It as the last few days of summer when Rob first walked into Karen's Kafé's and saw the most beautiful girl in his entire adult life. She had dark auburn hair that fell right to her shoulders, which were defined but not sickly. This mystery girl, happened to be me, and this is how I fell in love with the most amazing person.

So like I said, it was getting close to the end of summer vacation I was a senior that fall and ready to get out of this small town. I mean I love Ross but I wanted more. So here I am just helping out with handing a few people their coffee and breakfast roll when I saw Rob walk through the door. Immediately he caught my attention with a captivating smile and attitude, it was like he was a magnet that just kept pulling you toward him. Being the mayor's daughter had its perk and with my Aunt Karen, hence why I was helping out and not getting paid, having the only café in town everyone notices when someone new comes in.

It was cute, I remember that day like it was everyday. He had a pair of khaki cargos with a white undershirt and a short sleeve button down green plaid that was left open over it. As for his hair, well he's bald and I wouldn't have wanted that any other way. He wore these cute glasses, kind of dorky but I loved them. He had my heart way before we even spoke to each other.

Rob came into the café every morning at precisely ten am and I would make sure I was there, sometimes by myself or with a friend, but he was well worth it. It was a week before school started when we finally spoke to each other.



"Y…you know I have seen you in here all the time."

"Yeah well my aunt is the owner so I help out when she needs an extra hand or just needs someone to watch over the café when she can't be there."

"Can I ask you your name?"

"It's Sara, and that's all your going to get…?"

"Rob, well its actually Robert, Kneiss"

"Nice to meet you Rob." I smiled, for some reason I just could not stop smiling, it was as if I was on cloud nine.

"Would you go out to dinner with me? I know its sudden but I'm sure you already have a boyfriend."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that. I mean, I don't have one now. We broke up before school ended for the so called year."

"I see, so I understand completely…"

"What time?" I know it was rude to interrupt a person but he was just rambling on.

"Uh, how about seven tonight, where do you live?"

"Oh you can't miss it, it's the big white house down this street a few blocks past the two banks. So I'll see you at seven." I kissed him, right there where everyone it town could see it. Thank goodness my parents were in Columbus and wouldn't be home for another week. My Aunt Karen, however, saw the whole thing and was not too impressed, oh well. Anyways, the kiss was soft but strong, it felt like a surge of energy had empowered me to just let go all of my worries and enjoy life for a moment. Even though that kiss was brief I knew then my life would be turned around.

"Wow, you are an amazing kisser Sara with no last name."

"So are you." Still constantly smiling

"Now I know I'm crazy."

"I don't think you are."

"You have no idea what I am thinking inside my head."

"Well I am good listener."

"Are you sure? Because what I am going to be saying might sound insane."

"Try me." I was daring him, I wasn't used to be this confident. I'm the one in the library most of the time because I love to read books and watch others in the café and on the sidewalks.

"Sara, that kiss was out of this world. I have made many mistakes in my life. One of them I am thankful today for making because then I know that I would have never met someone like you." Note that we haven't left the café yet. "I want you to know that I have never been so sure of something like this in my whole life. I am normally a quiet person who loves to stay home and watch a movie. Sara, will you marry me?"

Wow! I never saw that one coming. I barely knew this man, I didn't know his age, what he did for a living, was he a serial killer, nothing! But somewhere in my brain and in my heart they were both screaming to say…

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