bittersweet beginnings

only in my dreams did i see this thing coming—
and even my dreams were only faint fantasies…
nothing that should have been a pleasure in reality.

i guess that's why they tell people to
be careful what they wish for,

i mean, i've always been told that humans never
know what they truly have until it's—


and although every end is the beginning of something
new, my latent fear had voiced that both the beginning
and the end of this chapter in my life are becoming
a(n) (un)real reality.

but everything has a beginning and an end.
isn't that in a science textbook?
maybe it's just common sense.
so that means, this shouldn't hurt, right?

not necessarily.

and i will never fathom the plans God has for my life.
or why every few years needs to be a fresh new start for me.

everything happens for a reason.

and i have a feeling that my life today will affect
my future tomorrow. maybe this is preparation for
a more nomadic life tomorrow.

but here's something i won't deny:
i'm scared.
- even with God's promise of strength. -

(just as i am with every other aspect of my life.)

yes, my latent fear has surfaced.
and for the time-being it's okay to cry over this
bittersweet beginning
and end.

after all,
i've never been good with change.