Tuesday night is when the whole thing started

Went out all day and explored the uncharted

Fell in love and fell out just as quick

It hurt so bad it made me sick

Didn't hear from her for many years

Until one day she called me up for a couple of beers

We talked about all the good times we have had

She told me the good and she told me the bad

Then she told me something of much surprise

As she spoke the tears welled up in her eyes

It all happened that fateful night so many years ago

The night we drank and smoked and did a lot of blow

In all those mistakes something magical befell

Some thing joyous it was if I was hearing bells

We had made a baby boy that day

I heard the news and I did not want to run away

All I wanted to do was hear him laugh and play and sing

I wanted to make him feel like a king

So many years had pass without me knowing

And my love was suddenly growing

Is he smart or strong, does he have my eyes

I am so excited as if I won first prize

But my joy did not last long

She told me that something was wrong

My boy was about to die

And no matter how hard the doctors tried

They could not heal his broken heart

And I knew that I could play my part

If he could have my heart he would live

But they will not take what is mine to give

It can only be his if I was dead

So tonight before I go to bed

I will take a handful of pills

They will find my body lying very still

I will make sure they give my heart to my son

So he can live on for years having fun

I am not sad that my life will end tonight

There is no worry there is no fright

There is no death for me this eve

For I will always be with my son, that's what I believe