Rich blue trails of memory run down my arm
Throbbing with life and strong they flow
My red waking life runs alongside
Dancing a silent, pulsing dance
Hearbeat to heartbeat they thrive inside me

But as I start walking down a different path
Something changes inside and the burning starts
The old blue memories start to burn inside my arms
Turning a darker shade, the scream at me softly
Building in me the pain grows inside
In those blue streams I see your face full of pain
Staring out at me through my memories
Tears seep through my skin, appearing all over my body

The world seems to grow cold
Yet I am bleeding warmth
Vision blurs and I am not sure where I am
My left arm is numb now
I can see your tears running down it

Beating red life changes
Reality dims
The rhythm
Seems off somehow
The red pulse of the moment is
Out of tune
Cold inside
I claw at my arm
Maybe I can tear you out
The tears will

The world falls away with a crash
Midnight grows in my mind
Blackness seeping throughout my form
Nothing works, nothing responds
There is a long pause

Eyes open
Not sure if they're mine yet
A great white expanse openess up in front of me
The ceiling
And the world slowly shifts back into focus
Emotions shift and sort out
And the red pulse of now slowly starts its old rhythm again

I feel a sharp pain in my left arm and turn
The cold is seeping out onto the floor
The river in me is pouring out
But I can't tell if it's your face or mine
Staring back from the growing pool of blood

It seems I am stuck with my memories of you
For they have become a part of me.