"Are you sure?" A Mysterious man says as he takes a drag off his cigarette, he exhales the smoke to fill the otherwise smoke free grey room. The Mysterious man is dressed in an all black suit with a black shirt and no tie. He is wearing a particularly nice black hat that seems nicer than the rest of his suit.

"Absolutely," replies the skinny man in blue sitting across the ratty old card table. The Mysterious Man puts his cigarette out in a small tin at the center of the table.

"This kind of situation is not to be taken lightly," the Mysterious man takes a pack of Camels out of his breast pocket and puts a cigarette in his mouth and another behind his ear. "This is something that you can't take back." His words are muffled slightly by the cig in his mouth. He pulls a sliver lighter and lights his smoke, the single light bulb above their heads shimmers off the lighter. "As soon as I leave this table it's done, we never see or speak again."

"I know your rep, I know what will happen," the skinny mans words are full of fear. The light above their head flickers a few times. "Why do we have to be here?"

"No questions!" The Mysterious man leans in so close that the heat from his cigarette leaves a red mark on the skinny man's face. "I thought you knew the rules."

"Sorry, sorry," he replies with a stammer.

The Mysterious man takes his cigarette in his left hand and his hat in his right. As he removes his hat he reveals a balding head with two large horns growing back. The horns seem to have been too large to fit in the hat. The Mysterious man places his hat on the skinny man and tears his shirt open. The Mysterious man takes his cigarette and jams it into the skinny man's bare chest. The wound festers and burns; as it burns the wound opens wider and wider. The mysterious man thrusts his hand into the open wound and pulls out a black mass. "A dead soul," yells The Mysterious man whose voice has changes very deep and demonic. "You lied to me!" The skinny man tries to speak but his mouth won't open. "Don't speak in my presence, the deal is off. Your soul is black and dead, you were already mine." The skinny man tries to move and say something but The Mysterious man snaps and his body falls dead.