Once upon a time there was a man not much older than sixteen

He left home one day to strike it rich in something yet unseen

He packed his bags and set off down the road

As he wandered aimlessly, he stumbled upon a toad

The toad was badly injured and needed tender care

The man thought and thought of what to do, he even said a prayer

His cries to God went unheeded, so off he set with his injured friend

Searching high and low for someone who had a hand to lend

One day a doctor found his way to where the man was standing

The doctor was gentle, and kind, at first and showed his understanding

But the doctor's kindness suddenly turned, he demanded great sums this man pay

Payment was made; the doctor worked fast and then was on his way

The toad was now a happy healthy friend who had many things to give

The toad was grateful for this man's, for it was his friendship that let him live

So he asked the man what he would like in return

The man wanted nothing, on this point he was very stern

So the friends soon departed and went on their separate paths

The man traveled long and far until came upon the city of Bath

Bath was the place for which he was looking, it had everything he'd need

The only thing he was missing, was a family in which to feed

So the journey continued on in order to find a beau

Traveling long and far through all the sleet and snow

When all seemed lost and everything far gone there came a ray of light

She shined so bright the man could swear she lit the sky at night

Life was good and life was grand until one fateful day

The woman who was once so bright turned to ashen gray

As she grew very sick, the man became desperate and depressed

He expended all means to find a cure but then came an unexpected guest

The friend he made so many years ago had a debt to repay

The toad it seemed had the power to make his wife as bright as day

Before the man could speak, the toad touched her head and she lit up like the sun

But in order to give life to one, another must be undone

A great friend the toad had been to give his life for another

The man would never forget this gift; the toad was now his brother

The man and wife lived happily until the end of days

Never forgetting the magic toad and all that he portrays

The toad showed him to always be a friend and to give all you have to others in need

And to be a proper man, be always true, be always kind, and always be good in deed

The man never stopped helping others until his final hour

For him life was all about having courage to give and to never deny and cower