Contemplating sky in a razor's edge,
Reflected freedom, nothing more.
Yet so many are lost in the illusion.

The way the light plays off the edge,
Dancing off a cold unforgiving blade,
Promising so many hollow things.

Reflected freedom, a waking dream.

The dream whispers softly,
Seductive, it is jealous of reality's hold on the mind.
It pulls at tattered heartstrings,
Slowly leading the victim to the window.

Eyes, transfixed to the metal surface,
Try to find the promised bright blue freedom.
It was there just a moment ago!
All the blade shows is the room behind,
The dream whispers again,
"All that old pain will soon be gone."
Enthusiasm sets in on the window sill,
The bathroom mirror's reflection has been caught by the blade.
A reflected glimpse of blue sky again!
The way to freedom seems so clear.

The lying razor's edge,
Leads the victim passed the edge of the window.

Falling, turning, suddenly the blade's illusion shatters.
And as they finally see the true sky before them, they fall.
And freedom slips from fingers,
Numbed by the lie they saw reflected in the razor's edge.