The Gift Of Magic By Jamie Oppliger

After you finish reading this. Please tell me how you think I can make it better. I'd like to rewrite this after awhile but I need advice on what to improve. Thanks a lot.

Chapter 1 Karina was born on February 14 on Valentines Day. She was the best Valentines Day gift her parents had ever received. She was a delightful child who brought her parents tons of joy and happiness. Her first few childhood years were filled with love and felicity. Her parents took her to the park everyday, where she played and bathed in the sun. She had many toys and many things but most of all she had love.

This happy life lasted until she was four. One day, September 23 to be exact, Karina's parents didn't show up to pick her up from preschool to take her to the park. Her teacher waited with her for two hours and Karina's parents still didn't show. The teacher called Karinas house, but no one answered. She finally drove Karina home. When they arrived, Karina's parents' car was in the driveway and the front door was open, as usual. So the teacher walked into the house holding Karina's hand.

She called "Hello! Is anyone here? Hello!" but there was no answer. Then Karina heard a sound, a sound much like the exploding of a firecracker. Karina yelled and tried to pull her teacher away but her teacher let go of her and fell. Karina ran; she realized something had happened to her teacher and her parents so she would have to protect herself.

So she ran and hid in her favorite hiding spot, the one she used when she didn't want to take a bath. It was in her clothes hamper inside her closet. She covered herself up with her many dirty dresses and shirts. She heard a gruff voice calling "Karina! Where are you Karina? Come out, your parents are waiting for you." She was to scared to move. She wanted to go out and see if her parents were there. She wanted to hug her mommy and be reassured that everything was all right. But something, a voice in the back of her mind, told her Be quite don't go out there. Karina listened to her instincts and stayed hidden.

Karina could hear the owner of the voice going from room to room calling for her, but she stayed still. Karina was afraid that the man would hurt her and she'd end up like her teacher. He walked into her room.

"Karina, sweet heart, do want some candy? Come on out and I will do whatever you want. Karina, your parents want you, sweetie, come on out." Then she heard him start to open the door to the closet, light poured into the closet, and she saw him through the holes in the hamper. She saw the face of an ugly man with dirty brown hair and coffee colored eyes. She saw a scar on the side of his head and she knew she would never forget this face as long as she lived. She closed her eyes repeating in her head Go away! Go away! Leave me alone!

Then the monster of a man yelled and started cussing. Somehow, he had hurt his hand, and he walked away yelling and nursing his bloody palm. Karina had no idea what had happened and wondered if the monster was ever going to leave. She finally fell asleep in the hamper. During this whole time she had not cried.

Hours later she woke up again and heard sirens and then friendly voices calling out for her. These voices were so much nicer than the evil man's and the voice that had once told her to stay hidden spoke to her again. Go out to these people. They will protect you and they will keep you safe. She called out to the voices and a woman came and picked her up out of the hamper. Karina blinked at the bright lights of the room. The woman asked her if she was all right, but Karina didn't answer. The woman carried Karina out of the house, and she covered Karinas eyes once so she wouldn't see what had happened to her parents and to her teacher. But she already knew what the bodies looked like even though she couldn't see them; she knew that she was never, ever going to see her parents again.

Outside the house the woman who had been carrying her set her down on top of the hood of a police car and explained, "Your parents are gone, sweetie. They are in heaven now. They are in a better place where they will be happy." Still Karina said nothing. Karina didn't cry; she understood what had happened but she knew she would not cry. She was taken to the police office and was asked about the man. She answered each question as best as she could. Then they told her a neighbor had heard the gunshot. Karina did not know what a gunshot was but she suspected it was the noise like a firecracker. She asked the policeman about what had happened to the bad man's hand. They told her that somehow the mirror on her closet door had shattered and a piece of the mirror had cut the mans hand. The officer said it was a miracle that this had happened because it was what had saved her life. She thought about this as hard as she could with her four-year-old brain but couldn't figure out what had happened. Then she was asked about her family. They asked if she had any grandparents or aunts or uncles that would take her in. But she didn't know if she had any. She never had met anyone else in her family. The police office checked their records and concluded that she had no living relatives and would have to be put in foster care. They never found the man who killed her parents and her teacher.

Chapter 2

She was taken to a foster family as soon as they could find one. But a couple weeks later she had to be moved to a new family. The family said too many weird things had started happening since she came. They said they couldn't handle her. They wouldn't explain. Karina had no idea what had happened; she couldn't help that weird things always happened to her. Her parents told her it was because she is special and she had always accepted this answer.

She was moved from family to family each complaining after a couple of weeks that they couldn't handle her anymore. Finally, she was put in a home for the unadoptable kids. The lady who took care of the home was named Mrs. Norton. She lived in this home for years and every once in awhile she would go live with a new family but they always sent her back. She became a beautiful and very mysterious teenager and she had only one friend, another foster child in the home with her, named Eliasien. Only Karina was allowed to call her Elly. Karina and Elly were never separated. They slept in the same room and had all the same classes and shared all their secrets with each other. She never cried once during the eleven years that followed her parents' death, and this is where our story really begins.

Karina and Elly were not popular but they weren't exactly outcasts. They were just there. Karina was different and she tried to make sure no one found out about the weird things that happened to her. But every once in awhile people found out. Like the time at lunch when hundreds of birds swooped down to where Karina and Elly were eating and sat on their table and on Karina. All of them were singing and the weird part (if something can be weirder then that) was that Karina could understand what the birds were singing. Only Elly knew that. Things like that always happened to Karina. That was the main reason that she had no friends.

I've talked about Karina so lets go on to Elly. Her mother abandoned her on the steps of the home. All Mrs. Norton had found with her was a blanket, a small teddy bear and a note saying,

I am sorry that I have to leave Eliasien here. I wish things could have been different. I have no other options please take care of my baby until I can come find her again when my life has calmed down. Tell her I love her and that I'm sad that I had to leave. Thank you and God bless you. Sarah

It was because of the note that Elly wasn't adopted by anyone. Every time she got put with a family she would scream and yell and be a complete brat. Elly would never let anyone get close to her except Karina. She wanted to be at the home in case her mom ever showed up. She never had, but Elly wanted to stay just in case she would show up. You couldn't convince her otherwise. She still slept with the worn teddy bear and the very raggedy blanket but only Karina knew this. Elly accepted Karinas weirdness because they both needed someone to love and to love them. Elly was also fascinated with the weird things that happened to Karina. Though she would never admit it she was also jealous but this won't matter until later.

As I had said earlier they never found the man who had killed Karina's parents even though they searched. They searched high and low for him but there was no trace of him. At least once a week Karina would have nightmares of him returning for her. She knew that these were not just dreams, because those would not scare her as much; they were premonitions. Karina was waiting for her 'dreams' to come true. She never knew when it would happen but she had been having premonitions about things since she was put in her first foster family. Karina never told anyone about this premonition, not even Elly. She wasn't even sure that is would actually come true, so she just waited.

Chapter 3

Karina had a hard day at school it was the anniversary of her parents death, she had failed a history test, she had no sleep the night before because of her nightmares and to top it all off she had accidentally hurt the most popular guy in the school. Let me explain, she had been sitting in biology getting ready to dissect the frog, which she didn't want to touch. She was saddened by the fact that she had to cut open such an innocent creature, a creature that had no good reason to have been killed. She was wishing in her head that the frog would be able to come alive and hop away so she wouldn't have to dissect it but she knew it wouldn't happen so she got ready to but it open and she heard a sound. It sounded like a croaking she looked down but the frog was just laying there, dead.

She heard the sound again and then giggling. They popular boy Travis was making the noises and laughing at her. He looked at her and said, "So are you going to have our frogs become alive him. Everyone knows you're a witch so make the frogs come alive. Or are you afraid."

She knew just to ignore him; Karina knew the rumors that went around about her this was nothing new. She looked at her frog wishing that she really was a witch and that she could make this frog alive but she knew that when she wanted something to happen it usually never did.

"Come on witch say some magic words at make the frog dance or come alive or something. Don't just sit there staring at it."

Karina ignored him and kept staring at the frog wishing it would come alive or that Travis would leave her alone. The bell finally rang and Karina thought saved by the bell yeah! She should have realized that was to good to be true. Karina cleaned up the frog when heard the croaking start again. She sighed and got her backpack and left the class.

Travis followed, "Your no fun witch come on do some spell for me I won't tell anyone please." She was starting to get annoyed and hurt that she was now just referred to as witch.

"Leave me alone!" she exclaimed.

Travis was so surprised at her talking that he almost dropped his books. She usually didn't talk to anyone except Elly and one of the rumors going around was that she couldn't talk.

"So you do talk witch."

"Yes I do and don't call me witch my name is Karina." She was frustrated and tried to rush off she didn't want to be late to sixth period. He grabbed her arm just as the bell rang. Damn it! She thought.

"Don't leave. You have to do a spell for me just one little one and I'll let you go. Come on wi ...uh ... Karina."

"Let me go. I have to get to history."

"No not until you do a spell for me." She struggled against his arm but he was a football player, six inches taller than she was and about sixty pounds heavier she was stuck.

"Let me go I said." Her voice got louder and higher, she kept struggling and finally she was free.

She looked back and she couldn't see where Travis had gone she heard a croak and looked down. Sitting on the floor was a big green frog just like the ones they had been dissecting. Damn it what did I do? She thought as she picked up the frog or actually Travis and put him gently into her backpack. She ran to class I'll think about it during class. She was ten minutes late to history so the next day she would have a half hours detention and they had started the test, which I had told about earlier. She needless to say failed the test because all she thought about was Travis in her backpack luckily he stayed quiet. Once the bell rang she ran home. She didn't even wait for Elly to get out of class she was so scared and had no idea what to do.

Karina took Travis to her room and put him on the bed. First before I do anything I should get some water for him so he doesn't dry out or something. So she rushed into the bathroom and got some water in the bottom of a shallow bowl and set Travis inside. She sat on the bed and just wished he would be normal. Finally Elly came home, "Where were you Kary? I waited for you after class?" she yelled. Then she stopped and looked at the frog in front of Karina

"What's that?"

Karina said one word "Travis."

Elly gasped. "Oh my god! What the hell did you do?"

"I have no idea. I'm trying to turn him back but it's not working."

Elly walked over to Karina and gave her a gun finally Karina sighed. " I give up I give up. I just wish stupid Travis would be human again!"

She got up and Elly tried to follow when they heard "where am I?"

Chapter 4

It was Travis sitting on the bed. "What did you do to me?"

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do anything."

Karina was about to cry. Travis backed away from her towards the door. "You really are a witch. Stay away from me! Go away witch!"

He ran out of the room and out of the house. That's when Karina decided that she needed to find someone else like her or someone who knew what was happening to her.

Karina sighed and flopped onto her bed. Elly was saying something to her so Karina nodded and mumbled something about a headache. She rolled over and fell fast asleep. Her dreams where confusing but there was one dream that stood out the most. She was walking around a weird store with only candles for light and a lady came up and said to her "Can I help you?"

In the dream Karina said "I have no idea if anyone can help me."

"Oh I know, " the woman smiled, "I understand. Come with me child and I'll help you understand what you do."

Karina woke up. She knew that this wasn't a normal dream and that she should try to find this store as soon as possible. After that she slept calmly and for the first time in weeks she didn't dream about the evil man looking for her. The next morning when she woke up she got dressed and made sure to put on her favorite necklace which had once belonged to her mother and she started to creep out of the room like a burglar. "Don't even think about leaving me here." Elly stood up glaring at Karina before she started giggling, "Damn I can't keep a straight face."

The both laughed as Elly got dressed and got ready to go. They wrote a letter telling everyone that they would be home before dark and that they would be shopping.

"Do you know where we are going Kary?" questioned Elly.

"No, " Karina replied, "but I can feel my way there just trust me."

Elly did trust her so she followed silently. Karina led them to a bus stop and they boarded the bus that eventually got there. Fifteen minutes later Karina finally pushed the button to get off. She closed her eyes and stood at the bus stop for a second before she started walking east down the street. At last they turned down an alley.

Elly had no choice but to follow she stayed silent the whole time somehow she knew she shouldn't bother Karina with questions. At the end of the Alley Karina turned right and knocked on the wall on a shaped of two crescent moons surrounding a full moon. She knocked three times and seemed to grab a doorknob that wasn't there before and entered. Elly followed her inside and the door shut as soon as she was through it.

Inside there was a weird store and the only light in the store came from large candles dispersed around the room. Karina and Elly stood there for a moment and then Karina broke the silence by whispering, "This was in my dream."

Elly looked startled, "What do you mean?"

Shivers ran down Elly's back. Karina ignored the question, "Watch a woman will come over to us in a second."

Sure enough a woman dressed in black came up to them. Elly noticed that she had a pentagram necklace on and wondered what it meant. "Can I help you?" Karina smiled and replied, "I have no idea if anyone can help me."

"Oh I know, " the woman smiled, "I understand come with me child and I'll help you understand what you do."

Chapter 5

Karina laughed and her and Elly followed the woman. She led them to another room, which was also lit by candles. The walls were covered with shelves and books and there was a desk next to the door. They sat down in the big overstuffed chairs in a corner of the room. "My name is Dafna and I am here to explain to those who have powers what they have."

"What powers?" Karina asked.

"You know what I'm talking about Karina don't ignore it." Karina looked down and stayed silent so Dafna went on, "Let me explain what happened to you and why you are different. Every child is given two gifts at birth. One is the gift of life, the gift of bringing joy into their own life and others lives. The child must use this gift wisely so that they can live their life to the fullest and make others happy. The second gift they are given is unknown to them. No one knows what it is at first. Many years later or even only a short while later they will find their gift. Some have the gift of music, and others the gift of intelligence. But a few, a very selected group of people have the best gift and the rarest of all, the gift of magic. You are one of he selected few who have this gift. You are different but you must remember you are not better then anyone else you have to follow the rules just as normal people do and you must never, EVER use your gift for bad." Karina just sat there thinking. Dafna and Elly just sat there waiting for her to speak. "So does this mean I'm a witch?"

"Yes," Dafna said happily, "You are a witch. Just like me and just like a few others."

"But what if I don't want to be a witch? What if I want to be normal just like everyone else?"

Dafna frowned, "But you have wonderful powers and I can teach you to use your gift wisely and it'll bring you joy."

"I hate being different everyone makes fun of me and people call me witch. Some people don't even know my name they just call out to me in the hallways saying, 'look its the witch' I don't want to be different."

"I can teach you control so that you don't accidentally turn people into frogs. Your magic won't lash out at people when you're angry or sad."

"How did you know I turned someone into a frog?"

Dafna smiled, "I have my ways."

"Can you really teach me control?"

"Yes that and more. Just think about it. If you decide you want to learn you can come by here anytime and I'll teach you. All I need for you to do is come here a couple times a week. It won't take anytime at all. Time passes differently here then normal places."

"That's strange. Can Elly come too? She is my best friend and I want her here for support."

Elly had just been sitting there confused. She was thinking If I had that gift I would want to know everything about it. I would find some way to bring my mother back. I wouldn't care that I was different. Kary is being so stupid by not wanting to use her gift she could do so much with it she could be popular and rich and ... "What? Did you say something?"

"Yes I asked if you could come watch me learn would you want to?"

"Of course I want to Kary."

Dafna frowned again, "I don't know if that's such a good idea. While your learning you will make mistakes and Elly could be turned into a frog or shrink or worse."

Elly thought for a second before saying, "I don't mind taking the chances. I don't care if something accidentally happens to me as long as I can be turned back to normal later."

Dafna frowned again but then nodded, "Okay as long as you stay out of the way."

"Thanks but we should be going now." Dafna led them the spot where they had come in. Elly noticed there was a door there now. Strange that wasn't there before. She'd have to think about that later. Karina opened the door and they went through. Karina was smiling all the way home. So I'm not different and there are other people like me this is going to be fun.

Chapter 6

That night when they were in bed Karina and Elly stayed up talking. They talked about what was going to happen on Monday when Karina would face Travis and everyone Travis told about what had happened. They talked about what Karina might learn and what cool things could happen when she learned everything she could about her powers. Then, they talked about what she could do with her powers.

"Kary, do you think you could help me ... um ... oh never mind" said Elly quickly.

"No what is it, Elly?"

"Well ... Can you help me ... um ... find my mom?" Elly blushed, "I know I shouldn't be selfish and you probably couldn't find her but I want to see her." Karina laughed, "Of course I'm going to help you find your mom. That's one thing on my to do list." They fell asleep after awhile.

Sunday went by as usual nothing interesting happened. Karina and Elly had to do a lot of chores since they were gone the day before. They didn't have any time to go visit Dafna but they were going to go after school on Monday. That night Karina got no sleep because she was so anxious about what was going to happen on Monday.

She headed towards school Monday, with dark circles framing her eyes, which gave her a dark dispirited look. Elly walked at her side whispering jokes to her and trying to cheer her up. Karina did not hear her. When she arrived at school it seemed like a normal day she did not see Travis until lunchtime. She was sitting with Elly like normal at a table in the back of the cafeteria. They were eating lunch and Elly was beginning to think that maybe nothing would happen when she heard a voice in her head, just like the one she heard once when she was just a child, which told her Run, Run away now. Karina stopped eating she looked around.

"Elly, did you say something?" she said shakily.

"No what are you talking about are you okay? What's..." Run away Karina. Hurry before it's to late.

"Are you listening to me Kary?"

Elly waved her hand in front of Karinas face. "Hello? Are you okay?"

"I don't think so I've got to go now."

Karina started to pack up her lunch in a hurry, "Now Elly hurry."

Panic mingled with her voice. She picked up her lunch and started to run but at the door stood Travis with his group of friends. There was a mean but frightened glint in his eyes. To late.

Chapter 7

Karina stopped and glared at all of them. It was a group of six boys and five girls all-starring at her with purpose in their eyes. She gave them her best glare and tried to walk through the group. She was dimly aware that the whole entire cafeteria had stopped eating and talking, and was watching them. They wouldn't let her through.

"Excuse me."

She said trying to walk through once more but she was shoved back roughly. She stumbled but did not fall.

Travis stepped forward, "Are you a witch?"

Karina hesitated and said, "Yes," everyone gasped, "I am a witch but I am no different then you and I just wish to leave the cafeteria."

They were not expecting her to say yes so they had to take a second to recover from the shock. This gave Karina and Elly the opening they needed in order to get through them. They started to rush off.

"So, You do not deny that you turned me into a frog?" Travis stated coolly.

Karina turned around, "No I did not turn you into a frog. It was a complete accident and it was not my fault."

Travis laughed, "Sure."

The voice in Karinas head whispered to her Get away, go away. Hurry before they hurt you. Karina shook her head she was not going to back down if they wanted to challenge her and wanted to talk and she would oblige them. This is not the time to be brave they will hurt you.

"If you are brave enough, witch, meet us at the caves. You do know where they are?"

She nodded. "Good you can get there any way you like it can be by broom or car but be there exactly at 8 O'clock tonight. If you are not there we will search you out and you will wish you never lived."

They left and the bell rang. Everyone stared at her as they went out of the cafeteria. She just stood there and Elly was beside her hugging her and holding her arm.

"Kary come on lets go to class."

The rest of the day was a daze to Karina. She didn't pay attention at all. When she got home she put away her backpack and told Elly she was going to see Dafna.

"I'm coming," was all Elly told her in return.

They headed for where Dafna resided. Karina and Elly entered it was exactly how it looked the last time they had been there. They walked silently through the room and into the back room.

"Hello Karina." Said Dafna as she got out of her chair. "You haven't come for your lesson. What is it you want?"

"I need help. I need a protection spell and maybe some spells to help me tonight with these kids at my school who want to hurt me."

"Why do they want to hurt you Karina?"

At this point Karina and Elly sat down. Karina put her head in her hands and sighed. "They want to hurt me because I am different. Because I am a witch." "I see they have challenged you and you will be stubborn and not back down. Give me your hand."

Karina looked at her and slowly held out her right hand.

"No," Dafna said forcefully, "Not your right hand. Your right hand is what you show to others it is you on the outside. I need your left hand which shows you future and who you really are on the inside."

Karina nodded and held out her left hand.

Dafna took her hand and gazed at it. "You had pain and suffering in your life while you were a child. You started out happy but after the death, no, murder of your parents you were angry. Your anger leaked into your magic and you did bad things unintentionally. You hurt the ones who tried to love you. You were in pain. Slowly you healed but you were still angry but you kept it inside. Elly is your only friend you would die for her and do anything to make her happy. You will accomplish her greatest dream in the future. You fear your magic but yearn to learn about it. I see the conflict with your fellow students you did something to one of the boys. He's afraid, they all are. They seek a way to cure their fear. They plan to hurt you. You must not go there but you will go no matter what I say. I now know what I must teach you."

Dafna got up and searched the shelves of books in the room. She finally pulled out a purple covered book. Covered in dust and old. "Here this is for you to learn from. You'll need to memorize incantations but you will learn everything you need from this book."

Karina held the book as you would a treasure. "Will it have a spell to protect me?"

"No I have just the thing though." She took a bag from inside a drawer in the desk next to the bookshelves. "Here wear this and it shall protect you but keep it underneath your clothes. I will have to read the rest of your future some other day but right now I have a customer you may stay in here and read." She got up and left the room.

"What is it?" questioned Elly. Karina slowly opened the velvet bag. She pulled out a sparkling crystal. It had weird pictures or letters carved into the crystal.

"What are those Kary?"

"Runes, the ancient writings of the Druids. They are symbols of power though I don't know what they mean I am sure these are them."

She slipped the necklace over her head and put it under her shirt. She felt her whole body turn warm and then felt peace and comfort. She opened her book and curled up to read. Elly got up and looked through the books on the shelves some titles she could not understand but of those she did she didn't know which one to get. Druidism and the mysteries of their secrets, Spells for the Advance learners, Wicca, and Witches: Truths and myths of magic and witches she pulled out the latter book and also curled up in a chair to read. The book talked about how true witches never cast curses unlike in fairy tales. They didn't do this because if they did it would be thrown back at them three fold. She learned many things about the difference between fairy tales and real witches. Meanwhile Karina was flipping through the pages in the spell book she was given. She found a couple of interesting spells and she carefully marked each one by bending the top corner of the page so she could refer to them later.

She felt like she may never find a good spell to use for that night when she turned to a spell which caught her attention: Protective spirit: to be used when in trouble. She read further about the spell. The protective spirit will appear in the shape of your guardian (varies from witch to witch). The spirit will help you in whatever way it is needed. It will not kill and the spirit won't do anything unless it is really needed. To cast the spell you must close your eyes and picture a protective light around you and say Spirit of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water I need protection. Proteceraus. After the first time casting this spell all you have to do is say Proteceraus and the spirit will return.

Karina laughed and clapped her hands in glee she now had what she needed to help her. Her laughing startled Elly who dropped her book. "What is it? Why are you laughing?"

"I found it," Karina smiled, "I found the spell I need to help me tonight."

"Great lets go home I'm hungry. This books is great I'm going to ask Dafna if I can borrow it."

Dafna was delighted when Elly asked her to borrow the book. She was glad that Elly wanted to learn about magic and witches. When Elly and Karina went outside of the store they noticed only about fifteen minutes had passed since they entered the store but they knew they had spent at least two hours in the store. They were starving so they headed straight home.

Chapter 8

After they had a snack it was about 5:30 so Karina decided to take a nap because she realized that that night was going to be lively and eventful. She fell asleep before her head hit the pillow. In her dream she was walking around holding her parents hands. She was five again and was laughing and playing with her parents. They left her and went into their room she followed silently and peeked around the door at them. They were laughing and joking around. Her father had his arm around his wife and bent her back into a romantic kiss. Karina laughed as she felt the love in the room. Then there was a knock at the front door. Karina's mother brushed past her as she went to answer it. Then she screamed and ran into the bedroom yelling at her husband. Karina couldn't understand the words they said she could only hear the screaming then the man the one who's face she would never, could never forget ran into the room with a grin on his face. He shouted something and gray mist shot out of his hand and headed for her father. Her mother saw this and ran to protect her husband. The mist swallowed them both. Then the man took out his gun and shot the lifeless bodies over and over again. He laughed the whole time. Karina started screaming and then woke up. Elly was holding her trying to get her to calm down. Karina wasn't crying like any normal person would have. She never cried.

"It's all right. It's over it was only a nightmare. Shhh. It's okay Kary."

Karina finally calmed down. She just sat there shivering. It was 7:26 and they had to start walking to the caves if they were going to make it by 8 o'clock. They put on their jackets since the nights were turning colder and they headed for the beach were the caves were. Karina kept repeating in her head Spirit of the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water I need protection. Proteceraus. She hoped that the spell would work because she didn't know what she would do if it didn't. She reminded herself that she wasn't going to use it until she had to. After all they may really just want to talk. Shit who am I kidding they are going to do something really horrible I know it. They finally came in sight of the caves. There were about five cars parked on the beach and a huge bonfire. Music was blasting out of one of the car radios. When they got closer they saw beer bottles laying all over everything. This is bad they are drunk and afraid of me this is going to be interesting. She stood just outside the circle of light the fire cast until they noticed her. Someone turned off the music. For a few seconds they just stood there staring at each other. Then Travis came forward, "Karina you admitted to being a witch this morning correct? "


"So you also admit to putting a curse on me and to putting spells on others?"

"No I didn't curse you it was an accidental spell and I have not put any spells on any other people."

"You are lying."

"What reason do I have to lie?"

A girl stepped forward and yelled, "You made Steven break up with me and made him fall in love with you?"

"What?" Karina looked bewildered.

"You made him fall in love with you. All he talks about is you and your 'beauty'. It's sickening!"

"I never did that. I thought everyone hated me. Why would I want your boyfriend anyway?"

This is way to bizarre they probably think I'm the cause of everything that has gone wrong with anyone's lives. Suddenly hands wrapped around her pining her arms down. She heard Elly shriek as the same thing happened to her. While she was arguing with the girl two of the boys had snack up behind them. The boys wrapped rope around her making it so that she couldn't move her hands and feet. She guessed that's what they did to Elly but she couldn't turn around to look.

"What are you doing to me?" Shouted Karina. "Why are you doing this? What have I done?"

Kevin spoke again, "You cast spells on people and put curses on people. You don't deserve to live witch. Witches are supposed to be burned at the stake it is the only way to destroy their curses."

She started to scream but someone wrapped his hand around her mouth. The hand covered her nose too and she couldn't breathe well. Karina started to feel lightheaded, but she knew she wouldn't cry. She never cried no matter what happened. She felt herself being picked up and propped up against a wooden pole. She realized it was their version of a stake. She couldn't call on the protective spirit because her mouth was covered. She started to struggle. She was finally able to sink her teeth into the fleshy hand that covered her mouth. The guy started cussing and Karina called out into the wind, "Spirit of the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water I need protection. Proteceraus"

The wind picked up and blew her hair around her face. She heard a roar and a whoosh of air as a great beast landed in front of her.

Chapter 9

The girls and guys started screaming and ran for their cars. The beast threw flame at them as they screeched away in their cars. Then the beast, which Karina finally realized was a dragon, carefully untied the ropes around her. The dragon did it daintily with the tip of its claws. Karina just stared at the dragon. It was two times larger than Karina and it was entirely emerald green except for its claws, which were golden, and its eyes which were violet. The dragon had two horns on its forehead and one on the tip of its tail. The tail was half the length of the dragon and it was also green. Violet spikes started at the tip of the dragons tail and continued up its back and in between it's wings. It was beautiful. Finally the dragon finished untying Karina and stepped back and said, "It took you long enough to call me. You also don't have to say the whole beginning thing. I was called on when you were a child so you just have to call the last word." Karina stared the dragon had a musical Feminine voice, "Who are you? When did I call on you?"

"Your welcome Karina," the dragons commented sarcastically, "I am Foxfire and you never called on me. Your parents called on me for you."

Karina looked confused for a second, "Thanks you, but..." now do you recognize me? I am a sorceress as well as a dragon. I have always protected you.

"I can't believe it was you the whole time."

Elly spoke up, "hello! Can someone untie me over here? I don't wish to interrupt but this is rather uncomfortable."

Karina laughed and went over to Elly and untied her. "Ow," exclaimed Elly, "my wrists hurt." She rubbed her wrists.

"Foxfire can you put out the bonfire so we can go." Said Karina.

"Sure no problem." Foxfire snapped and the fire went out with a poof. She then bowed and flew off.

"Elly that was so cool. Are your wrists okay?"

"They are. You said something about it was she the whole time. What did that mean? Did I miss part of the conversation?"

Karina laughed again, "Yeah she talks to me in my head. I have always heard a voice in my head warning me from danger I never told you about it because I thought I was nutty."

"You aren't nutty maybe a little psycho, but not crazy." Elly tagged Karina and ran off, "your it."

They practically forgot what had happened that night. They had fun for about an hour playing on the beach before they headed home. As they finally left for home they didn't notice they dark shadow, which got up from behind a large rock on the beach and followed them.

Chapter 10

They next morning when Elly woke up Karina was not there. She looked around the room before jumping out of bed; there was no sign of her. My god what if Travis came back and took her what would I do. "Kary where are you?" panic rose up in her throat, "Kary, Kary!"

"What do you want?" Karina said as she came in the room she had her makeup half done, "I was in the bathroom. What do you need?"

"Nothing sorry." Karina rolled her eyes and left the room. Elly sat down, I'm way to jumpy. Sheesh Elly calm down. She shivered It feels like someone is watching me. Elly laughed and got ready for school.

School went along normally except for the fact that no one within three feet of them and not even that close if they could help it. Karina was uncomfortable.

"Look on the bright side," Elly said, "We've always complained about the hallways being to crowded."

Karina laughed at this but she still felt like she was diseased or something. They made it through the day, even though one of the girls that was on the beach ran away screaming from them. During all her classes Karina read through her spell book. She was just dying to try one of her new spells. When they got home Karina finished her chores as fast as she could and started to practice some of her spells. Only one person noticed the changes in the weather outside her room and odd lights flashing every once in awhile and that person kept watching and waiting.

Elly was fascinated with the spells. She was the guinea pig for some of the spells. She was put in slow motion; she had fun jumping up and down on the bed in slow motion. She was stuck to the floor for a while and Karina learned to disappear so they played a different version of Blind mans Bluff. The coolest thing, in Elly's mind, was when Karina made the whole room flash different colors. It was a totally pointless spell it just was fun to play with. Some spells didn't exactly work though. Karina would say the word of command to turn Elly into an animal and she would become half dog or half something else. Once the whole room filled with feathers; they were laughing so hard Karina could hardly cancel the spell. Elly wanted to learn to do magic so badly. She hated it but it made her extremely jealous of Karina. She tried not to show it though. I just live with it she got to special it's not like she's being selfish about but to be able to even do one simple spell would be wonderful thought Elly. By the time they had finished playing around with the spells Karina was completely exhausted. She felt like she had been running 100 miles. She collapsed onto her bed and fell fast asleep. In her dreams the man with the scar was chasing her she could not get away finally he caught her and turned her around to face him. He was grinning evilly "Watch out sweetheart. Your blood will spill soon enough." She woke up sweating. This was the first time he had spoke to her in her dream. She was panicked she knew something was going to happen and it was going to happen soon. Your right be careful. Trust no one. Life will get interesting soon. I don't know when.

Karina looked around in surprise then she realized whom it was. Can you hear me?

Of course I can, replied Foxfire, I don't know what's happening but I no it won't be easy.

Will I win?

There was a pause. I have no idea but no one will come out unscathed. Did you see my dream?

No, I just felt your panic and you were broadcasting your feelings anyone with magic even a dwarf could have heard your feelings clearly.

How do I stop people from hearing my feelings? Karina was scared again she didn't want anyone to hear her feelings it could hurt her chances in something.

Imagine a white wall to high to see the top off that wraps around you shutting off your feelings. Any time you think you feelings are stronger than usual imagine the wall glowing and protecting you even more.

Thanks Foxfire but I'm going to sleep now. Good night.

Good night child.

Karina smiled and went back to sleep she was still troubled by nightmares of the man and her parents death all night. She dreamed about what was soon to happen.

She never told Elly about that dream or any of the others that continued to plague her as the days passed by. Everyone continued to avoid them, even teachers were a little afraid of them. They pretended they didn't notice how when they sat down in a class everyone around them would sit at least a desk away from them and how at lunch everyone left the table they sat at even though it was impossible to find a place at lunch. They were stared t every time they went anywhere and they could here whispers of rumors said near them. Karina kept going to Dafna's. She helped Karina get stronger and get more of grip on her spells. Elly learned all about the history of witches and all sorts of information about them. As Karina and her were walking home from school she was reading to Karina about the burning times.

"Kary this is really interesting it says here that 'During the burning times it was not safe to practice magic. The simplest spell could cause trouble. Witches could not even cast a spell to have their crop to be bountiful because it would cause people to suspect them of using witchcraft. The smallest thing caused people to be accused, but out of all the people who were killed because of being suspected of witchcraft only three people were actual witches. ' That's cool it also tells you how to get ready in case of a repeat in history."

"That's cool. But it's said that so many innocent people were killed because of peoples fear."

"I know what you mean. Did you know that people still hunt witches? " Karina looked surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah there are only a few but there are witch hunters all over every country. Their whole purpose in life is to kill off as many witches as they can. They inherit their secrets of how to find witches from their parents. It's passed down from generation to generation, exactly the same way magic is passed down. That means that your parents were probably witches too."

"Seriously? I thought they might have been but I wanted to ask Dafna but I didn't know if she would know. By the way Dafna and I are looking for away to try to find out about your mom. But are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes I want to know about where my mom is."

"Well I hope we can find out." I just hope what we find out is good news and not bad. I hope her mom is okay and everything is wonderful but I don't think that will happen. Karina thought but she kept her thoughts secret. They continued walking: Karina lost in thought wishing that she could help her friend. They never noticed the shadow in the bushes watching them. It was the same shadow that was at the beach and the same shadow that watched Karina try new spells. It was also the shadow that had been following them around for days and which watched them during the nights. A more advanced witch would have realized that they had been followed by evil right away, but Karina was not an advanced witch.

Chapter 11

Karina had just come back from Dafna's and she was sitting on her bed leafing through her spell book and going over what she had learned today when she started shivering. That is when she felt the evil. She didn't know it was evil that she was sensing. It was the feeling that everyone gets, do you know that feeling you get that feels like someone is watching you? It feels like eyes are boring into you and it completely frightens you. That is the feeling that evil sends off. You can sense this because every person has a little bit of magic left in him or her but not enough to need training in. This is the feeling she had right now, "Creepy!"

Elly looked up, "What's creepy?"

"It feels like someone is watching me." Karina turned down the CD player so they could barely hear the music.

"Oh I get that feeling all the time it's nothing." Elly went back to doing her homework.

"No It is something. I feel it in my gut." Karina shivered again.

"Kary if it was bad Foxfire would have talked to you. It's fine you're just a little creeped out today."

"Okay, I guess your right." Karina looked went back to reading through her spell book. She turned the music back up but they could still hear the kids yelling down stairs.

They sat there completely absorbed in their books but every once in awhile Karina would shiver. She couldn't get rid of the feeling. She got up to get something to eat and went down the stairs. As usual there were screaming kids running around and Mrs. Norton was trying to keep the peace. Karina just went by and grabbed some cookies and went back to her room. When she got back Elly was still reading her book. Karina settled down on the bed and started eating. After a few minutes she realized something was wrong.

"Elly something's wrong!"

Elly looked up, "what do you mean?"

"I don't know something is odd. I can't figure what's different."

"Your right something is wrong. I can't figure it out either. It's not anything in the room." Elly got up and turned off their CD player.

"It's silent." Karina remarked.

"Oh my god!"


Elly looked like she was about to cry, "Listen."

"I don't hear anything."

"Exactly where are the kids screaming and frightening?" Elly got up and started to rush towards the door.

"The kids!" Karina got up and raced after her when they got downstairs they saw that the house was empty.

Elly was getting hysterical, "Oh my god! Oh my god! Where are the kids? Mrs. Norton!"

There was no answer Elly kept calling everyone's names, "Mrs. Norton! Kelly! Cory! Alley! Anyone!" They heard a laugh. Karina spun around and her mouth dropped in shock. It was the man who she could never forget. It was the man who killed her parents.

Chapter 12

She couldn't believe it. She was in too much shock to do anything. She stared at him, he was about 5'10", and he looked like he was in his fifties. His hair was going gray and he had a round belly.

"Hello Karina. Do you remember me? I don't know if you ever saw me but I know you recognize my voice. I told you I was coming didn't I?" he laughed. Elly carefully said, "Kary, who is this guy?"

Karina looked up taken out of the trance, "He's the bastard who killed my parents." She glared at him, but as he began to talk she lowered her gaze to the ground

He clapped, "I knew that you would know me. Actually my name is Tamin. You know I failed at that job. I was supposed to kill the whole family father, mother, and baby girl. There was only one thing I didn't know, that bitch passed down her magic to her little girl. Your the only witch I know who had a none magical father. You're a freak Karina. Dafna is the only one of the witches who is okay with you living, but that little problem is taken care of."

Karina looked up, "What did you do to Dafna?"

"Oh nothing much. She had the same fate as your parents."

"Why? Why did you do this? What have I done?"

"You're a half breed." His anger was rising, "You don't deserve to be alive. Your parents were told that this would happen if the had kids. They knew the consequences. They chose to ignore the rules and they had to die. It's your turn now."

Karina looked up and yelled out, "Proteceraus!"

She looked around waiting for Foxfire. She heard a sound and was excited until she realized that it was the man laughing, "you really thought I would let you cast that spell. You little idiot."

Karina and Elly started to run. Tamin could still run fast even though he was in his fifties. Elly started to run up the stairs, "Elly, no! We'll be trapped the only place you don't go is up the stairs." So they ran off and headed for the back door. When they got there Tamin was standing there, an evil grin on his face. The girls slid to a halt and Karina said, "Firaceus!" A fireball formed in her hand and she threw it at him. She had pretty could aim and he wasn't ready for that so he barely had enough time to get his shield up. She realized, as the girls ran off, that they couldn't call the police because he was more than a match for a person without magic. She didn't know if she could but she knew she could try to weaken him enough so she could call Foxfire. They ran and hid in one of the downstairs rooms.

"Elly, you have to get out of here. This is going to be a battle of magic. The reason he killed my parents was because my mother was trying to protect my father. You have to get away or else I will die saving you."

Elly protested, "I want to be here for you. I want to help you."

"The only way you can help me is by getting out. No arguing."

Elly was about to do just that but then they heard footsteps. They became quiet as the footsteps walked around the room. Elly had concealed her magic aura from him so that he wouldn't find her. She had read every spell in her book and memorized them all so she had all sorts of interesting spells. You may be wondering how she could remember all the spells. Well she's a witch and she magically categorized the spells and stored them inside her mind. She knew she was using up her magic but she could feel his magic being used up as Tamin looked for them. She realized, as she was looking at his magic that he wasn't that strong in the first place. He just had spells that made him look stronger than he was but since he was tiring he had to let those spells go so he could use his magic for other things. She smiled as Tamin left the room and motioned to Elly. Her first move was to get Elly out then she would deal with Tamin.

They left the room tiptoeing down the hall. She sensed him in another room and helped Elly out the door. Elly hugged her, "I love Kary!"

"I love you too Elly! But you have to go."

Elly nodded she didn't want to but she understood, but unknown to Karina she made a secret vow to herself, If anything happens to Kary I don't care what happens to me I will go in there and kick that guys ass. If I feel like there is something wrong in there I will go in and help no matter what she says. Karina went inside and walked to the room that she knew Tamin was in. Under her breath she muttered, "Invisaceal." She turned invisible just as he turned around to go out the door. She was happy she had just learned to master this spell. She said the command for fire and made a fireball in her palm. She threw it at him this time he wasn't ready for it. He yelled as the fire hit him and he mumbled something and the fire went out. Tamin tried to make himself look like he hadn't been hurt but she could tell that the fireball had hurt him. He said another word and tried to throw lighting at her but it was too small to do any harm. She didn't know how to do shields yet but she was able to jump out of the way of the small lightning bolt.

"Tamsin," she said sarcastically, "Your not getting weak are you?" She laughed.

He glared at her and got ready to throw another lightening bolt but Karina was faster and she threw another fireball. He had to stop in the middle of throwing lightening to call up a shield. This caused him to make a mistake and lightening and fire were thrown across the room. The shield had magnified the lightening and it came straight at Karina and went threw her veins. She screamed in pain and fell to her knees. She couldn't figure out what spell to do. She stayed on the floor trying to remember a spell any spell. The door was thrown open and that jolted Karina out of her daze. It was Elly, Tamsin saw his chance. He shouted out, "Calteracus!"

Gray fast mist shot out of his hands and started towards Elly. Karina didn't know what it was but she knew it was deadly. She leaped towards Elly, knowing she wouldn't be able to put a shield up in time, and shouted the command for a shield. Elly was pushed up out of the way. The mist hit Karina with a full force. She felt her body become engulfed in the mist and she started to black out. She felt something grab her hand bringing her back into reality. She felt like she was put in slow motion and she said, "Proteceraus," as she collapsed.

Chapter 13

"Kary! Kary!"

Karina rolled over she just wanted to sleep.

"Let me try. I may be able to reach her."

Karina! Karina! Get up. This woke her up, she groaned as she sat up. As she opened her eyes her memory raced back to her.

"Oh my god! Where's Tamin? Where's Elly? What happened?"

Elly wrapped her arms around Karina and started to cry, "I thought you were dead. The mist it covered you and..."

"What happened?"

"He's dead," a voice said. Karina looked up to see Foxfire sitting in front of her, "When you said your last spell, to call me, it used up the last of his magic. He tried to control two hard spells at one time. It doesn't work very easily."

That's when Karina noticed the body. She stood up she was a little wobbly and her left side burned. She had probably broke a rib or two. Her foot was also throbbing, but she ignored the pain and she went over to the body. Tamsin lay there, his face was twisted into agony and his skin was a grayish color. Her legs gave away. She knew it wasn't from weakness. Elly tried to run over to her but Foxfire held her back. Karina looked at the body, she screamed in rage and then for the first time in years, Karina cried.