Cet Amour Ne sait Aucune Limite

Send Us A Song

Part I of Part III

The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

Take the wave now and know that you're free
Turn your back on the land, face the sea
Face the wind now, so wild and so strong
When you think of me, wave to me and send me song

Don't look back when you reach the new shore
Don't forget what you're leaving me for
Don't forget when you're missing me so
Love must never hold, never hold tight, but let go

Oh, the nights will be long when I'm not in your arms
But I'll be in this song that you sing to me
Across the sea, somehow, someday
You will be far away, so far from me
And maybe someday I will follow you in all you do
'Til then, send me a song

When the sun sets the water on fire
When the wind swells the sails of your hire
Let the call of the bird on the wind
Calm your sadness and loneliness
And then start to sing to me
I will sing to you
If you promise to send me a song

I walk by the shore and I hear
Hear your song come so faint and so clear
And I catch it, a breath on the wind
And I smile and I sing you a song
I will send you a song
I will sing you a song
I will sing to you
If you promise to send me a song


Looking back, my children have always been my life. Without them I never would have made it. Yes, they took over taking care of me from the love of my life. My little angels are all grown up now, in a sense that they are so much taller. Looking out over into the courtyard I see both of my beauties heading this way. Home from lessons, and I am filled with the same joy that always comes over me when I see them. I do not take the stairs down to the courtyard to meet them, like I wish to. Patiently I wait at the window. The same window I had stood in front of, looking for my beloved some sixteen years and an odd number of months ago. Thinking back to that time dims my smile only slightly. Aaros made sure I was never alone, what a thoughtful man.

Instead of focusing on this, I tune into what my children are wearing. Soran's favorite color has not changed in these ten years but he has developed a love for black. Sorra, on the other hand, has not had the same color for one solid year since her eleventh birthday. Today she is wearing one of the many, but that seems to be every day. As her favorites are rainbow wide.

On Soran's slim six foot frame are tailored black pants, fitting exceptionally well. I must tell Adrianna, our tailor, that she is doing a fabulous job. A black shirt, open at the collar with solid gold buttons and a gold jacket slung over his shoulder with Abrem carrying his and his sisters books. Gray eyes glance upward and my son smiles as he notices me. He turns and says something to his sister and soon she is watching me too with loving emerald green eyes. Waving she grabs her brother's hand and runs up the stairs to get to me. I can't help but laugh. Sorra's slim but shorter frame is clad in a gold corset dress with laced sleeves. Like most of her dresses this one is floor length. And she looks just beautiful. Gold is in her top five, she always says.

My angels have definitely developed their own styles and their hair is no exception. Sorra opted to keeping her raven locks long, but she keeps it in a low braid with strands hanging at the side of her beautiful face. Soran, with a little push from Charles, has cut his curls short, thus far eliminating his boyish look I was so looking to hold onto. Now all the girls come running. Charles, on the other hand, can not wait for him to grow the hair back.

"Good afternoon, Mum." says Soran slowing himself and his sister to a stop in front of me.

"Good afternoon, angel." he blushes at me calling him this. For some reason, I do it just to make him blush. It brings back the little boy I was so used to. "Good afternoon to you as well, darling." my daughter just smiles and they both hug me. "How were your lessons?"

"The same as always, Mum." says Soran rolling his eyes. With a knowing smile I pinch him on the wrist. He just smiles at me. Wow, I remember when that actually used to work. "I just mean we didn't do anything different. Well... fencing was quite fun."

"School was interesting, to say the least, Mother. I enjoyed debate most." she said triumphantly. Before I can ask why she so enjoyed it, she begins her answer. "You see, Mister Sparrow had the silly idea of putting me up against the dim witted Analise Marova. God, what was he thinking?" she scoffs, not befitting a princess but I will not tell her that. Not when she is on such a roll. Besides, she would just debate it. "We debated rehabilitation verses death. I was Yay and she was Nay. She actually had the nerve to say 'They are criminal, are they not? Why rehabilitate them when we can just get rid of them?' I could not believe it." she said grimacing, doing nothing for her beautiful face. My daughter has such compassion for human life.

"Darling, I understand but let us not get overworked when the debate is over." I held her hand in mine and kissed it. She wanted to say something, I am sure, but she did not. Just a smile for her Mother and that was good enough. Soran laughed quietly at my side. "Who was your opponent, Soran, and how did you do?" he scoffed as well.

"When don't I do well?" he feigned arrogance. "It was an alright match, Mum. Me and Charles." I felt my daughter's hand grow tight at the mention of his name but I will not ask of it. "It turned out to be a draw after half an hour with no victor." concluded Soran smiling. "Genevieve thought I did good." he blushed at her mention and Sorra chuckled.

"You should start courting her, Soran. The girl fancies you and you know it." Soran blushed red to his roots and I just laughed. If Genevieve caused this reaction I just had to meet her.

"Where, dear sister, is it written in stone?" he asked. Sorra just shrugged. "I don't have that answer either and that is why..." he was cut off.

"That is why I invited her over for dinner." said Sorra smiling evilly watching the tortured look on her brother's face.

"Tonight?" my son and I ask, though his voice, for once, sounded as high as my own.

"Yes. Mum, I hope that isn't a problem. Brother, dear, you weren't planning on doing anything so I had to take action."

"No. You had to meddle in affairs that were not your own." Soran smiled and went back the way he came. "Oh, but I will fix you." he said as he went top speed. Almost knocking Abrem off his feet, which he apologized for while running backward.

"Watch where you are going Soran." I shouted after him. To this he turned around. I should have told him to stop running.

"Where do you think he's off to Mother?" Sorra asked me with something akin to worry in her beautiful eyes.

"I have not the foggiest idea, darling." I say offering her hand a squeeze along with a gentle smile.

"Oh, well, it can't be horrible, I'm sure," said Sorra, though it sounded as if she was trying more to convince herself. "Where are we on our way to?" she asked as we had all been aimlessly walking.

"I thought you were taking me some place." I say blushing and my daughter just chuckles at me.

"Where is Father?" asks Sorra, putting her arm around my waist.

"In his office, I believe." I say, as my husband has been seeing business partners all day. I have been keeping my nose out of all things business for the last eight months and so it shall stay this way for a few more months to come.

"I'll take you there, then. Ok?" she asks slightly squeezing with a smile on her face. "I just want to tell Gwen what to prepare for dinner and I have to go to the stables. I left my bag out there last night." ahh, Sorra loves the horses. Samuel and River. River just happens to be my son's horse as Samuel belongs to Sorra. "I just know up and down the stairs is no good for our little womb warmer." she says rubbing my very swollen belly. I just laugh, they have been calling the baby that since I started showing. Such a lovely nickname for their newest sibling.

"Oh, honey, I can't wait until I name you." I say to my belly, we have all taken to talking to the baby. Sorra just laughs as we make the journey to my husbands office. Which just happens to be by the kitchen. "Sorra, I have a craving for oatmeal cookies. Would you mind?"

"Of course not, Mother. Don't be silly." she says with a wild grin. "I'll go now?" she asks and I nod happily. At a run she sets off down the hall to the last door on the left. I am headed to the right. It takes me a while to get there but I make it in good time, my daughter still has not come from the kitchen and that is saying something. Of course that could have something to do with Gwen. She insists the children are too slim. I knock lightly on the door made of gold, as most things in this palace are, and Edward tells me to "Enter."


Edward had not been expecting his pregnant wife to be walking around the castle and so he was very surprised when she walked through the door to his oval office. Radiant was she, with her free flowing black hair against ivory skin and emerald eyes that lit up his day, no matter how it might have been going before. And when she smiled his way, Edward almost dropped the present in his hand that was hidden beneath the desk. His wife was not supposed to see them until the baby warming a few days from this one. A flowing black dress with gold embroidery graced her body as well as a long black robe. She was so beautiful and Edward could not tear his eyes away from her. "Edward?" she asked kindly, walking over to him and placing a gentle hand to his face. "Are you alright?"

Edward just smiled at the woman who now carried his child and, kissing the palm of her hand. "Just perfect, sweetheart." he patted his knee.

"I could not, I am so heavy now, Edward." said Elizabeth, blushing to her roots, choosing to look anywhere but at him,

"You are nothing but beautiful, Elizabeth. Please, get off of your feet." he would not take no for an answer. She was supposed to be off of her feet more often than she allowed anyway. Elizabeth gave in as there was a determination in her husband that would not be defied. So, on his lap she sat and he held her close. "You are almost due, sweetheart. Are you ready?" that was a good question. Elizabeth's body had been feeling out of sorts with this pregnancy and she had to wonder, was she ready?

"Yes, of course. I have done this twice before, you know?" she teased his worrying mind. Though inside herself, she could not be sure. "Do you have anymore meetings, love?"

"No, I sure do not." he said chuckling at his wives relieved look. "Do you have something planned?"

"Just dinner. Us and two guests, I believe." she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"What is going on?" asked Edward curiously. He knew that look in his wives eyes and it was not surely a good or bad thing.

"Sorra invited a girl that Soran happens to like." said Elizabeth laughing. Edward only shook his head, this night would be interesting. "And Soran went to get someone for dinner payback."

"What an interesting night we are in store for." Edward said, rubbing his wives back.

"Very interesting." the couple sat in chatter while Elizabeth wondered what could be taking Sorra so long.

In The Kitchen

"Please, I'm begging you, don't make me try anything else?" begged Sorra from a chair in the kitchen. Gwen had always been an amazing cook and the children would always try her creations. As they got older and more fit, they stopped eating all the sweets she created. Only opting to splurge on weekends and at boring dinner parties. Sorra had tried bits of cupcakes and cookies, pudding and pastes, cream and candies, she just could not take anymore confection by Gwen's hand.

"You are too thin, Miss Sorra. This will do you good." said Gwen coming toward her with a chocolate cookie.

"Ok, ok, ok, I have a compromise for you." Sorra said throwing her hands up in front of her mouth. "I will give you Mom, if you let me go." she said closely watching the look on Gwen's face, she was thinking, and thinking hard.

"Mmm, your Mother is a lover of goodies as of late. Deal." said Gwen, quickly popping the cookie in Sorra's mouth. When Sorra swallowed and looked crossly at her. "Sorry, dear, I could not resist. You have a mouth made for cookies, I am afraid."

"Right. You just think I'm too thin." said Sorra squeezing her own waist. "I need those oatmeal cookies. Mother must have them."

Gwen could understand. Sometimes in the middle of the night Elizabeth would call for her, and with oatmeal cookies she would come running. "Yes, of course." Gwen handed Sorra a gold platter of oatmeal cookies and Sorra went off happily to her Father's office. Behing the actual kitchen, was an alcove and that is where Gwen and Sorra had been. Taste testing treats. Up the stairs and through the kitchen fit for the gourmet cook, went Sorra. It took some time, as ths kitchen was huge and there were sweets and recipes for sweets everywhere. When Sorra made it out she heard laughing to her right. At the end of the hall were her brother and Charles. Her stomach automatically went to knots and she tried to hurry to the office. Too bad she had been seen, as soon as she came out of the kitchen, by her brother.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" asked Soran, as he walked quickly up to her with Charles at his side. "Might I take that?" he asked of the cookie platter.

"No, you might not."said Sorra, smiling though she wanted to throw up. "I have to take these to Mother in Father's office."

"I can do that." said Soran, smoothly taking the cookies from her in one swift motion that would have made Aaros proud. "You take Charles to Gwen, she would just love him." he winked and went in the office before Sorra could respond. One could tell he was scheming, as he had not knocked on his Father's office door.

For moments there was only the awkward silence Soran had left behind. Both Charles and Sorra ached to say something, anything, to one another but they were both tied in their own thoughts. Charles had grown so much from that cute faced boy and now he was nothing short of gorgeous. Untamed short dark blonde hair a bit longer than Sorans and straight. Piercing dark blue eyes stopped her in her tracks whenever he caught her eye. Sorra had never, in her life, seen eyes like his. Strong, chiseled features made him seem more than the boy he was and Sorra appreciated that every chance she got. His lips played out a shy smile her way and Sorra felt herself blush. Had she been caught staring? "It isn't like you to be so quiet, Sorra." said Charles.

"Oh, no, I'm really rather quiet." said Sorra, trying too hard to be lady like. Charles just laughed as he tucked his hands behind his back, following a walking Sorra. Though he could not understand where they were going, the kitchen was just there. They were heading back the way he and Soran had just come.

"I've seen you in debate. Today, to be more specific." Charles thought back fondly on that moment. Sorra had been so determined and quick with her smart points. Analisa against such a skilled Sorra was just unfair, the man had to be off his rocker.

"Oh, that." said Sorra, dropping her shoulders just a bit.

"Yes, that." said Charles, catching up to her. "I thought you were brilliant."

"You did?" that came out in such a happy voice that Sorra mentally slepped herself. Saving the physical act for later. "I mean, of course you did." her feigned confidence was a funny sight but Charles would not laugh. Instead he chose to smile along with her, though their reasons were different. "Analisa is a bit of a joke."

"A beautiful joke, but yes." said Charles laughing back to some of her points. He had no idea anyone could be that unintelligent.

"Yes." said Sorra, frowning just a bit, though not enough for Charles to see. Sorra headed for a staircase leading down and Charles had to wonder...

"Where are we going?" he voiced his question. Once they reached the bottom of the level, he realized they were beneath the castje. "Tell me there isn't some sort of torture chamber down here."

"Oh, yes, Charles. Be very afraid." said Sorra cackling like the wicked witch. As soon as Charles laughed Sorra became embarrassed. Thanking God for the absence in light in the tunnel. "So..." said Sorra, wishing this was a debate. Of course it was not, this was her and Charles in a dark tunnel... alone. Sorra tried them to remember why she had brought him down here.

"Do you remember when we were all so little?" asked Charles, standing at her side and looking slightly down at her. When Sorra looked over to respond she noticed him looking and immediately went red. Only, this time, he could see. Sorra missed his smile.

"Yes. Why would you mention that?" her eyes stayed in front of her the whole time, no way would she look into those beautifully curious eyes again. Sorra often thought back to when they were children and she thought Charles was just an ickle little boy. Now things were complicated.

"Just was thinking back to a time when we used to talk." said Charles with an honesty that shook Sorra. "We used to hang around one another."

"Yeah." said Sorra sadly. Why had she stopped doing that with him? But she would not be able to delve more into her feelings. They had reached their destination. Inset torches have been added on the side of the huge oak doors and Sorra nervously opens them. Not daring to ask for Char;es' help. "Here we are." the room had not changed much in those sixteen years. Save for pictures of a man with no name. These pictures were often looked at by Elizabeth and now the children. So many questions they wanted to ask about the man but their Mother seemed so lost when it came to him. Sorra had learned not to search for answers.

"What is this place?" asked Charles looking over one of the many pictures. Aaros was in heavy winter garments. A small smile evident on his face. "Who is this man?"

"I do not have answers to either of those questions, Charles. The only person who knows is not willing to talk." said Sorra smiling at the thought of her Mother.

"For some reason, this man looks familiar to me." said Charles, closer examining the mans features. Yes, something about him was all too familiar.

"Really?" now Sorra was curious. "Can you tell me anything about him?"

"Not at this moment but I can ask questions." his Mother was bound to have some answers. "How did you find this place?"

"Oh, Soran and I were exploring one day and ..."

Flash Back


The tender age of youth, had their minds open to mysteries and hidden parts of the castle. This day was of no difference. Sorra and Soran had been told, by their Mother, to go and play. That usually meant horse riding for Sorra and fencing for Soran. Today was going to be different. They made sure to stay out of the way of their care takers and found themselves in a tunnel after a while. How had they come to the decision to go down the dark stairs? Gwen was looking for them and she was hot on their trail. The woman had the nose of a basset hound. The ten year olds walked hand in hand as each was a little frightened of the dark.

"What do you think is down here?" asked Soran of his sister. Sorra wanted to voice her fears of ghouls and goblins but that would only do to scare both of them even more.

"Just dark, I suppose." said Sorra, tightening her grip on his hand. Soran did not mind of course. In fact, he would have preferred they go back. "Is that a door?" asked Sorra, squinting her pretty eyes. Soran too squinted his and then he could clearly make out a door.

"Yeah." he looked to his sister and they both knew to run. They reached the door in record time and had much so much trouble opening the huge door that they almost decided to turn back. Almost. With one last little heave it was open enough for the two of them to fit through. Soran, of course, allowed his siter to go first and for that she was thankful. They were out of the dark.

The elaborately furnished room told them someone had been spending time down here. "Who do you think?" asked Sorra.

"Mum, it smells like lavender." said Soran quickly. Sorra wondered how he did that. She too knew that their Mother wore lavender but she could not smell it. And then something seemed to catch his eye. A portrait of a young man with hair as black as night. Eyes of silver, not too different from his own. His smile, reminded him of the one upon Sorra's face at that very instant. "Have you ever seen this man?" he asked.

Sorra looked him over and could never think of a time she had seen him. "He looks like you." she said, looking from her brother to the portrait and then back again.

"I know." said Soran matter of factly. "He has your smile. Or, rather, you have his." said Soran sarcastically. Though he could not tell why. "Who do you think he is?"

"Someone important." said Sorra in awe of this man who seemed to have been reincarnated in her brother. "Do you feel... loved here?" asked Sorra out of the blue. Soran could not think of a negative feeling in this room, that much was for certain.

"Oddly enough, yes." the syblings sat about the task off looking over the entire room. Though it was beautiful, that did not matter to them. They looked for the source of the mysterious warmth that ran through them.

End Flash Back


"He looks so much like Soran." said Charles. "It's uncanny."

"I always think that same thing." said Sorra frowning a bit. Why, exactly, was it that Soran looked so much like this mystery man? That was something she probably would never find out. Soran had given up ages ago.

At that very moment Soran entered the room, the only one who heard him was Sorra. She knew her brothers foot steps by heart. "I thought you'd be here." he said with a smirk upon his face. Sorra noticed he had changed clothes. Outfitted in more comfortable attire, a deep green tunic and black slacks with a nice belt hanging loosely around him. He looked good, Sorra had to admit. "Are you wearing that to dinner?" it was nice but hardly appropriate.

"Of course not. I'm going on horseback, I wondered if you two wanted to come. Unless you are busy together." said Soran chuckling as his sisters cheeks glowed to resemble roses. Charles, who had been caught up in the portrait, finally turned to see the grinning Soran with a small grin of his own.

"Sure." said Charles. "Lend me a tunic, my clothes are not to be ruined for dinner." Charles was formally dressed. Sandy colored trousers, a matching blazer with black buttons and a midnight black shirt.

"You boys can go. I have to get dressed. I will go and sit with Mother." before Soran could ask her to go, Sorra was off. "Have fun."


From the balcony of my room I watch Soran and Charles on horseback. Laughing as if they have not a care in the world. But, where is my darling Sorra? I do not know. Usually she would be out there, racing her brother. A knock on the door behind me tells me exactly what I need to know. "Come in, darling." I say. Sorra comes in smiling that beautiful smile of hers and it literally warms my heart.

"How did you know it was me, Mother?" she asks, sitting on the chaise beside me. I wrap my slender arm around her and just smile. No matter how much older she gets, Sorra will always be my baby.

"I just know. I am your Mother, after all." I say causing myself a small chuckle.

"Above all." says Sorra, causing me to smile even wider.

"Thank you, darling." my words catch and I know I am close to tears. I want to blame it on my hormones but I can not. Aaros' own words come back to me. 'Above all else, my love.' he had once said to me. He really had loved me.

"Do not cry, Mother. Please." she says, kissing my cheek lightly. That only causes my tears to spill over. Now this I can blame on my hormones.

"Nothing to worry about, dear. I just feel so loved." I say smiling. My little Sorra then moves to the edge of the chaise and pats her lap. "Excuse me? You have been spending too much time with that aunt of yours, darling." I say laughing. Gabrielle, in my roundest days, has wanted me to sit on her rather than with her.

"Silly, Mother, I don't want you to sit on me." says Sorra openly laughing at me. "Lay your head on my lap." she says and I get it. I lay upon her lap, clad in the softest silk. "I have a song for the little baby and you, of course." she says smiling down at me, rubbing my hair from my face. Before she opens her mouth to sing, however, she kisses my forehead as I used to do for them when they were little. And then she begins in a high, sooting, melodic voice.

Loud voices raised in anger
Speak harsh words, such cruel words
Why do they speak so selfishly
When we have got so much we can share?

So let your hearts be open
And reach out with all your love
There are no strangers now
They are our brothers now
And we are one

We're all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then will find deep down inside
I'm just like you

We're all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then you will find deep down inside
I'm just like you

I'm just like you

So beautiful she sang and I am reduced to tears. I can remember that lullaby from when they were children and it brings back so many memories. All those nights when they needed comforting, when they needed to feel loved. Now I know the newest edition to our family will be nothing short of adored. I am so caught up in my own thoughts that I barely feel Sorra tapping me. "Mummy?" it is when she says this that I hear her. Sorra has long ago stopped calling me 'Mummy'. This one time is a shock, though welcomed. I look up at her, giving my full attention to my darling daughter. "Did you like it?" she asks shyly. Reminding me more of her brother.

"I loved it, darling. You have the most beautiful voice." I say, rubbing her side as I can not hug her like I wish to.

"No." she says fiercely, though with a smile. "You have the most beautiful voice." she smiles her trademark smile and I once more feel tears in my eyes. Aaros would be so proud of them. "Oh, Mum." she holds me close and for once I enjoy the feeling of being in the arms of someone other than Aaros.

For a while we sat like that. Her holding me in her slender arms, not uttering a word yet saying all that needed to be said. However, we were startled into a frenzy when the boys came in from riding. That meant dinner would be served sometime soon. Sorra's dress was filthy from being one place we hardly ever talked about. "What do you plan on wearing, darling?" I ask her, moving over to my own closet.

"Well, I don't know, Mother. I have yet to decide." says Sorra in a voice quieter than her own. To this I have to turn and look, make sure that is still my Sorra. Definitely looks like my baby girl but something in her stance screams imposter. "What is wrong, sweetheart?"

"Soran invited Charles." she said quietly. I knowingly smile and sit next to her. She looks up at me with a worry in her eyes like I have never seen. "Why did Soran do it?"

"For the same reason you invited Genevieve, I suppose." I say, lightly bumping our shoulders together. She looks at me guiltily. "It is ok, darling. Do you like Charles?" I know it is a silly question but I have to ask. Assumptions never get anyone anywhere.

"Yes. I always have. That was the main reason I followed Charles and Soran everywhere. Aside from just wanting to be with my other half." that was how she and Soran thought of each other at times.

"Hmm." is all I can say. I always had my suspicions, Gabrielle too. Lydia has been crushed upon figuring out Charles' feelings for Sorra. Now, if there was a way for her to find out.

Let us find you something to wear."

"Something of yours?" she asks and I only nod. Something she will feel special in, something as special to me as it will be to her one day.


Charles and Soran had come in and gone straight to Soran's room to get dressed. Having their clothes all ready worked for them and they, along with Edward, were the first ones in the sitting room. The boys easily fell into talk of fencing techniques and girls. Charles would not go into detail about whom he fancied but there was no reason to. Soran knew Charles better than anyone. When his sister came down and he was floored, he knew Charles' jaw was bound to hit the floor and he would have nothing to say lest his aim be to embarrass himself.

Sorra was nervous as she made her way down the staircase with her Mother close at her heels. There to pick her up if she should fall. Something Sorra prayed, with all her might, did not happen. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs she came into view and Soran was taken aback by how beautiful his sister looked. Though he had always said she was a beautiful woman, Sorra never utilized her beauty. Downgrading it was her specialty. All Soran could do was smile with wide eyes as he motioned for Charles to turn around. His reaction was not much different, save for the beating of his heart sounding off in his ears. Save for the fact that his breaths would hardly come to him. And, with one shy smile, he gave her his heart in a trinket box. Hers to do with whatever she pleased.

Sorra looked nothing but the elegant princess in the kelly green dress. A lowcut lace bodice, showed off her womanly curves while the black satin bow beneath stayed true to her age. The slightly puffed tulle skirt completed the look. Against Sorra's pale skin, the dress popped. Almost as magnificent as her eyes. Elizabeth looked on in pride, her daughter could be the Belle of the Ball if only she allowed herself. Sorra looked over her shoulder to where her Mother stood and smiled like a mouse in a room full of lions. Elizabeth just smiled warmly at her urging her to go on. Sorra took some confidence from that and went over to where her brother and Charles stood. Leaving room for Edward to behold his beautiful wife.

Too offset her daughters dress, Elizabeth wore black satin. The off shoulder bodice clung to her, while the bottom slightly flared outward. Giving her a train when she walked. The satin over her belly was nothing but cute. With her hair pinned up and her confident smile, Edward thought back to when he had first seen her.

It had been a sunny day and he was on his way to the carriage from lessons. Him and a friend, Xavier, were running like the young and foolish boys they were, Edward was seventeen. He tripped on a pebble or something, causing a pretty embarrassing fall. The guys laughed or smirked ruefully at him and the girls giggled behind glove clad hands. What took his eyes away from the many lookers were two girls. Completely engrossed in conversation, unaffected by his stumble. Unknown to him were their names, Gabrielle and Elizabeth, but he would soon find out. Both girls wore dresses of black and long black gloves. They looked as if they were heading to a funeral, but Edward did not mind that. All he knew was that they were both extremely beautiful. With one look, Elizabeth layed siege to his heart. Edward almost felt as if he could not breathe, a notion which caused him to blush. Elizabeth just smiled and went back into her conversation with Gabrielle. He knew not if she would remember him but Edward was sure he could never forget her.

As Edward thought about that day that changed his life, Elizabeth just stood in front of him smiling. Wondering when he would notice she was standing there. After a few seconds, Edward came out of his memories and smiled at the Elizabeth standing before him. Age had not changed her flawless beauty any. "Where were you just then, Edward?" she asked quietly, a smile playing across her lips.

"With you." was all he said, causing her to blush. Reminding him all too much of his own. The King & Queen took a seat next to one another and lost themselves in conversation of the baby. One of Edwards favorite topics.

Across the room Sorra sat awkwardly between Charles and Soran. Charles had been watching her since she sat down. Soran had taken to watching the both of them. It was hilarious to see how similar their feelings were yet they could not see. Was all love like this? He had to wonder. If it was, how did Genevieve feel about him? "You look beautiful Sorra." said Soran, just adoring the blush that came with that comment. Charles loved it more, though he would not say.

"Yes, stunning." was all Charles, looking as though he was fighting a blush of his own.

"Thank you, both of you." being gracious when your insides were shaking was harder than it looked and Sorra was struggling with the shakes. "You both look great as well." this awkward conversation was getting harder to maintain. What were they supposed to say to one another? 'God, plaease help me.' Sorra begged in her mind. Hopefully God was not too backed up helping others.

"Enough with the pleasantries, when do you think Genevieve will arrive?" asked Soran, speaking the what was on his mind. Sorra finally smiled, as Soran knew she was.

"Eager, aren't we?" she teased. Soran nodded slightly, only enough to notice if you were really paying attention. "Soon, brother." but Sorra was not sure. Dinner would soon be served and Genevieve still was not there.

"How did you get her to come?" asked Charles, who had been secretly thinking of ways of doing just this very thing.

"I asked." said Sorra simply, smiling. "We are friends, you know." from there the three teens fell easily enough into conversation. All awkwardness forgotten. Gerard, the doorman, stood in the archway after half an hour.

"The ladies, Genevieve and Analisa." was said with a bow as both girls came into view. The smile on Sorra's face was replaced by a grimace. "Good evening." said Gerard as he left the ladies to their hosts.

Elizabeth saw the look on her daughters face before anyone else but considering that the only other person to see was ,a satisfied Analisa, Elizabeth valued herself as the only one to count. She knew then that this dinner would not fair as well as she had planned. Sorra snapped out of her own thoughts after a few moments of glaring at Analisa, and, with a smile, she went up and spoke to the girls. Genevieve offered an apologetic smile and Sorra just continued smiling on. Not long after did Sorra come over to her parents and introduced them. "Mother, Father, this is my friend, Genevieve." Sorra held the hand of the beautiful girl with deep brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. To offset the color she wore a light blue satin halter dress with a darker blue satin top skirt.

"Sorra has often spoke of your beauty, but I fear she doesn't do you justice." said Genevieve, curtsying formally to her majesty. Elizabeth could not stop her blush, such somments always brought about the rose in her.

"Thank you, so much, you are quite beautiful yourself." honestly said Elizabeth, knowing full well why her son was so enamored with this young woman.

"And, this is Analisa." said Sorra quickly, as if the very thought of saying the blondes name was repulsing. Elizabeth fought hard to hold in her giggles. The young woman smiled confidently at both Edward and Elizabeth. This is when Elizabeth noticed two things about Analisa. She had the body of a woman and she was in no way afraid to show it. In a lace dress the deepest shade of blood red, she looked every bit the woman she would soon become. To top it off, the dressed hug curves Elizabeth could not even remember having at that age.

"It is nice to meet both of you. It is an honor." Analisa said in her throaty voice through her sly grin. Over the girls shoulder Elizabeth saw the boys watching Analisa'a womanly curves. When caught Soran tried looking anywhere but at his Mother. Too bad her stare made him look her way. With a look that said 'You should be shamed.' Soran blushed and tightly shrugged his shoulders. Charles just walked over to the couch, pulling Soran by the shoulder to join him. From that moment on, the two carried on a quiet conversation. Firmly keeping their eyes in front of them.

Light conversation took place while all waited for the call of dinner. The girls went over so many things, as girls often do. Mostly talk of the baby, Genevieve was just thrilled and hoped to visit soon after Elizabeth gave birth. Of course Elizabeth said she could. Analisa stayed mostly to herself, choosing to volley back and forth between the girls and guys. Sorra found that to be odd but payed it little attention. She was having fun with her Mother and Genevieve. Soran, Edward and Charles kept themselves busy with talk of sports and beautiful lands, so they said. Elizabeth believed the topic to be beautiful women, but however was one to know. Charles felt out of place a few times when Analisa would come over and try trapping him into conversation. One look from Sorra brought him back to where he wanted to be.

"Dinner is served." said an old man in a tuxedo. "Follow me." he lead the party of seven to the dining hall where there was a beautiful table set with appetizers. The ladies sat down first, with the help of every available gentleman. Edward sat at the head of the table with Elizabeth to his right and Soran to his left. Charles sat next to Soran as Genevieve sat next to Sorra. Elizabeth thought it appropriate for Analisa to sit next to Genevieve but the girl chose to sit next to Charles.

When everyone settled in Analisa began the conversation, to the pure annoyance of Sorra. "This is exquisite." once again she raised her fork to her mouth. "Don't you think so, Charles?" she asked with a flirtatious smile. Completely oblivious to this, Charles smiled, giving the impression he enjoyed her flirtations. Sorra lightly stabbed her salad with her fork.

"How have lessons been for everyone here?" Edward knew it was not the best topic but his baby girl was suffering and he had to stop it.

"I've rather been enjoying my own, sir. But you know that." laughed Charles, a sound that vaguely calmed Sorra's nerves. "Soran here seems to be having more fun than I, however." to this Soran looked proud.

"Not really, I'm just quite good in school. Sorra's the brains." Soran was hoping he had not thrown her the ball too quickly.

"Yes, I am. Always have been." she lightly teased her twin. "I enjoy lessons, you know that Father. My teachers seem to think highly of me."

cough "Teachers pet." cough came from Analisa's position at the table. Elizabeth stepped in, knowing Sorra's temper was not to be taken lightly.

"How are you doing in your lessons, Analisa?" asked Elizabeth who smiled when Analisa frowned. Thinking of how best to word her response.

"My lessons are going quite well, thank you." Analisa was confident if nothing else. Sorra scoffed behind her fork. Analisa looked at her, brow raised in challenge.

"Who have you spoken to about your grades?" asked Sorra, before anyone could stop her.

"My teachers, obviously." replied Analisa smartly.

"The only thing that is obvious, Analisa, is ..."

"My lessons are going terrific." interrupted Genevieve, pinching Sorra beneath the table. Sorra looked at her crossly, wondering what this girl could be up to.

"That is just wonderful." said Elizabeth generally. Keeping a close eye on Sorra, as Soran and Charles seemed to be doing. "Edward, do you remember your lessons?"

"Yes, of course. Those days were hard for me. I could handle any sport you put in front of me but books just were not for me. Thank God for your Mother." said Edward winking at his wife. Causing Soran to shudder. Edward just chuckled at him. Dinner after that ran smoothly, save for the death glares Sorra and Analisa were sending to one another. Elizabeth held her daughters hand beneath the table several times for comfort but her ties were mostly in vain. Analisa, after many tries, had captured Charles' attention when desert had been served. Soran, among others, saw the disappointment written on his sister's face. At that moment he could have maimed his best friend for sheer stupidity. Sorra suffered through the chocolate cake, choosing to push it around her plate rather than eat it. Elizabeth knew her darling was upset, chocolate cake was her and Soran's absolute favorite.

Once the table was cleared and everyone migrated from the dining hall to the courtyard, Sorra took her horse from the stable and rode him out to the edge of a creek that ran just near the castle. Soran found it odd that she would ride a horse in the most beautiful gown he had ever laid eyes on but he left her time to herself. After minutes of worry Edward convinced Elizabeth it was time for her to get off of her feet and that Sorra would be fine. Sorra still worried about her darling daughter and ordered Soran to send her up when she came back. Of course Soran would do this for his Mother, he was worried as well. With a kiss to each of the youngsters foreheads, Elizabeth and Edward retired to their suite. Leaving Soran to entertain three teenagers. Something he found was easily enough done. Analisa stole Charles away to sit under an Oak tree and talk.

Genevieve giggled, "When will my cousin learn?" she asked, though Soran was not certain she was talking to him. So he did not answer that question. Instead he asked one of his own.

"Analisa is your cousin?" they looked nothing alike.

"Yes. My Aunt Renee's daughter. They were over for tea and Aunt Renee asked if I would bring her to dinner. Saying she had, had a very trying day." again Genevieve laughed. "Can you believe that?"

Soran did not know if he could but he nodded anyway. Sitting across from Genevieve, just talking was a fantasy come true. "You look very beautiful." he said before he could stop himself. Genevieve blushed to her dark roots and Soran just smiled. She was lovely even in that shade of red.

"Thank you. You look very handsome." her blushed stayed true even as she said this but Genevieve was determined to get it out of the way. "Do you think Sorra is ok?" the sign of worry showed on her face.

"Ahh, yeah, Sorra and I go out there all the time. There is a creek the horses like to drink from and we take them up there to think sometimes." said Soran, knowing he had just revealed his and Sorra's secret place. "I hope she sees that he is not interested in Analisa, no matter how polite he is toward her."

"I do too. Had I known that Charles would be here, I would not have allowed her to come. Sorra is a dear friend and I know how much she likes him." Genevieve nodded to Charles, whom was sitting cross legged in front of the tree with an ever-talking Analisa at his side.

"Yeah, it is so obvious to everyone but those two that they should be together." Soran thought about his sisters longtime crush with a smile. Ever wider did his smile grow as he remembered that he was sitting with his crush, enjoying conversation.

"And who do you obviously want to be with?" asked a brave Geevieve with a proud blush stainging only her cheeks. She knew it was risky to ask, less her feelings be stepped on if her intuition was wrong.

Soran did not know how to word his response. Listening to his heart he said, "For the longest time I have had my eyes on a chocolate haired beauty, whom has always eluded me. Now with her I sit and find myself at peace. My only hope is that you feel the same." it took courage to say what he said but there was no backing out once he had started. To his pleasure Genevieve smiled.

"I do." Genevieve moved closer and Soran put his arm around her. With a contented sigh she laid her head on his shoulder. Soran smiled and looked over to where Charles was looking at him and smiling. Thinking maybe, one day, he would sit with Sorra that way.

For the longest time they sat in silence, and just when Sorra was about to open his mouth the sound of hoofs hitting the ground caught his attention. He knew that would be his sister and the worry that had unknowingly settled itself in his stomach disappeared. Genevieve and Charles too smiled. In fact the only person not joyous to see her return was Analisa. Saddened they were when Sorra rode past them, straight into the stables. Soran knew his sister was upset and talking to her would be only a fools mistake. "I have to tell my sister of my Mum's wishes. I'll be right back." Soran lightly kissed Genevieve's forehead, causing them both to blush. She nodded and leaned away from him. With a parting smile Soran ran to the stables where his sister was closing the door, bidding Ginger and Midnight a goodnight. Sorra rushed past Soran, almost causing him to fall. He was taken aback by this but easily regained his balnce. He caught up with her and grabbed her hand. "Sorra." to his unhappy surprise Sorra had unshed tears in her eyes. She looked sad enough to make him cry.

"I really don't want to talk. I saw you and Genevieve, congratulations." she tried a smile but failed. In her eyes was too much sadness.

"I know you don't want to talk. I am your twin, after all." Soran took his sister in his arms and held her. Permitting a few tears to fall on his shoulder. "Don't worry, she's not his type." he hoped from that she would understand Charles liked her and always would.

"Doesn't seem that way to me." said Sorra drying her eyes.

"You have only just arrived, Sorra. Someone as smart as you should know better than to judge something you have not seen fully." with a small smile he kissed her forehead and she kissed his chin. "Mom wants you to stop by her room."

"She was worried about me?" asked Sorra. Knowing her Mother always worried.

"Of course. Now go, I'll take care of everything down here." he hugged his sister once more and pushed her lightly on her way.

As she headed toward the castle Sorra turned around to see her brother watching her. She mouthed 'Thank you.' he was always there for her and that was an amazing thing to know.

'No problem.' he mouthed bak before heading over to Genevieve. Sorra smiled to herself, they made a beautiful couple. In spite of herself, she thought Charles and Analisa did not look horrible together either.

Quietly Sorra made her way through the castle, completing the journey to her parents suite without even a thought about it. So lost in her thoughts was she that she knocked without realizing. Only when her Mother stood before her in a nightgown did she remember that her Mother had been worried. "Hey darling, come in." Sorra followed, smiling at her Mother's waddle. Sorra helped her Mother down onto the bed before sitting herself. "You went off in quite a hurry, angel." her Mother smiled sweetly down at her.

"I know and I'm so sorry. I just had a lot of things on my mind and I couldn't stomach being alone with Analisa and Charles. Rather, Analisa with her hands all over Charles."

"I agree the girl does not know of the word subtlety. I do not agree that you should run away. You left Charles alone with Analisa when he could have been with you." Sorra hung her head low. She had not thought of it that way. "Look at me, darling." Elizabeth tilted her daughters face so their eyes met. "Charles would be insane to chose her over you, and this is not just a Mother speaking."

"What about the hormones?" asked Sorra jokingly.

"That is my girl." Elizabeth just loved when Sorra bounced back. Allowing something to keep you down just would not do for her daughter. "Stop torturing yourself with the 'what if' and just tell him how you feel."

"And if he doesn't like me?" asked Sorra seriously. Charles was the greatest guy she had ever known and she did not know if she would fair too well if he had none of the same feelings.

"He will love you." assured Elizabeth, causing her daughter's own smile. It was a beautiful thing to see. Sorra was not sure of his loving her but when her Mother said it, there just had to be some truth behind it.

"Thank you, Mother." Sorra moved closer and hugged her Mother dear. "Thank you so much."

"Anytime, love. Anytime." Sorra stared with love into her daughter's eyes and kissed her temple. "Now, allow me a lullaby."

"Sure." said Sorra, lying her head in her Mother's lap. Soran, who had been standing in the doorway, knocked to make himself known.

"Do you mind if I listen in?" he asked, both of the most beautiful women in his life.

"Never." they said together. Elizabeth patted the bed and Soran eagerly hopped in beside Sorra. Placing his hand on the small of her back. Elizabeth opened her mouth and out came a song.


Soran rolled over to the edge of his bed and fell off when he opened his eyes only to be faced with his sister. "Are you out of your mind?!" he screamed. It was not everyday that he woke up with a Sorra in his face.

"No." Sorra laughed, hopping a bit on her brother's bed. "It's Saturday."

"I am well aware of what day it is, thank you." said Soran, standing and adjusting himself. Sorra giggled and threw him his housecoat, as she was in her own. Soran wrapped himself in the blue material and sat down beside her. "What do you want?" he whined.

"Don't whine, you're way too big for that." said Sorra, reminding Soran way too much of their Mother. "Anyway, the designers are downstairs." she exclaimed bouncing a bit more.

"Designers?" Soran's head was still in the clouds. "Well, how about you go and join them?"

"How about I don't?" asked Sorra, grabbing her brother by the arm and leading him to her room just across the hall. Sometimes Soran wished his room were further away. Sorra lead him past the bed and right over to the huge closet, much like his own. Full of clothes and jewelry. "I can't decide." in front were three dressed. One pink, one blue and one gold. Soran rolled his eyes at his sister.

"You can not be serious." Soran crossed his arms across his chest and began to take his leave. Too bad his sister was fast, as she jumped right in front of him. Any other Saturday he would have pushed past her and went back to bed. "Alright." Soran went over and picked the blue dress. A cute number with short sleeves and a short puffed skirt.

"You just want a boy." said Sorra sticking her tongue out.

"Now who is being childish?" asked Soran with an eyebrow raised. "It would be nice, however." Sorra nodded. A baby brother would be amazing. Lydia and Sabrina just loved William, when he was a baby. Now, though, they wanted to shrink him.

"Not I, dear brother." said Sorra shrugging. "You can go now." Soran did not need telling twice.

"Good morning." he said in parting.

"Good morning." exclaimed Sorra. This morning had her especially happy and nothing, not even the early hour of the day, was going to bring her down.

Soran had wanted, with every fiber of his being, to go in his room and crawl into bed. Hiding under the cover until noon. His restless body would not allow that. "That girl." he growled moving toward his own closet. "Now, what to wear?" he asked himself, tapping his chin lightly. After long last he had picked out his very own three outfits. "I am too much like my sister." he said as he trudged from his room to hers. One knock later, Sorra called for him to come in.

"I knew it was you." she beamed at him. Already she was in her dress and she looked just beautiful. At the very moment she was sitting at her vanity, doing her hair.

"I need help." was all Soran said and Sorra smiled.

"Lead the way." with a pin in her hair she got up and followed Soran. This back and forth journey was quite annoying but still they took it everyday. On Soran's bed were three choices, any of which Sorra would agree on. Black pants with a small buckle in back, a light blue polo shirt and a corduroy navy blue blazer. The next was a pair of white pants and a khaki colored polo shirt. Lastly there was a set of black pants and a black sleeveless sweater with a long sleeved blue shirt. "The first." said Sorra pointing to the blazer. "Though you shouldn't wear that unless we take pictures."

"Thank you." said Soran before shooing her out of his room. Sorra went graciously, sticking her tongue out at him once. Noting in her mind that they matched. Both wearing light blue and her shoes were navy.


Elizabeth had been awakened by the sound of her children volleying back and forth through the hallway, not to mention the baby pressing down her bladder. Lightly she pinched Edward, getting him to move his arm from around her. Not that this helped, she was too far into the bed. Waddling her way to the edge was out of the question. Elizabeth had no desire to wake Edward but there were not many other choices. Disturb the children and wake up Edward anyway, or just wake up Edward? Elizabeth rolled to her left side and poked Edward repeatedly in the chest. Her husband groaned and turned onto his stomach. Elizabeth began poking him in the side harder than before. "How may I be of service?" he asked groggily, not opening his eyes.

"I, umm," said Elizabeth blushing, "have to go to the bathroom." it was more of a whisper than a statement but Edward heard it. He looked into his wife's face and noticed the blush there. He just laughed.

"Oh, honey. Come on." he hopped out of bed easily, making an already cranky Elizabeth jealous.

"Showoff." she huffed as he helped her out of bed. Edward just pulled her to her feet and held her close, giving her a kiss on the nose. "I love you." she said.

"And I love you." said Edward as he lead her to the bathroom. He opened the door for his waddling wife and went back to bed. In no way was he ready to get up. Too bad for him Gwen came knocking. Edward tried to ignore her but Gwen was not one to be ignored. "Come in, Gwen!" he yelled, tucking himself under the covers. "She's in the bathroom."

"I brought you breakfast, as well, your majesty." said Gwen, balancing a tray on one hand as she pulled the bronze and ivory duvet back. Edward groaned and opened his eyes to see the huge tray of food. At that moment his stomach decided he was hungry, with a loud roar. "Mmhmm." quipped Gwen.

"Good morning, Gwen." said Elizabeth from the bathroom door. With her hand on the small of her back she waddled over to the balcony and sat herself down on the chaise.

"Good morning, Lady Elizabeth." said Gwen sitting down the tray at Elizabeth's side. On it was an omelet, Italian sausages, orange juice, tea cakes and oatmeal cookies. Elizabeth's breakfast of champions. Edward got into his robe and quickly joined his wife on the chaise. He just has a plate of sausage and eggs, along with some orange juice. Elizabeth was just a bit different. Still having cravings she put sausages between two cookies and took a nice bite.

"Mmm." said Elizabeth, licking her full lips in satisfaction. Gwen and Edward were not so satisfied but neither would say anything. Soon she would stop eating regular foods in irregular ways. "These cookies are amazing. Did you make them this morning?"

"Of course, I always make them fresh for you. I know how you like them." Gwen smiled as Elizabeth continued nibbling on her cookies and sausages. Completely ignoring the orange juice and tea cakes. To join his own sausages and eggs, Edward ate tea cakes.

"Wow." was all he could say. "This hits the spot, thank you Gwen."

"You are very welcome your majesty." Gwen again smiled at the couple. "I am off to find and feed your children." Gwen bowed and left the King and Queen to their own devices.


It was easy to find the twins, together as they usually were and excited about the baby shower. All Gwen had to do was find her way to the formal sitting room off of the kitchen. With its own balcony, it was the perfect spot to hold the shower. The decorators move in many circles around the room, making Gwen dizzy. In the center of the room, laughing in their own little world, are Sorra and Soran. Gwen hurried over to them, and tapped them both on their backs. Sorra knew that tap as well as Soran, and they turned to a smiling Gwen with smiles of their own. "Hello." said Soran, merrily smiling at the ribbons draping the ceiling. "Good morning, rather." he says lightly smacking himself. Sorra just laughs.

"Yes, good morning Gwen." Sorra holds her hands and, leading Gwen to the balcony. Two huge sofas sit with an oval table in the middle. On that table lays two huge gifts. "Those are from us." says Sorra excitedly.

Almost as if on cue, Soran asks "What is for breakfast?" Gwen had almost forgotten about feeding the Valcari children, due mostly to Sorra's excited going-ons about the baby shower.

"Oh, I have made your Mother's favorite." says Gwen distracted. Sorra and Soran look to each other with matching frowns.

"Not again." says Soran, voicing his displeasure at sausages and eggs.

"Do not fret, little darlings. I've made you two something special." Gwen told him with a sparkle in her eye. Soran then bowed politely and made a dash for the kitchen. As quickly as one can dash while remaining composed. Sorra just laughed and linked arms with Gwen, preferring a walk to the kitchens.

Soran, because he was a gentleman, had not yet started his breakfast. Instead he leaned against the table, eyeing the treats Gwen had made especially for the baby shower. Gwen could only laugh at the concentrated stare on his face. The boy looked like the packages would magically open for him if he stared at them long and hard enough. With all the tenderness of a cook, Gwen turned him away from her pasteries and toward the table. Sorra giggled, as she was feeling especially happy today, and sat down, allowing her brother to do the same. Without thought they both dug into the food. When Gwen said she had prepared something special for them, she had not been kidding. A platter of brownies and two bowls of vanilla bean ice cream lay in waiting for the both of them. It was a personal favorite that they never grew tired of.

Gwen watched, smiling, as the children started to eat. Sorra took small bites, like her Mother, at first but that went out the window once she got a good taste of the sweet treats in front of her. Soran, ever the gentleman, took hearty sized bites, swishing it around in his mouth, enjoying every sugary sensation. "I'll leave you two to it then." said Gwen, swatting Soran, the closest to her, on the arm with a dish towel. "Enjoy." it was an unnecessary saying as Sorra and Soran did not need instructions to do just that. The sweets were too good to do anything but.

Once Gwen left, Soran cleared his throat to get Sorra's attention. She looked up and Soran could do nothing but laugh. Almost spitting the little bit of brownie in his mouth. "There's a bit of ice cream on your nose, just there." he said pointing to the tip of his own nose. Sorra blushed and repeatedly wiped her nose. "That's quite enough."

"Yeah, it isn't you either." said Sorra with a mock-glare on her face. "I can't believe she did this, this morning." Sorra smiled, thinking back to the last time they had, had something like this. Watching their figures did not permit food like this. But, as Gwen had said, they were thin.

"I can. We do have to go through a baby shower. All those woman, cooing over a baby who isn't even born yet." Soran shuddered with ice cream just in front of his lips. "Scary." this caused Sorra to laugh. "Seriously."

"Yeah. I can't wait for the baby. Such a joy around here and who could raise a baby better than our Mother?" Soran looked to be contemplating this when he said

"No one, really. I think she is the best at her job." Soran laughed, thinking about it that way. A job. If so, he was sure his Mother was not paid enough. "What did you get the baby?" they had not discussed their gifts. Wanting them to truly be a surprise. With that in mind, Soran could not think of a reason why he was asking.

"I wish I could tell you." and she truthfully did. There were very limited things in this world that she hid from him. "You'll see soon enough. I can not wait."

"Nor can I." it had been particularly easy for him to buy something but that had not been enough. Nothing would ever be enough for his younger sister or brother. "Mum will be pleased, I just hope she doesn't start crying. You know how emotional she has been lately."

"Of course I do. I sang to her a couple of days ago. You know, before dinner?" asked Sorra, to which Soran just nodded happily. He had not yet talked to Genevieve but she was to be here today. The thought of seeing her put a happiness inside of him. "Yeah. She cried then, almost made me cry as well."

"I think I'm finished." said Soran, putting his bowl on the marble counter top. He leaned against it and waited for Sorra to finish. It might have taken longer if Sorra stuffed herself but she was as full as he was. "I thought so." was all he said when she put her bowl next to his.

"You know what I want right now?" asked Sorra. Soran rolled his eyes, he had never claimed to be a mind reader. "A ride on your back."

Soran rolled his eyes once more and shrugged, "Why not? I have to burn off this ice cream somehow." Sorra hopped onto the counter and Soran stood in front of her. "Come on, then." he said and it took no time at all for Sorra to jump lightly on his back. Soran made sure to support her legs before he left the kitchen. They did not have any place to be at the moment.

Sorra wanted to ride the horses, as she had not in a while, but there was no way she was risking getting her dress messy. After long thought they went to ths swings and, with Sorra in her brother's lap, sat down and talked. Not so much did they swing on their childhood swing of ivory. When they were together, talking or anything else, waiting for noon was as routine as taking a breath.



Okay, so, this is part 1 of part 3. Confused much? I am. The lyrics from this part come from a little song called Send Me A Song by Celtic Woman and One World by Celtic Woman. That's all for now.