you will be with Him