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Blood's Promise

Chapter One:

Of Babbling and Snickers Bars

Life begins with one of two things. One is to be born naturally by a woman, which is how most people start life. Another way . . . the way my life started…was by the fangs of a vampire.

And by the fangs of a vampire . . . I began my life in hell.


You wanna know more, more, more about me
I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine
I'm the one that's honking at you cuz I left late again


There are always those stories where the same old thing happens. A cliché, they call it. Sometimes I considered my life to be a cliché, except I didn't always get the "happily ever after" crap that's always on the last page of a book. I constantly wished for it, though. There were, of course, times when I wished for Prince Charming to come riding along on some pure white horse and he would take me away and we'd live—here it is again­­—"happily ever after". But life isn't like that. Especially for an elf.

Um . . . yeah, you read that correctly. An elf.

But I'm not like those short elves that live up in the North Pole slaving away for some fat guy who likes to say "Ho, ho, ho" and drink Coca-cola in television commercials. Those kinds aren't even real.

And neither are the "house elves" in Harry Potter. Sheesh, don't go generalizing elves so we look hideous. I take pride in my looks, thank you very much.

No, elves are just like humans. The only differences are our pointed ears and er . . . enhanced abilities.

Oh wait, I haven't told you who I am. Sorry, I usually babble a lot when I start to get into a conversation. Like one time I was talking with my friend Kiyura after we went to get a cup of coffee and I just couldn't stop yapping away. She was rolling her eyes at me and telling me to stop but, you know, when I'm drinking coffee I talk and talk. Isn't that funny? Seriously, I was high on caffeine and I kept rambling on and on and on and—

Why'd you stop me? Oh yeah . . . my name. Sorry about that.

I'm Myja. Myja Eronil, if you really want to get specifics like last names. I'm a member of the Macto Lamia shape-shifter clan. But we'll get into that sort of thing later. At 19 years of age…I'm short. Like 5'4 short. Which really sucks for me considering the kind of elves that actually exist are supposed to be tall and willowy. I think I've got some of my genes mixed up . . .but I don't like to consider myself short. I like to think of myself as fun-sized. Like those "Snickers" bars. But I don't like peanuts, so let's drop that topic.

See? I'm rambling again. You'll have to excuse me for that, it will probably happen often.

Uh . . . back to where I was before. I've got black hair that goes past my elbows. People compliment me about it but I really can't see what's so special about my hair. Black is just so plain. But I do like my eyes; they're a really deep green.

Another thing unique about me is that I'm pale. Too pale to look like an elf. Usually elves are more on the tanned side of the skin tone scale, something like golden brown.

Like cookies when they are baked perfectly.


But I wouldn't eat an elf. That's called cannibalism, people.

. . . Dang, I need therapy.


My skin is probably the most annoying part about my physical features. I'm not albino or anything; I'm just so pale that I could pass for a vampire. I'm practically white. Which makes a pretty stark contrast with my hair. And sometimes—

Sheesh, again with the interruptions. What now?

Oh vampires? Yeah, they exist too. They're not really pale; I'm just referring to the stereotype. They can come out in the daytime and all that, and no, they don't wear capes with huge collars and go around laughing manically.

I know, right? Human ideas are so strange sometimes.

But not many know about the existence of elves. In fact elves and vampires are mortal enemies.

What's cool though is that some elves have special gifts to get the upper hand on our enemies. There are elementals who can control certain parts of nature (fire, water, wind, etc, you know what I'm talking about). There are warriors that are trained from birth and have super strong elf abilities, there are also shape-shifters: elves who turn into a specific animal depending on their personality, like me.

I'm a shape-shifter. My animal is a pure white wolf. Which totally rocks because wolves, in my opinion, are really cool.

I know what you're thinking: "Myja! First the existence of elves and vampires and now shape-shifting into animals? Are you trying to give us heart problems later in life?!"

Well, no, I'm not. Heart problems are so not cool. But yes, vampires are real. As are some other creatures, but if your heart is so sensitive I'll tell you about those later. Let me continue, already! I'm running out of time before I have to go meet up with Kiyura.

You know what? Let me just tell you everything from the beginning.



I snatched my keys off the hook by the door and dashed down the hall. The stupid elevator drove me insane as it took what felt like forever to arrive. My apartment was on the fourth floor and it probably wouldn't have been any faster if I had taken the stairs.

I had to get out there. Roku had called me to let me know about the vampires. Apparently they had found the elf station to Lamarea. If they got through, things would not be too swell for the elves. The vampires would practically win this war.

Hold on, I'll explain.

Lamarea is the city world where some elves choose to live. There's a portal called "the station" that connects it to the human world. The vampires also have a station but its whereabouts are unknown to us even though we've been searching for it for decades. Anyway, only elves and vampires can actually go through the portals. While we're in the human world, we have to keep both vampires and elves a complete secret. If humans found out about us, they would only get in the way of this war.

Oh, and this battle has been going on for years. It's between the elves and the vampires after an army of vampires ambushed Lamarea and slaughtered hundreds of elves, old and young alike. We call this event "The Killing". Lame name, but it works. Basically the whole cause of this war is the vampire's greed. They want more land and a higher standing than elves and they will kill for it. Brutally so, I must add.

So now you know some of the background. The elevator finally arrived and dinged as it opened. There was one other occupant: a man who looked to be around his thirties. He lowered his newspaper and dragged his eyes from my feet to my face, stopping for a moment when they reached my chest.


If he had any idea about what I could painfully do to him in a minute he'd probably keep staring at his newspaper like it was the most interesting thing on this planet. And I'm sure he wouldn't want the inability to have children as one of the lifelong effects.

But I didn't have time to think about him. There were more important matters to take care of.

I was minutely startled when I heard Kiyura's voice in my head.

'Where are you?!'

'In the elevator, some perv is checking me out,' I replied. This mind communication thing was pretty spiffy. You only get to use it after you're inducted into a clan. Whatever. I told you I'd explain later.

'Well, hurry up! I'm almost by your street. I'll meet you outside.' I could practically feel her growling in frustration. Kiyura is a shape-shifter as well. Growling is kind of a cougar thing.

With another ding the elevator doors opened to the ground floor. I pushed past the people standing by the entranceway and finally I was out in the parking lot.

'What exactly is going on?' I sent the message as I sprinted towards my black motorcycle and threw a leg over it. The helmet was on the end of the seat but I ignored it. I clenched the handlebars and revved up the engine and with a screech I was racing down the street, the refreshing night air whipping my hair around.

There was no answer for a minute. It was aggravating in such a strained situation.

'Kiyura!' I shouted, my somewhat short temper tested.

'Oh hey, Myja!' was all I received.

I let out a frustrated groan and sped up.

'I thought this was something to worry about. What's happening?' I demanded.

'A few of the bloodsuckers found our station. Roku says that they're on their way to the Dianjo to let Vanus know.' Another biker crossed the intersection I was coming up on and made a sharp turn to ride alongside me. Kiyura: my best friend in the entire world. Her blonde hair randomly streaked with black and red highlights was streaming behind her; a contrast with her completely black attire and motorbike.

Instead of raising my voice above the noise of traffic, I opted to continue the conversation via mind.

'How long do you think it will take them to reach Vanus?' My eyes left the road for a moment to watch Kiyura's face.

Vanus was the head elder of the vampire council. His word equals law. It kind of sucks that he's in charge considering he's utterly selfish and um . . . mean.

Hey, I'm out of vocabulary to make me sound cool. Get over it.

'Probably about another half hour,' Kiyura said as she swerved around a silver Honda Accord. 'Head to our station and get rid of the vamps that are already there. Heh, let's do our shape-shifter thang!'

I rolled my eyes. Trust Kiyura to say something completely out of place while we're in the middle of an exposure crisis.

Well, I'm not any better . . . so I guess I should shut up, no?

Yeah, I thought so.

The roads were jam-packed this time of night. A few pedestrians ambled along slowly, throwing into sharp relief the anxious rush we were in to get to the station. A young couple out for a nighttime stroll shouted obscenities as we went by. The guy gave me the finger while shielding himself behind his stunned girlfriend.

But I take my job very seriously—Ooh, look! A sale!—and I let him go on his merry way with his girlfriend.

Humans could be so stupid at times. If that kid knew what I was, that finger would've stayed hidden in the back pocket of his ridiculously low hanging jeans. Has no male ever heard of a certain accessory called a belt?

I glanced around me. Where was Kiyura?

Another motorcycle came up behind me and I sighed in relief. With Kiyura close enough I could actually speak aloud and have her hear me.

'Where did Roku say to meet h—' my voice died in my throat as I turned around.

Let's just say that the person on the motorbike behind me brandishing a gun in my face wasn't exactly the friend I was looking for.

Cue loud gulping.


You wanna know more, more, more about me
Gotta know reverse phsychology
I'm the reason why you can't get to sleep
I'm the girl you never get just quite what you see


The rider behind me cocked their gun threateningly. I guessed easily that this person was a vampire, not many elves or humans want to kill me. They usually only want me dead after I've babbled too much in their presence.

Oh crap! Is this the cashier from the supermarket?

Meh . . . probably not. This was most likely a vampire.

Yeah, I know, not much to go by, but I've been in these situations before. Kind of like the "been there, done that" saying that humans have.

There was long blonde hair flying out the back of the helmet, so I figured it was a girl. Vampires don't have that gender discrimination thing that humans do so both sexes are warriors if they want to be. I personally find myself as a female to be better than a lot of males I know so it's all cool.

Wait, I take that back. I wasn't in a very compromising situation so everything wasn't exactly sunshine and daisies.

Isn't it funny how when you know something bad is about to take place everything slows down? Well, in this case, it must have been hilarious. My head was whirring insanely as it tried to analyze all my options within milliseconds.

Option One: I could ride into the alleyway that was coming up in a few seconds and then attack this vamp and get this business over with. She wouldn't dare shoot with all these people around.

Option two: I could go with Option One.

Yes. Sadly, that is how my mind works.

Without waiting another second to ponder my insanity, I steered into the alleyway. The rider behind me followed as I crushed black plastic bags under my wheels. I screeched to a stop and jumped off my motorcycle and crouched into my usual fighting stance: hands held up crossed in front of me with one fisted behind the other.

My blonde enemy mirrored my movements but did not take off her helmet. I recognized the stance she used . . . it was a style used by only the vampires deep into the vampire politics. Apparently, they're too high and mighty to use a fighting style of a common vamp.

I knew I was dealing with someone important.

All the more satisfaction when they get beaten.

I smirked and waited for my opponent to make the first move. Well . . . so was she. We stood motionless for a minute…and then another. No matter, the time would build up the anxiousness.

After a full four minutes of waiting, I straightened.

'I've got somewhere to be, are we going to stand about doing this the rest of the night?' my tone was exasperated. Meh . . . I was hungry and craving Chinese take-out. I wanted to finish this.

My opponent stood up as well, showing me her full height. I was kind of shocked . . . this person towered over me. Seriously, at my 5'6, I felt like a midget.

Probably because I was one.

'Only if you want to,' was the reply.

I blinked.

Once . . .

Twice . . .

. . . and then a third time.

That had been the deepest voice I'd ever heard from a woman.

Er . . . perhaps I'd been mistaken. Let me take back every time I referred to this person as a female . . . I was fighting a DUDE.

W—what kind of MALE has hair like that?! I mean, it looked all soft and shiny and . . . and—what the heck, it was LONG. Like . . . middle of the back LONG.

That does NOT happen with guys in this day and age!

Especially considering I really wanted to run my fingers through it. I would be having trouble fighting this vamp and trying to avoid damaging his hair at the same time.

I smothered a snigger with my wrist. This was too funny.

'What are you laughing at?' the—MALE—vampire demanded.

I couldn't help giggling some more. 'So which brand do you use, Herbal Essences or Pantene? Oh wait . . . it's Dove, isn't it?'

'Shut up.' He growled tiredly and then attacked.

With a swift jump, I aimed a kick at the side of his head. My foot was blocked by his arm that came up quickly to save his cheek then he promptly knocked it to the side, forcing me to crouch low as I landed.

Springing up again, I feinted a punch to this stomach and as he bent down to defend himself I quickly grabbed his shoulders and did a pretty cool flip over his head. Landing with my boots thudding on the wet asphalt I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, effectively cutting off any thought of moving for him.

He chuckled a little breathlessly. 'You're better then I expected from someone so . . . small.'

Someone so—HEY!

I jerked his arm upward causing a yelp to escape the vampire. 'Dude…NO ONE insults my shortness and gets away with it, got that, buddy?'

And I proceeded to give him a sharp kick in his lower back, letting go of his arm so that he stumbled forward into a pile of black trash bags.

I smirked victoriously.

Erm . . . that is, until I heard what he said next.

'Nice . . . now that I know how good you are, I can get started.'

Get started?! Crap . . . he had just been testing me before.

He loosened out the muscles in his arm with a shake and bent his head from side to side to stretch his neck out. Then um…he cracked his knuckles in a lame attempt to intimidate me.

The sad thing about these attempts?

They worked.

'At least take your helmet off, so I can see all the damage I'll most assuredly do.' I ordered, my voice not QUITE as strong as I'd have liked it.

He shrugged and lifted it off his head. I watched at his dark blonde hair fell silkily across his shoulders from its hold in a high ponytail and then I got a look at his face.


I was fighting not only a male, a vampire, and a dude with awesome hair…but I was fighting an um . . . dare I say it . . . ?

A hottie.

Oh, spare me.

He stared back at me as I took in his facial features. Small bits of hair that had come loose of the ponytail fell past dark brows and over his eyes. His eyes . . . they were the strangest shade of grey . . . the silver looking irises looked like they sparkled or something. He had a chiseled nose and high cheekbones, giving him a bit of a "high and mighty" look that suited him somehow. His nose was straight and his lips average sized. For a guy, I mean.

Excuse me for a moment while I GAWK.

'Are you done?' a smirk graced those lips.

Argh . . . he'd caught me checking him out.

I blinked innocently. 'What are you talking about?'

That smirk turned into a sarcastic grin. 'Nothing at all.'

Why that little ajkrgbfsmm! He sounded so SMUG.

'Right,' I said with as much authority as I could. 'Let's see what you've got.'

And this time I made the first move.

My first punch met successfully with his stomach (OWW. My knuckles hurt…this dude had some serious abdominal muscles going for him) and then I aimed a swift kick at his groin.

He um . . . caught my foot.

. . . And promptly flipped me over.


I found myself lying on my back, winded with this vampire standing over me. He was faster than I'd thought. I mean, usually with my small size (no smartass comments, you smelly people!) I'm pretty quick, you know? I'd figured that this vamp would be slower considering he was like huge in a height sense. You'd think that, wouldn't you?

But nope, the asphalt digging into my back proved to me that this was one speedy fella.

As I tried to remember how to breathe, he stood closer and looked down at me.

'What's your name?' he asked, like he really wanted to know.

I kicked his feet out from under him so that in a second he was lying on HIS back. I crawled over him and grabbed his wrists, holding them prisoner at the sides of his head while my knees were at his sides. My hair slid down and hung like a curtain around my face.

'Myja,' I muttered distractedly as I prepared myself for him to try and free himself. 'Yours?'

It was shameful that I didn't see his next move coming. Quickly, he jerked his wrists free and turned the tables so I was under HIM with MY wrists being shackled by his large hands.

'My name's Torin,' he said and that smirk came back as he looked down at me. 'This position seems familiar.'

'What? You and a prostitute every night?' I snarled, bringing my knee upwards and catching him hard in the groin.

Gotta love the male weak spot. Gets 'em every time.

Torin groaned, falling to the side as I scrambled up, adding a kick to the side of his head so it smashed against the ground.

Neurological damage?

Exactly my point.


Unfortunately, that um . . . didn't knock him unconscious as he showed me by grabbing the foot that kicked him and with the hand that wasn't guarding his guy bits. When his fingers wrapped around my ankles and pulled, I lost my balance and fell over, taking a short trip to a lovely place I like to call . . . the ground.

Hello again, old friend.

As I'd fallen my eyes had shut. When I suddenly heard a familiar click and felt a cold pressure at my temple, I knew Torin had gotten out his gun.

Oh . . . well, you know, that's JOLLY BRILLIANT!

Especially considering my gun was currently under my pillow back in my flat.

Things to do before I die: Kill myself for being so STUPID.

My eyes were now open and I watched Torin's mouth spread into a victorious grin. 'Seems I've won.'

'I guess,' I muttered a new plan forming in my head and my own lips turned up in a coy smile.

And that was when I shape-shifted.

Now, I rather like how I look as a wolf. My fur is completely white . . . sleek and shiny. My eyes are the same color as they are when I'm in elf form: deep emerald green. I don't know what it is about a tail . . . but I love having one. My wolf body is lean and in my opinion rather well built for a female wolf. I keep my elf body in good shape . . . so that just runs over to when I'm in wolf form.

Suffice to say . . . Torin wasn't expecting THAT.

Oh how I smirk.

He let out a surprised noise…something like a shout when I squirmed out from under him. I guess he was still in shock because he didn't try to stop me too much.

My upper lip pulled back to reveal fangs in a snarl and my eyes narrowed. Torin stared back at me, still not moving from his position on the ground.

Just as I was lifting my paw to take a step forward to attack, Kiyura's voice echoed in my head.

'Hey, chickie, where are you? One minute you were there and now you're not, what's going on?'

The thing about being a shape-shifter elf, when you're in animal form you can't talk. Out loud, I mean. You can communicate with other elves just fine with your mind, which gives you a disadvantage if you want to make a threat vocally to a certain vampire I was fighting.

I sighed, realizing I'd have to give up my victory over this vamp to reply to Kiyura.

And so with one last growl at Torin I ran to my motorcycle. Upon reaching it, I shape-shifted again so I was in elf form.

By that time Torin had regained function of his shocked limbs and was beginning to fumble to get up and reach me. But with a clench of my handlebars, I was off.

'I'll be there in a minute, Kiyura.'

But when I met Kiyura a few streets down . . . all I could think about was how I still wanted to run my hands through that long blonde hair.

Which meant nothing at all, right?


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