Hauntingly broken

And yet another lie your words conceal
Looking through stained glass to see what's real
With frostbitten fingers I try to feel
The daggers and poison your words won't reveal

Biting back whispers, I see it in your eyes
The malice dripping from each of your lies
Hauntingly broken by each of your tries
I can no longer hide my painful cries

Bleeding and bruised by your own decadence
You disgustingly hide under false pretense
Unspoken were feelings that never made sense
And will haunt you till the day you've been laid to rest

A/N-Gasps I've posted something!!! For the first time in about a hundred years (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration). But, um, I'm sorry for not posting in a while. Not only have I been very, very busy recently with this thing called "life", I've also had little to no inspiration for new writing. But, considering I've once again been having problems with a certain someone who can't seem to tell the truth, this little idea came to me. I hope it's decent and worthy enough for a review. Thanks for your patience and support! I'm going to really try to step it up a notch in the way of posting my work on FP. (But, please bear with me, I am only human, after all). Anyways, Thanks again! ;P