"You don't recover from a night like this."

(Brand New)

That night was my last. My last night as a human, anyways. I obviously didn't know it at the time. I had left the party in SoHo at about one in the morning. My usual party habits would have had me there much later, but I had finals in the morning and thought it wise to get at least some sleep beforehand.

It was late April and the weather was unseasonably cool, but nothing could compare to the chill I felt from the sight of my attacker. He towered over me at about 6"1', with light gray eyes, and long blond hair that gently brushed the tops of his shoulders. He was dressed in an odd way that shouldn't have surprised me since moving to New York City three years ago; there was always some freak trying out a new trend. However for some reason, his style of dress was especially different. He wore plain black pants that were fitted to his muscular legs, and a shirt that could only be described as a "blouse" with a sort of ruffled front. Over all of this he wore a dark colored trench coat that fell down the entire length of his body, all the way down to the slightly damp cement of the alleyway.

I could smell the stale water that had pooled all over the alley and the rank garbage from the dumpster a few feet away. The bricks of the two buildings I was between were old and had begun to crumble in certain places, the mortar too weak to hold things together any longer. I felt sand and gravel beneath my arms as I lay there, trying to figure out how I'd gotten into this situation

Believe me, I had never intended on ending up in a dark alleyway. Before I moved here from Long Island that was the advice that every one of my family members and friends had given me-- "Don't go down dark alleyways alone at night." I had, as a rule, never even walked by them. Instead, I would cross the street and continue my journey on the other side until it too, provided an alleyway that served as a playground for the city's low-life's.

Tonight however, I had been lost in my own thoughts, most of them centering on Ryan. Not only had tonight involved a memorable party, but Ryan and I had also taken our relationship to the next level. Ever since we had started dating six months ago, we had taken things slowly. We didn't want to be the couple that burned out too quickly. Tonight was the first night he had told me he loved me. So, instead of paying attention to the alleyways I had been advised to avoid, I was lost in my little daydreams about Ryan.

Now I was lying on the wet cement of one of said alleyways with this strange man standing above me, explaining something. I couldn't make out what he was saying because the head wound he had inflicted was bleeding through my hair and covering my ears, making it almost impossible to hear his soft, deep voice.

At this point I knew his soliloquy was coming to a close because he was making his way closer. Then he leaned over me and inclined his head to my neck. That was the last human memory I ever had.