I've always longed for a simpler place in time

Where you could be feed for less then a dime

A place where you put the horse before the car

A time where nobody traveled too far

What ever happened to those days?

When family was the most important way

We weren't so occupied with technology

That world seems like pure mythology

Always so busy, running around like ants

So worried about looks, they get implants

The cell phone becomes a way of life

And in the killing of Earth it will be the knife

If only there was a way to make us slow down

If we could change our cities back to towns

We would all be more at peace

And maybe just maybe some violence will cease

That world seems to be a pipe dream

No one will ever go along with my scheme

We are too attached to our fast paced lives

Loosing it would be to much to survive

But those of us who make in through

Will feel like they are born a new

It would be so peaceful, fun and exciting

To live in a place without violence, war or fighting