Why am I so dumb?

I can't even make one right decision.

This bad choice has mad my body numb

I can't feel my toes or anything

Maybe I shouldn't have drank so much

But it felt like the only way, at the time

The only way to keep my soul and mind in touch

The deed has been done, now time stands still

I know in my heart that the phone will never ring

I have seen to that

And now the birds will never sing

To me, they will never chirp

Because I have mad a mess of it all

I have made her run away

I no longer have a friend to call

She will never be my lover and now

She can no longer be my friend

It is all a terrible mess

That needs to come to an end

But how can it be done

It is time to take a deep breath

Because there is only one way to end this

And that is in death