Loneliness, Alone

No one to come home to

No one to care for

Broken soul

Crushed under the weight of the world

I want to cry

Be a man

I can't

I should be stronger

Why can't she be strong for me?

So many questions

No answer

I want to die

Suicide is the easy way

Lay in front of a train

Be a man

I can't

Why can't I be good for her?

What is it I am missing?

Am I ugly?

Can I be loved by anyone?

No answers

Only more doubt

I need her

I wish she needed me

Am I incomplete?


The only answer

I need completion

Or death

Which is easier?

More questions

Be a man

I can't

I need love


I have doubt

And a broken heart

What is wrong with her?

I hate her

Be mine


Nothing else in this world is as good as her


I love her

I hate myself

I should be different

I need to be different

I can't go on

It hurts so badly

She has killed me

I will never come back from this

I am missing something

Tell me

What do I need?

Tell me

I want you

That is all I want

Or death