I looked unto Death

And said, I shall not go

For I am needed here

Many loved I have

Some I have lost

But for those who remain

To go, is too great a cost

He stared in my eyes

Though I know not how

With a voice, a whisper

To me, he spoke

You have no choice

Your time here is done

Your friends are all gone

No more to be

You cannot remain

You cannot flee

I must stay on, I cried

There is yet more to life

People to see

To help, to save

These people he said

Lie restful in graves

Their hearts are still

Their minds at peace

For while they lived

They did not regret

The price asked to pay

Those who would give

Their life, their love

To protect, for whom they care

Their wife, their son

Their husband, their daughter…

They are turned to dust

In nature's way

But in the peoples' hearts

They will always stay

So will it be for you

Though not by name

I looked unto Death

And said, lead the way

For I know in my heart

My duty is done