"Are you ready cupcake?" My father asked me as we stood behind the church doors, ready to make our dramatic walk down the aisle.

I gave my dad a cheesy grin and said, "You have no idea how ready I am."

As my bridesmaids walked down the aisle with the groomsmen, I felt myself being able to relax for the first time in months. For three months Connor and I rushed the wedding plans, picking out everything quickly, anticipating being husband and wife again. I exhaled. It was surreal. This moment probably should have been the most nervous, as the wedding guests eyes stared at me with big, joyous smiles, some of those eyes tearing up. But I wasn't nervous, I was just so incredibly content. I felt myself tearing up too, grateful that my dad was walking me down this time. Grateful that those years apart didn't break me, but made me confident. Confident that Connor and I would last now, knowing we got through so much. Though we weren't married most of those rough years, I knew now nothing was in our way. I took a big leap of faith entrusting Connor again, aware that things weren't perfect the first time around. But I knew it would work. My heart told me so.

As we exchanged our vows, Connor continuously smiled at me, griping my hands, tearing up like he did the first time. A smile never leaved my face either, just knowing things we be okay this time.

When the priest announced us as husband and wife (again), our wedding guests cheered on excitedly as we kissed, clapping with enthusiasm. Trent looked at his best friend and warned, "Do it right this time." Connor nudged him playfully and then we walked back down the aisle, pictures taken in our direction.

"Marissa Nichols, the love of my life," Connor whispered into my ear as we shared our first dance as husband and wife. "It was always you honey. You were always the one. You know this is it right? You and me forever baby."

Connor dipped me and I shrieked. "Yes! Just you and me forever. Well, you, me and Gracie."

"And possibly one more?"

"Two more?" I countered.

Connor's face lit up. "What the hell! Make it three more." That big grin of his showed his pearly white teeth.

"I'm just so glad I'm not pregnant for this wedding," I exclaimed with a laugh.

"Maybe we can make one on our honeymoon," Connor said, his voice low, raising a seductive eyebrow.

I giggled. "That would be amazing." Funny how with Connor, I wanted to make a honeymoon baby. With Miles, I didn't want it. There was no doubt in my mind that this was how it was supposed to be.

Connor spun me around as our song played on, "Always on my mind," which fit us perfectly. We were both on each other's minds the entire time we were apart. I caught Jade crying at the wedding party table; my best friend who claimed she wasn't the emotional type. I smiled at her, but found myself crying as well.

"You were always on my mind Connor," I admitted to him.

Connor stroked my cheek with his hand. "You were always on my mind. This is where I belong, with you."

"Give it up for the bride and groom!" The DJ cheered into the microphone. Our guests started to clap for us. I wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed my husband.

Guess what? We did make a honeymoon baby. His name is Caleb and he is the miniature version of his proud daddy. Almost two years later came our second daughter Addison, we called her Addy for short. A surprise pregnancy came from my thirtieth birthday getaway weekend to Hawaii. Little Ella, our spoiled princess. I was lucky to be a stay at home mom, my husband co-owning a dealership with his father. We never struggled again and we were grateful for what we had, never taking each other for granted.

Life came at us at a young age, we had our first baby young, we divorced young, but we got past it and were happier than we ever were. Our kids were the light of our lives. Connor was the best husband, he even cooked dinner a couple times a week, my mom still offering recipe tips.

Tonight, we're celebrating our tenth anniversary from our second wedding with a romantic dinner out at my favorite steakhouse. Connor raised his glass and I raised mine. "To us Marissa. To the amazing years spent with each other," Connor said about to take a sip, but I continued the toast.

"To being meant for each other," I added.

"Yeah, to you looking so hot in that red dress of yours."

"To you for taking out the garbage every night," I grinned.

"To you for putting up with my ass all this time."

"To you for giving me flowers on a random day of the week."

"To you for kissing so good."

"To you for letting me put my cold feet against your legs in bed at night," I giggled.

"To us," We said in unison. We sipped our wine and beamed at each other.

It was unexpected. I was supposed to go to college, get a good career, fall in love at twenty three, get married at twenty five and have my first child at twenty eight. But here I was at thirty two. I fell in love and got married at eighteen, dropped out of college, had my first child at the same age, got a divorce at nineteen, remarried at twenty two, had three more beautiful children with the man I loved more than life itself. It was better this way. Yeah, much, much better this way.

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