Gaia's story.

Part One


Gaia watched the seedling thread its way through her slender fingers as the plant grew into a glorious sunflower. She looked back at her family, sporting a huge smile, receiving a clamour of animated voices of praise. Gaia embraced her father, and, in response, his tongue washed over her cheek in an affectionate way, and the all too familiar voice in her head that undoubtedly was him, started to speak.

'Gaia, my dear child. The clan is so very proud of you, for you surely have grown up as we would have wished. You have gained proficient knowledge of earth, water, and wind spirits. As a father, I am proud to call you my daughter.Though you are different, I am glad to have brought you up and taught you my wisdom. However, I am afraid it is time to embrace who you really are. You cannot stay in this tribe for the whole of your existance, safe from harm, however much I wish it.'

A grimace found its way across her mentor's aged features. 'You must enlist in the knowledge of your own kind, and find a mate, when the time comes.'
Adheiron raised his expression to what would seem like a smirk.

Gaia smiled.

'Yes father, I understand. After all, isn't it the sole duty of women to bear a man's offspring?' she said, sarcasm marring her voice.

Adheiron laughed. 'You make me sound terrible when you say it like that. You have wounded me greatly with your cruel words.'He rolled over in mock-play, and appeared dead.

Gaia rolled her eyes. 'So dramatic, father!'

Adheiron grinned, the flaps of skin surrounding his mouth folding upwards so that he appeared as if he was snarling. He immediately grew sombre, her impending departure heavy in his heart. His golden eyes bored into her silver ones, as divergent as night and day, as he began to speak.

"Listen child. I need to say this because I know some clansmen in the tribe may not full-heartedly agree with me.'

Gaia frowned.

'You will forever be in this family Gaia, remember that. You are our kin, even though not by blood, but by heart. Our spirits are moulded together forever, and nothing can break that apart, remember that.'

Gaia gave a solemn but respectful nod and bent down to embrace the one whom she had called father for 17 winters. With her head set against his shoulder, she whispered, 'Thank you father. I love you and this clan and no other, not even my kind, can ever, ever replace my true brethren.'

Gaia stood up and smiled at the family who reared her. Her family was classified into groups by her race. She knew not why. Did they not have names, who you determined where each individual belonged? She shook her head. Dismissing the thought, she drew on the wisdom that her father had told her many times throughout her life.

'We are named Archietres', he once said. 'Named and classified by humans, that is the race we belong to. In our ancient culture, we are not recognized by the naming of a particular clan, but of how they speak to us in our minds. We have brothers of the north, sisters of the south, cousins of the east and foes of the west. In ancient times, there was a war. A war of minds; of free will. Now, you must understand that we are most definitely the strongest spirit being in this world. Nay, I be not bragging, but simply laying out the truth. Our foes of the west wanted to extend that power, to be in control of all things free and beautiful. Humans then became corrupted by their greed and the world extracted from a place full of peace and prosperity to a place of horror, fear and sadness. We did not lose the war; with our brothers and sisters we way outnumbered our foes. However, we ran out of time. We could not stop the corruption the sinful Archietres,better known as Ahk re Eain, forced upon the helpless humans. Soon the corruption and lies spread, like a plague across a city. The Ahk re Eain, are now dead spirits, walking the land but unable to speak; unable to hear. They are walking ghosts for their lies and deceit. And so they shall remain until their curse has been lifted from the creatures of this world, and peace and prosperity reigns again.'

Everytime Gaia's father told her this, she grew even more saddened by the helplessness of her own kind, and pitied them. However, she was also intrigued by them. She wanted to learn more about who she was, where she came from, and their customs.

It was a mystery why an Archietres clan took her in as a baby, but it was also a miracle. If they had not taken her in and cared for her, she would have perished. No baby could face the mountains alone in the dead of winter. Taking in a child of different origination, especially of a human stature, was shunned. Many times she asked her father why he sheltered her, but he would just smile and turn away. Until one day, at her 17th day of birth, he didn't quite tell her his reasons for sheltering her, more, he told her that she must undertake a journey of which she had never gone on, a journey that would question her pride, loyalty and trust. He had deemed her fully grown mentally and physically for this great task she would undertake. Now she was ready the leave her home.

A/N: Sorry it's taking so long guys. I've decided to make this chapter an intro, because its so short and I don't wanna change it, so chapter one will be much longer and will have more info about her family. Thanks!