An eruption comes from the distance,

What a horrible disasters happens in just an instance.

Fighting hard to save my own life,

And I don't even think about everyone dying in that strife.

It makes me think about my pain.

It makes me think that I may be vain.

Am I so much more important than you?

Is what's happening to the world really true?

Pain surrounds the entire planet,

Putting all of us in a panic.

Running around like little bugs,

Looking for an escape, maybe drugs.

Anything to relieve your worried mind,

It really doesn't matter what you find.

Weed, blow or speed will do,

You take whatever can make you feel new.

It's weakness that drives you to the pill.

Weakness is what causes you to kill.

You don't have the strength to hurt anyone else,

You just have what it takes to kill yourself.